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Text The Park Hyatt Beaver Creek What You Really Think About Their New Rooms

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February 24, 2014 at 9:53 AM | by | ()

Hotels can't stop texting us! But we kind of like it, especially when a free drink is involved.

The newest hotel to try out testing their guests is the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek near Vail, Colorado. Fresh off an extensive renovations of its guest rooms, which brought a more contemporary look to the ski resort, the Park Hyatt is now looking for feedback on the new look from its guests…via text.

At check-in, guests will be alerted that the hotel is interested in their thoughts on the new rooms and will be given a mobile number to text with their opinions. In exchange for typing out their thoughts, guest will receive a complimentary cocktail.

The texting initiative is available through the end of March. We like it because we're in control of the texting, rather than receiving unsolicited or unwanted messages from the hotel. And so long as the texts are strictly about the renovation and won't lead to the hotel "spamming" us with deals or packages, we're cool with that.

Rates at the luxury ski resort in March start at luxury ski resort prices like $799 a night on weekends.

[Photo: Park Hyatt Beaver Creek]

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Is the Park Hyatt's "Sleep Ambassador" Job Hokey?

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May 9, 2013 at 12:21 PM | by | ()

We’ve been pretty vocal about our growing displeasure for packages and offerings designed more to gain publicity than they are to attract and benefit guests. These, for example. And now some say the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek’s new “sleep ambassador” program is right up there with the best of them.

Us? We’re skeptical by nature at this point. But that’s not fair – everyone deserves their day in court. So we tracked down the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek’s Sleep Ambassador herself, Nancy Rothstein, for some pillow talk.

HC: Let’s get right to it. Your campaign with Park Hyatt Beaver Creek claims hotels are in “the business of sleep.” Do you really believe that? As world travelers, we must say, rarely do we choose a hotel based on its sleep-inducing powers. And some destinations just don’t let you sleep. Vegas, for example.

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Ski, Then OD On Free Fancy S'mores At Park Hyatt Beaver Creek

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December 20, 2012 at 1:55 PM | by | ()

Ski at Beaver Creek Mountain Resort in Colorado, and it's hard to deny there's any hotel better situated than the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek. Other Beaver Creek ski lodges and hotels can promise "ski in ski out" access, but none have Park Hyatt's backyard right at the base of the mountain, not to mention a front yard right in Beaver Creek Village.

You might expect uber exclusiveness given the hotels pristine location, but we recently discovered something unexpectedly communal about Park Hyatt Beaver Creek; free gourmet s'mores.

It was about 4 pm and we were coming in from our last run as the slopes were closing for the day. The sun was already on the move to set and we couldn't help but to notice the glowing fire pits at the Park Hyatt, just steps away from the Buckaroo Gondola. Why not wander over? It was far too picturesque and inviting to pass up.

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It's Official: Teens Have Cooler Hotel Lounges Than Grown-Ups

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June 21, 2011 at 12:09 PM | by | ()

NOMG. Teens totally have it way better than adults at hotels these days. The Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas kicked off the teen lounge trend with their teens-only nightclub, Crush, followed by the JW Starr Pass in Tucson with their teen lounge, Blur. Now, teens vacationing in Colorado have their own place to chill away from the lame adults.

Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa at Beaver Creek Mountain will launch 7430, a new program for teenagers ages 12 to 16 on July 1.

The program offers teens a parent- and little-kid-free zone where they can hang out. The centerpiece of it is the Whitewater Lounge, where for $20-a-day cover charge they can play video games on the Xbox Kinect system, watch a movie or go online on one of the computers.

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More Cool Hotel Jobs: Man’s Best Friend at Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch

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January 21, 2011 at 9:31 AM | by | ()

All this week, HotelChatter contributor Eric Rosen will be telling us about some of the coolest hotel jobs out there. He reached out across the globe to talk to the dynamic folks who do everything from wrangling elephants (and guests!) to designing the latest high-tech gadgetry for your next guest room. So check back every day to see who he’s talking to next.

Today’s cool hotel job is special. Not just in the way that the others we’ve told you about so far this week have been special, but in that the character who occupies this post isn’t even human! No, we’re not talking about a super-intelligent android, or a beneficent extraterrestrial. Rather, we’re talking about man’s best friend: a dog. Namely, a yellow Labrador retriever called Bachelor, the mascot and all-round activity buddy at the Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch.

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A Colorado Wildflower Grows at Park Hyatt Beaver Creek (And You Can Drink It)

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July 30, 2010 at 9:31 AM | by | ()

Who's thirsty? It's time for another installment of our Summer Cocktails series. All summer long we'll profile fun new summer drinks served at hotels around the world. Got one we should know about? Send us the recipe with a photo of the drink. Otherwise, enjoy and @reply us when you're wasted!

Do you like flowers? We think they're pretty and all, but they're not at the top of our list of things to notice. We're not even sure that we need flowers in our cocktails, as is the current mixology trend. But the Colorado Wildflower Cocktail, served at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek looks just lovely so we put our petal bias aside for a moment to find out what's in it.

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The Westin Riverfront Has a Kids Club That Even We Want to Join

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February 4, 2010 at 9:15 AM | by | ()

Westin Kids Club

It's hard for parents to keep the kids occupied during the winter, when they're cooped up inside. But kiddies can enjoy the great, cold outdoors with the Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa's Mini Mountaineer package.

Don't worry, there's no actual mountaineering going on. The hotel's playing off of its location at the base of the Beaver Creek Mountain. Your 6-year-old won't get a harness and helmet and get sent down a mountain for some rappelling. Instead, the fam will get a two-bedroom condominium and a s'mores kit delivered to the room upon arrival.

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Hotels Keep Gettting Greener: The Westin Riverfront Takes the LEED

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September 30, 2009 at 4:55 PM | by | ()

Green hotel news has been taking the LEED (sorry, we couldn't resist the pun) on HotelChatter lately, but don't tab this eco-friendly movement as a passing trend. Most hotels are jumping on the bandwagon by, at the very least, introducing organic linens and natural bathroom amenities into suites. But more ambitious, environmentally-aware hoteliers and conglomerates are enacting full-scale green overhauls. From stem to stern, or penthouse to lobby, rather, we're seeing more hotels take the necessary steps toward meeting critical green standards.

Colorado's Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa, a hotel nestled among nature's mountains and trees, recently announced that they've earned Silver LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, making them one of only nine hotels in the country to carry the title.

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Stay Three Nights at the Westin Riverfront, Get a 'Free' Heavenly Bed

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August 12, 2009 at 10:53 AM | by | ()

You know how sometimes a milestone birthday can turn into a birthday week, or even a whole month of birthday revelry? You know the drill: There’s the coworker lunch, and the happy hour with friends, and the special dinner date, and then the blowout party, and, well, any excuse to party, right?

Westin’s Heavenly Bed turned 10 this year, and we’d have to say it’s celebrating in style. There was the Greatest Birthday Cake Ever, and the stay-10-nights-in-Beijing-get-a-“free”-bed promo. And now, Beaver Creek’s new Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa is offering a similar, slightly cheaper deal.

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Naughty or Nice, It's Christmas in July in Vail Valley

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July 10, 2009 at 10:00 AM | by | ()

We’ll admit we’ve never totally gotten behind the whole “Christmas in July” concept, but we may have to change our tune. Our newfound festive spirit comes courtesy of Vail Valley’s new Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa, whose Christmas in July promo offers half-price rates for November and December stays that are booked this month.

Perched at the base of Beaver Creek, the typically-pricey Westin Riverfront’s half-off prices are pretty good for ski season, starting at $149 for studio suites, $219 for one-bedroom condos, $329 for two-bedroom condos, and $549 for three-bedroom condos. All options feature fireplaces, living areas, and fully stocked kitchens. Rates must be booked by the end of July and are available for visits between Nov. 20 and Dec. 25, 2009.

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Vail's Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch Will Close for Spring

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February 16, 2009 at 12:25 PM | by | ()

Wow. This is not a good sign: for the first time ever, the slow season in Vail is so slow that the Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch in Vail Valley (closer to Beaver Creek) will close entirely for a month. Though there are other upscale hotels in ski areas that traditionally close for a few weeks during the off-season — The Little Nell in Aspen and the Four Seasons Jackson Hole, for instance — this is the first time the Ritz has shut its doors during the spring since it opened years ago.

According to the Denver Post, the luxe resort won't be taking reservations from April 14 through May 20. This means that around 350 of the hotel's employees (the "ladies and gentlemen") won't have a job during that period, but they'll get their jobs back when the hotel opens up again.

From the article:

"We're using the softer demand period to temporarily cease hotel operations," said [PR Director Parool] Shah. "These are considered job-attached layoffs; our intent is to welcome back every lady and gentlemen."

John Garth, the hotel's general manager, said the spring is often the slowest time of the year, and closing for a month after the ski season has been discussed before. But this year was a little different, he said.

Uh, yeah. Times, they are a-tough. And when a PR person says to a newspaper that the reason for the shut-down is "this year we have softer demand and it helps ensure our success for 2009," it means "OMG nobody came during ski season and they're really not coming in the off-season." Yikes.

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The Inn at Beaver Creek Reopens as The Osprey on December 20th

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  Site Where: 10 Elk Track Ln [map], Beaver Creek, CO, United States, 81620
December 12, 2008 at 1:30 PM | by | ()

The Inn at Beaver Creek (Beaver Creek, CO — just next to Vail) has been closed for renovations and will reopen on December 20th as The Osprey at Beaver Creek, a chic 45-room boutique property whose claim to fame is (still) its location: it's the closest ski-in/ski-out hotel to any chairlift in North America.

While most hotels in the area have the whole ski lodge vibe goin' on (chandeliers made of antlers and whatnot), the Osprey is on the trendier side with an "urban/mountain design that encompasses edgy glamour" — and, to be edgy, they're offering some kickass tech amenities:

Providing a see-and-be-seen setting, an atmosphere of "play" and excitement will be noticeable throughout The Osprey where guests can cozy up in front of a fireplace in the giant social room and watch a James Dean classic on a flat-screen TV, drum up a board game challenge with new friends or face off in a Wii system competition while enjoying a fine wine. Guests can also plug in and share the day's adventure on the slopes as filmed from their personal helmet cams, a rental amenity provided by the hotel's personal concierges.

Rooms at the Osprey start at $245 per night this ski season (reservations can be made here). And, um, let's all agree to check those helmet cams in the lobby and not wear 'em up to our rooms, shall we? We don't need to see any of that footage rolling on those public flat screens, thanks.