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Engø Gård: Hard to Pronounce, Boring to Look At and Kind of Expensive Too

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  Site Where: Gml Engo Vei 25, Tjome, Norway, 3165
May 13, 2008 at 1:30 PM | by | ()

If you are pining for the fjords of Norway, maybe it's time to check in to Engø Gård, one of those hotels that comes with a couple of odd-looking letters in its name. (And we can't even get how to pronounce them right).

But seriously, the Engø Gård small country inn on the coast about an hour and a half from Oslo, and travelers have been enjoying staying there off and on since it was first built in 1845. In its most recent incarnation, it labels itself a "country house hotel", which reopened in 2000. It's got just 13 rooms and 11 suites, but it also has a restaurant called the Relais Gourmand which seems popular. (Note: The hotel is a Relaischateaux property.)

Their website is still only in Norwegian--although English is on the way--but we can just figure out a few coming attractions that help summer visitors to Engø Gård get the most out of their stay. For example, they're holding a classical music performance there in early July; jazz singing and dinner dances are set to follow.

Remember Norway is a particularly independent part of Europe, not part of the EU let alone using the Euro, so their room rates show up in Norwegian Kroner: rooms starting at 1800K (US$340) and suites from 2450K (US$465). Don't be too surprised: nothing is cheap in Norway.

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