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The Main Attraction At Hilton Singapore Is the Service

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  Site Where: 581 Orchard Road, Singapore, Singapore, 238883
August 27, 2012 at 9:44 AM | by | ()

Ahh, Singapore, the not-so little City-State that is synonymous with uber-luxury hotels and over extravagance. In a city that seems as if buildings of a certain age a quickly replaced with ultra modern structures that are bigger and better than the last, it seems odd when certain buildings remain. Our stay at the Hilton Singapore located in the shoppers heaven of Orchard Road begged the question: What is this building still doing here?

Not the newest construction, it actually stands out from the rest of the glass and steel behemoths, the Hilton had to be hiding something special on the inside to keep it competing against the refurbished buildings up and down the high street shopping paradise. To our surprise it was, a very important intangible that many hotels don't always nail. Service.

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