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Those Hot New Mexican Baths On Video

August 18, 2009 at 4:24 PM | by | ()

Remember last week we told you about those baths in New Mexico that fill with water straight from the hot spring bubbling beneath Truth or Consequences? And how we said they were possibly the best baths ever? We captured them in their full videotastic glory. Here's the one in the Jetsons themed room—yours for $125 a night. Given that it could fit a few of you in there, you could just split the cost.

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Mellowing With The Hippies in Riverbend, New Mexico

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  Site Where: 100 Austin Street [map], Truth or Consequences, NM, United States, 87901
August 14, 2009 at 2:41 PM | by | ()

Although we checked out the best baths ever at the Blackstone during our visit to Truth or Consequences this week, we actually stayed down the road, at the Riverbend Hot Springs.

You know the hippies we were talking about yesterday? This is where they congregate. The staff have long grey ponytails and wear tie dye. They leave you little envelopes for tips for the cleaners with peace signs on them. And they want bathing in their springs (they’ve harnessed them with five hot tubs) to be a communal experience.

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Possibly The Best Baths Ever: The Blackstone New Mexico

August 13, 2009 at 4:42 PM | by | ()

The beauty of a roadtrip is being able to stop exactly where you want when the whim takes you – especially if it’s in a town with a funny name. That’s how we ended up in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico (we were aiming for Roswell but the name was calling us too hard to miss).

Truth or Consequences used to be a popular spa town called Hot Springs before it changed its name to that of a game show in 1950. Then in the sixties, the hippies moved in, and never left. And now it’s on the cusp of turning upscale thanks to the Virgin Galactic Spaceport America being built 30 miles down the road.

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