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Russell Crowe Stuns Hotel Staff by Eating Like a Normal Person

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  Site Where: London Road, Bagshot, Surrey, United Kingdom, GU19 5EU
April 9, 2009 at 8:56 AM | by | ()

If you're anything like us after returning to your hotel after a long day of work, you're hungry. And you think to yourself, "Hey, self, I'm starving. Here are my options: I could pay a bajillion dollars to order from the hotels fancy-shmantsy menu from the Michelin-starred restaurant downstairs, munch on some poached and glazed royal Anjou pigeon, maybe grab a quickie bite of some of that cannelloni of foie gras and Jabugo ham — or I can just run down the street and get some $5.00 Indian food from the takeout place I like."

And, again, if you're anything like us, you understand that usually — most of the time — the decision at which you're going to arrive is...option B. Cheap takeout from the Indian place.

Well, Russell Crowe did what most normal people in the world would do and opted for the Indian food several times while staying at the Pennyhill Park Hotel & Spa outside London, where he's staying while filming Robin Hood — and apparently Crowe's choice to skip the hotel's restos (the Michelin-starred Latymer, whose menu items do include that Foie gras canneloni and Anjou pigeon, and The Brasserie) is front page news.

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