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Hotels for Plane Spotting: The Westin at Detroit-Metro Airport

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  Site Where: 2501 Worldgateway Place [map], Detroit, MI, United States, 48242
September 11, 2012 at 4:32 PM | by | ()

Airport hotels get a pretty bad rap. Sure, there are the greasy, grimy ones, but we like to think that for every one of those, there's a perfectly clean business-friendly one—or, even better, an airport hotel with the luxury of an airport view. All this week we'll be taking a look at a few of our favorite hotels for plane spotting.

Today: The Westin at Detroit-Metro Airport.

Detroit-Metro Airport (DTW) consists of two terminals; this is important to know because they're far apart, with separate freeway exits and everything. For plane spotting, you'll want to hit up the larger, newer of the two: McNamara. At the center of its 70+ gates is the Westin, with easy access to the in-terminal tram and its own TSA security lane and everything. It's pretty nifty.

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Detroit Westin Airport Hotel Soundproof?

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  Site Where: 2501 WorldGateway Place [map], Detroit, MI, United States, 48242
December 1, 2006 at 12:34 PM | by | ()

We recently found ourselves at DTW checking out the Detroit Westin Airport Hotel.

It looked like a damn fine park-n-fly solution. Situated in the new McNamara Terminal, this hotel appeared to have it all, a slick lobby, brand new rooms, and a sushi joint. However, here is what a musician type who stayed there said:

As I was escorted to my room I was told, among other things, "we have over 400 soundproof rooms". Heh--I didn't sleep a wink. My room was anything but soundproof, located right across from an elevator. All night long, every time the elevator arrived at my floor, a stinking "F"  note could resonated clearly in my room.

I can not recommend a hotel that claims to be soundproof, and isn't. If I don't sleep, the hotels star rating becomes irrelevant. The allure of decor and amenities can quickly fade in such a scenario.

We agree. But, damn, this place still has that "new hotel" smell. Hopefully they will soundproof further. Meanwhile, if you overnight here be sure to ask for a room away from the elevator--it is probably a much different experience.

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Detroit Airport's Little Secret

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  Site Where: 2501 Worldgateway Place [map], Detroit, MI, United States, 48242
March 23, 2006 at 1:33 PM | by | ()

A Detroitan tipster let us know that for anyone flying out of Detroit Metro Airport, the Westin Metro Airport (right in the middle of the McNamara Terminal) lets you avoid the long TSA security and check-in lines, by simply going through the Westin's lobby.

Turns out the hotel lobby has its own security line that no one is ever waiting in and then after you go through the metal detectors you are right at gate A 35 for Northwest.

Our tipster also loves the fact that he can stay at the Westin the night before an early flight, roll out of bed and get on the plane. And apparently, the hotel must have invested in some major sound-proofing because our tipster swears you can't hear the 747s roaring as you go to sleep.

Another bonus is the cool hotel bar so you can avoid the weirdos in the concourse bars.

However, if you do stay here you can't really explore the city of Detroit because well, duh, you are at the airport (that is maybe also the point our tipster is trying to make.) But if you want a quick-in, quick-out Detroit tour, this could be the place for you.

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