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Musicians Can Get Kozy In A Trailer In West Texas This Month

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  Site Where: 802 South Highland Avenue [map], Marfa, TX, United States, 79843
May 1, 2012 at 9:02 AM | by | ()

Built on a 17 acre tract of land outside of Marfa, TX, El Cosmico is more than just a hotel—teepees, yurts, and campsites are all available for guests to stay in. But on the hotel side of things, the site offers five funky restored vintage trailers, each named Vagabond, Branstrator, Royal Mansion, Imperial Mansion, and Kozy Coach (pictured above).

We think the spot is pretty much ideal for the kind of low-key, long weekend, artsy getaway we love, but later this month, the hotel/campground is hosting a "songwriter's retreat" that should prove irresistible to music-makers and -lovers alike.

Titled "Music Is A Family," (May 17-20), the retreat will offer musicians the chance to hone their songwriting skills, while enjoying a whole weekend of guitar-strumming in the desert and impromptu campfire jam sessions. Si, señor!

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Marfa Texas has a Hipster Motel

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  Site Where: 601 W. San Antonio [map], Marfa, TX, United States, 79843
August 10, 2005 at 9:34 AM | by | ()

Have you ever wondered "Where can I go to fulfill my cowboy fantasy, and indulge my taste for outdoor art installations at the same time?" Of course you have--like every night, but that is an issue for your therapist to deal with.

The Thunderbird Motel in Marfa, Texas should help you fulfill your cowboy fantasies. Since the inception of the Chinati Foundation in 1986, the town of Marfa has become a hipster haven--if there is such a thing outside of Austin in Texas. Where do all these hipsters types stay? Yup, the Thunderbird Motel. Don't let the motel moniker scare you, this place is more Ho than Mo.

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