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A Haven for Rock Stars, The Sunset Marquis Also Likes Your Kids

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  Site Where: 1200 Alta Loma Road [map], Los Angeles, CA, United States, 90069
June 1, 2012 at 11:39 AM | by | ()

The forever cool Sunset Marquis Hotel, tucked away beneath Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, has long been a retreat for actors and rock stars alike but we were thrilled to see that the hotel thinks kids rock too, thanks to their Kids Rock at Sunset Marquis kids packs.

Once you check-in to the hotel with your little one, there will be a black or pink nylon backpack waiting for them with a nametag attached. Inside, there's a black or pink t-shirt that says Kids Rock (sizes can be exchanged at the concierge desk), crayons, an "all-access" key and the Sunset Marquis Kids Passport which kids can color in, fill out a Hollywood-themed Mad Lib and also use for a scavenger hunt on the property. Totally cool.

Rates at the Sunset Marquis start at $395 next weekend for a deluxe suite with a king bed that also includes a separate seating area. Kids under the age of 12 stay free with parents if using existing beds in room. Be sure to tell the hotel before you arrive just who your little rock star-in-training is before you arrive.

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Seeing What Jennifer Aniston Sees from The Sunset Tower

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  Site Where: 8358 Sunset Boulevard [map], West Hollywood, CA, United States, 90069
May 30, 2012 at 2:19 PM | by | ()

We love luxury hotels but we can't always afford to stay in them. Thankfully, hotels these days are way more than just rooms for paying hotel guests. Between visiting the lobbies, bars, restaurants, and spas inside these upper echelon hotels, it's practically as good as staying the night. Here's our latest installment of how to quench your champagne tastes on a Coca-Cola budget with a Hotel Day Trip.

We've often ragged on Jennifer Aniston for her boring hotel habits--i.e. always hanging out at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood but during a trip there the other week, we kinda understood why she does it.

The hotel's Terrace restaurant opens out to the small but stylish pool (check out the monogrammed towels) and on a picturesque day like this one, popping in here for breakfast is a great start to your day in LA. But of course, it's pricey fare with granola and pancakes at $16, eggs at $14 and a simple bagel with cream cheese over $10. (Add smoked salmon and it's $18.)

Still, it's an easy way to enjoy the simple beauty of Sunset Tower without having to shell out at least $300 for a room. Jennifer Aniston, we're not saying you should go here all the time when you're in town, but we understand.

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Commenter Wants The Standard on Sunset to 'Embrace' Lohan's Blacklisting

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  Site Where: 8300 Sunset Boulevard [map], West Hollywood, CA, United States, 90069
April 25, 2012 at 4:06 PM | by | ()

The other day when we told you how Lindsay Lohan has reportedly banned herself from the The Standard Hotel in West Hollywood, we just thought it would be a funny celebrity scoop to break up an annoying Monday.

But one of the best comments ever came out of this post.

Mark Hooper gives the Standard a genius way of turning Lohan's blacklist in their favor:

So, this is a GOLDEN marketing opportunity for The Standard. Don't just ignore this "blacklisting," embrace it!!! How about a huge billboard on Sunset or some notable location, saying something like:

"Smoke and Mirrors is in the black (and patrons can drink our cocktails, rather than wear them)!"

"Smoke and Mirrors - new and improved (sans Lohan)!!!"

"Smoke and Mirrors is new and improved! Come hang out with stable celebrities!!!"

"Smoke and Mirrors - We've purged the bad kharma!"

I would take this latest publicity and BLOW IT UP with some over-the-top promotions. Now, is the perfect opportunity to turbo charge your brand, Standard Hotel.

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The Standard, Known for Its Blacklist, Gets Blacklisted by Lohan Instead

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  Site Where: 8300 Sunset Boulevard [map], West Hollywood, CA, United States, 90069
April 23, 2012 at 11:00 AM | by | ()

Cleaning up might be easier with La Lohan gone.

We've long known that the Standard Hotel on Sunset in West Hollywood has its own little blacklist (especially for guests who throw parties in the rooms) but the tables have now turned.

According to TMZ, Lindsay Lohan, who couldn't pull herself away from the nightlife drama at the hotel's secret new club Smoke and Mirrors, has placed the Standard on her personal blacklist.

Lindsay Lohan will never step foot in The Standard Hotel again ... or at least for the foreseeable future. She's telling friends the hotel is a curse, causing her nothing but heartache ... and this week's drink-throwing incident was the last straw.

Congrats Standard! Lindsay Lohan has never turned down anything in her life. How does it feel to be the first one on her blacklist? Ah but don't worry, you still have Amanda Bynes.

[Photo: Salisaski/Flickr]

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The Standard Hotel is The Hot New Place for Hot Messes

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April 12, 2012 at 12:09 PM | by | ()

The girl in the box is actually NOT a hot mess.

The Standard Hotel on Sunset in West Hollywood has long been a famous spot for pretty much everything else aside from its hotel rooms thanks to its chicquarium, adult Sunday brunches and rotating art installations. And now this month, it's the hotel's secret club, Smoke and Mirrors, that's making the news.

For starters actress Amanda Bynes has been banned from the hotel after she was last spotted leaving the club drunk, just moments before she swiped a cop car and was arrested for drunk driving.

And today we learn that our old favorite hot mess, Lindsay Lohan has been accused of attacking a woman at the club for talking to a male friend of Lohan's. Lindsanity is denying the allegations, saying she was home all night but now a hotel employee is telling cops that he saw Lohan there. TMZ reports:

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Guess The Hotel Where Kim Kardashian Was Flour-Bombed in West Hollywood

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  Site Where: 1020 N. San Vicente Boulevard [map], West Hollywood, CA, United States, 90069
March 23, 2012 at 11:34 AM | by | ()

We may not be the biggest fans of Kim Kardashian these days but we can't believe she actually got flour-bombed at a hotel in West Hollywood last night!

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department says deputies were called to the unidentified hotel on North San Vicente Boulevard shortly before 8 p.m. Thursday.

Deputy Peter Gomez says the woman who allegedly threw the powder was detained by hotel security and later released at the scene. And in true Kardashian work ethic, Kim went upstairs to a hotel room, removed the powder from her and clothing and returned to the event.

You can see a pic of the flour destruction here. Fortunately for the crazy woman, Kim is not pressing charges. But now, we've got to guess the hotel this happened at!

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Jean DuJardin Brings a Little Golden Man To Play At Mondrian LA

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  Site Where: 8440 W Sunset Blvd [map], West Hollywood, CA, United States, 90069
February 27, 2012 at 8:57 AM | by | ()

There is one particular trend @HotelChatter happens to quite enjoy: candid hotel photos. These pics range from stunning views to anti-views to celebrity tomfoolery and everything in between. And we can't get enough of 'em! Every Monday, we commemorate our favorite hotel-themed snapshot du semaine. Got a favorite of your own? Want to show off your sweet suite? Send it in!

Though most A-list celebrities made a beeline to Vanity Fair's after-party at the Sunset Tower Hotel last night, it was the Weinstein Company's bash at Mondrian LA that drew the biggest star of the evening: Best Actor winner Jean DuJardin.

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Does Anything Look Weird To You About This Room At the Standard Hollywood?

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February 1, 2012 at 9:20 AM | by | ()

Because a lot should seem weird about this room at the Standard Hollywood, which isn't even a real room, but a re-construction of a room, assembled in the Standard's parking lot by a group of artists.

Yup. Apparently there's a citywide project, titled Art in the Parking Space, which inserts performances and installations into (you guessed it!) parking lots all over LA. And last week, it was the Standard's own parking lot that, according to one of the participating artists, "became a total hang-out spot."

Tova Carlin, Ania Diakoff and Katerina Llanes, dubbed their installation Sub-Standard (we could slip in a few jabs about the rooms here, but we'll try not to), and specifically intended for people to come, hang out, and "think about itinerancy and occupying space with their bodies."

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The Grafton On Sunset Has The X Factor, If By X Factor You Mean Bed Bugs

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  Site Where: 8462 West Sunset Blvd. [map], West Hollywood, CA, United States, 90069
November 14, 2011 at 3:12 PM | by | ()

Sleep tight! Don't let the bed bugs bite. Ohh...

Bed bugs are never something we like to think about. Bed bugs at a posh hotel? Even less so. The NYC bed bug invasion crossing to the West Coast? It doesn’t bear thinking about.

So the news that the The Grafton On Sunset in LA might have infected the contestants of the X Factor with bed bugs is making us a little queasy.

According to that ever-reliable (cough) source the Mail Online, “at least four” contestants were bitten while they stayed at the hotel. They saw a doctor, were diagnosed with bedbugs and swiftly switched hotels:

A few of them were covered in bites, itching on their necks and legs. We didn't know what it was at first but we soon worked it out, it was pretty shocking.

Now we've all moved hotels and everyone's clothes have been cleaned.

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These LA Hotels Will Reward Your Halloween Costume Efforts

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  Site Where: 1020 N San Vicente Blvd [map], West Hollywood, CA, United States, 90069
October 17, 2011 at 10:30 AM | by | ()

West Hollywood is raising the bar for this year's Halloween Carnival, with a Project Masquerade contest that will attempt to pre-determine the most outlandish costume designs. Contestant are asked to submit their sketches to West Hollywood's Facebook page by next Monday, and three creative minds will be rewarded with a free night at The London West Hollywood. On the day of the parade, one finalist will be chosen for the $250 grand prize.

Luckily, The London isn't the only hotel getting in on the fancy-dress action. Several other spots around the city are doing it up with costume parties of their own. So whether you're into Oompa-Loompas or dead British people, we're pretty sure you'll find something that appeals. And if none of these options seem scary enough for you, just be thanksful you don't have to attend any parties at the spookiest hotel of them all.

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Before You Jump Into That Hotel Pool, Why Not Write A Poem About It?

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  Site Where: 8300 W Sunset Blvd [map], Los Angeles, CA, United States, 90069
August 17, 2011 at 12:20 PM | by | ()

Miranda July, whose new movie The Future is narrated by a dying cat, turned up at the Standard Hollywood last month to do press interviews. Though we've never had the unique pleasure of being besieged by dozens of journalists in a fancy hotel room (all we can think of is that scene from Notting Hill, when Hugh Grant pretends to be a reporter from "Horse & Hound" in order to speak to Julia Roberts), we imagine things must get a little tedious.

But the ever-resourceful July made use of her idle time in the hotel room to compose a poem—about the hotel. Ready for the cutest, weirdest, and albeit shortest, hotel-inspired poem ever? Read on.

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SPIN Ping Pong Club Has Closed at The Mondrian

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  Site Where: 8440 W Sunset Blvd [map], West Hollywood, CA, United States, 90069
June 27, 2011 at 1:45 PM | by | ()

The fun is done at the Mondrian Los Angeles as the SPIN Ping Pong Club has closed.

The NYC-based ping pong venture (run by Susan Sarandon, her boyfriend Jonathan Bricklin and partner Franck Raharinosy) opened its first outpost at the hotel last July and set up two ping pong tables in the lobby (with a third one out on the deck at SkyBar reserved for special events).

When we attended SPIN LA's opening party, we were all sorts of giddy about having ping pong in the hotel. But word is after a while, the cramped lobby got too crazy with ping pong balls flying everywhere. We guess SPIN won't be branching out to other Morgans Hotels then.

Life at the Mondrian has since returned to its usual minimalist vibe but we hear there might be something new in the works for the space. We'll keep you posted as soon as we find out.