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This New Sausalito Hotel Will Send Champagne to Guests Via Drone Delivery

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  Site Where: 801 Bridgeway [map], Sausalito, CA, United States, 94965
May 7, 2014 at 1:34 PM | by | ()

It was only a matter of time before a luxury hotel picked up on the drone delivery trend.

The brand-new Casa Madrona in picturesque Saualito, Calif. (it just opened yesterday!) would have wowed guests with its intimate accommodations--ranging from deluxe guest rooms to junior suites and the 11-room Casa Madrona Mansion--but the hotel decided to go over-the-top with a distinctive service--drone deliveries of champagne. Ah, get it? Casa Ma-drone-a.

The drone delivery is available to guests who book the entire Mansion or the 5,000-sq.ft Alexandrite suite which costs $25,000 and $10,000 a night, respectively. Guests pick of pricey champagne will be drone delivered from the hotel by state of the art, remote-controlled, octo-copter drones to the two-tiered deck of the Mansion.

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Even More Hotel Opening Hotels News :: An Eco-Hotel Debuts Near the Golden Gate Bridge

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  Site Where: 601 Murray Circle [map], Sausalito, CA, United States, 94965
June 27, 2008 at 4:15 PM | by | ()

Could there BE any more hotel opening news today?

Conde Nast Traveler has the scoop on a new eco-hotel opening up July 1 in the holy land of all things eco, San Francisco. Actually The Cavallo Point Hotel is just over the Golden Gate Bridge in old the Fort Baker military base in Sausalito. But it's a pretty green thing.

68 old officers' quarters have been transformed into luxury hotel digs and 74 more have been created nearby in solar-paneled buildings of course. More green stuff includes:

Bamboo furnishings and ceilings, organic bedding and linens, 25% recycled (and 100% recyclable) carpets, blue jean insulation, and the like. The open spaces around the hotel are being restored with 30,000 native plants raised from seeds found on adjacent parklands, and the lodge supports the new Institute at the Golden Gate, which will be in charge of the site's environmental programming -- nonprofits and other green organizations qualify for a special Green Rate.

Right now the hotel is offering special package rates to Conde Nast Traveler readers as well as a special intro rate for Bay Area locals of $150 and up a night. Rack rates start at $275 a night.

[Photo: Kodiak Greenwood/CNTraveler]


It was an Inside Job!

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  Site Where: 801 Bridgeway [map], Sausalito, CA, United States, 94965
September 20, 2005 at 10:34 AM | by | ()

[Publisher's Note: Hotel Maven ananda k will be joining us as a Contributing Editor here at HotelChatter. Below is a story of an awful personal experience she recently had at a NoCal hotel. As always, remember this is one person's experience at this particular hotel. However, you have to admit, getting your purse snatched out of your room can sure ruin your hotel stay in a hurry.]

I spent three cushy nights at the Casa Madrona Hotel in Sausalito, CA before being burglarized while I lay silent and stiff from fear.

At some point between sleep and wake, at roughly four in the morning I heard a noise, like running in the halls. But the lobby was nowhere near my room, and then it hit me... someone was in my room. I froze. Maybe I left my room door ajar. Of course, some drunken person mistook my room for his or her own and came in.

I heard shuffling. Then the door slammed. I jumped out of bed, threw on my robe and peeped through the peephole. Nobody was there.

Okay, it was all a mistake. I went back to bed.

A few hours later, I woke up to prepare for my day. I was attending a travel writing conference this day. I'd paid almost $700 to attend. I reached for my purse to head out. It was on floor next to my bed. Nothing.

The Burglary Continues...

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