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You, Too, Can Live Like Kimye In Rio For Just $3900 a Night

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  Site Where: Av. Vieira Souto, 80 , Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil, 22420-000
February 12, 2013 at 9:01 AM | by | ()

The wind blew strong as the three-month-pregnant Kim held on tight to her man.

Earlier last week, while the rest of Rio de Janeiro celebrated Carnival, celebrity couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were in more of a spectator mood, as they looked on from their glass balcony at the Fasano Hotel.

The 89-room hotel is part of the family-owned Grupo Fasano , which has hotels in São Paulo and Punta del Este and Boa Vista, as well as a number of restaurants around the country. Celebs like Madonna, Beyonce and P. Diddy have all favored the Fasano in the past, and Kimye certainly looked happy with their choice. Could that be.....a....show of genuine happiness on Kanye's face? Kind of astonishing for a guy who tends not to smile for the cameras so much as contemptuously sneer in their vague direction.

Rooms at the hotel all have ocean views, and were designed by Philippe Starck with a 60s Bossa Nova theme.

Knowing how Kim & Kanye like to roll, we're going to assume they opted for a Deluxe Suite, which goes for around $3,690/night, and features hardwood floors, a giant living room with all-white couches (pictured), walk-in closets, and a marble bathroom with a bathtub overlooking the ocean.

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P. Diddy Has a Killer View From The Hotel Fasano; Killer Moves Not So Much

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October 26, 2009 at 5:30 PM | by | ()

P. Diddy is definitely moving into "Old Man in the Club" territory but there is something charming about how desperate he is to cling onto his "Can't Nobody Hold Me Down" days. PopWrap has a photo of P. Diddy trying to break it down on his balcony at The Hotel Fasano in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil which is quite scary (click at your own caution) but P. Diddy also Twitpic'd the view from his hotel, which is something we are far more interested in.

We're guessing Diddy was shacked up in the hotel's deluxe suite which boats a king bed that is positioned to look out over the beach. While we wouldn't blame him for picking the best suite in the house, could he see all those beautiful bootys from way up there?

Since he tweeted this precious gem that is sure to be oft-quoted in high school yearbooks and listed in books of inspirational quotes for centuries to come, we know how important Brazilian bootys are to him:

BRAZIL!!!!! Ass! Ass! Ass! Phat round beautiful ASSES!!!!! Everywhere! Its a ASS suniami!!!!!!!! I think I like it here!!! Lol

Like we said, Old Guy in the Club.

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The Girl from Ipanema Would Have Gotten Down at Hotel Fasano

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July 20, 2009 at 11:15 AM | by | ()

Since Mondays suck (by definition), we thought we’d brighten the mood today by checking in with too-sexy Hotel Fasano in Rio. The 91-room hotspot perched right on Ipanema Beach opened back in 2007. We’ve checked in with the hotel a couple times already, but this weekend the NYT finally gave it their official hotel treatment.

“While the initial hype may have faded and celebrity sightings are less common, the Philippe Starck-designed hotel still retains an aura of exclusivity, especially from its bossa nova-chic lobby and sexy rooftop pool,” writes Times-er Lionel Beehner. These days, you’re less likely to see Yoko Ono or Madonna than middle-age men with their “much younger arm candy.”

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Jet Set Girl Flashes Her Black Card at The Fasano Hotel

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January 13, 2009 at 9:15 AM | by | ()

Brightening up our dreary lives once more is Jet Set Life's Kimberly Murgatroyd who has graced us with another hotel review from an exotic location, making us eternally envious of her jet-setting ways. This time, she's touched down in Rio de Janeiro.

When speaking to the über-chic guests at the roof top pool of the Fasano Hotel in Rio de Janeiro, your conversation always turns to where you stayed B.F. (Before Fasano). You will get a variety of answers, yet everyone agrees that with the Fasano, Rio de Janeiro finally has a star on the hotel scene.

There was a lot of hype about the Fasano hotel opening in Rio. So, my husband and I decided to stay at this Ipanema property for ten-days during our second trip to Rio for New Year’s Eve. When we pulled up to the perfectly located Fasano, it was rather unassuming. Once inside we found a beautifully designed lobby pulling us in three directions.

To the right is the check-in and elevators, to the left are the plush couches of the lobby lounge and straight head, we can follow the narrow white curtain enclosed, lit pathway to Londra, one of Rio’s sexiest bars.

One thing we did notice is a lack of music in the lobby. No faint sexy beats of any kind can be heard, just guests chattering in multiple languages. This is something that we will determine is a consistent, yet easily correctable flaw in many areas of the hotel.

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Like Most Brazilians, This is a Hot Deal

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January 31, 2008 at 9:10 AM | by | ()

If you thought you'd never live to see the day where staying at a Best Western hotel actually came recommended, then brace yourself.

Just in time for Rio's Carnival, we've uncovered this discounted Brazilian gem, Best Western Sol Ipanema, off Ipanema Beach. For a Best Western, the décor is uncharacteristically trendy and rooms look on par with what you might find elsewhere at a more expensive price. The property also offers a rooftop pool and, like the girl from Ipanema, its restaurant looks straight at the sea.

And perhaps our mind is in the gutter today, but another reason we love this hotel is that its web site promotes a Carnival deal by announcing, "Check our package!" Really, how could you resist?

We didn't, and found that the promotion, starting at $2,585 for a deluxe beachfront room, requires a minimum four-night stay and offers a complimentary full Brazilian breakfast buffet.

[Photo: PapaWillie54]

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Hotel Fasano Rio Opens Amidst Design Drama

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August 15, 2007 at 10:30 AM | by | ()

Ricardo Freire a travel blogger based in São Paulo alerted us to his recent stay at the Hotel Fasano Rio by Ipanema Beach which is still in a pre-opening stage.

Apparently, this hotel has quite a backstory. Not exactly in the same way as Six Columbus but still high-drama.

Ricardo tells us the place was intended to be run by the Faena hotel people in Buenos Aires but at some point, the Fasano group took over (these people already run one of Rio's hot restaurants, the Gero).

However, the new owners design style did not sit well with Philippe Starck who was originally set to do the interior. Ricardo writes:

They've spent the past 18 months quabbling over every detail and piece of furniture, with a clear victory on Fasano's side, who managed to de-Starck the hotel considerably. You can still see Starck almost everywhere, but there's a lot of chic and no shock.

Chances are, the designer guests will be talking about after their stay is Sergio Rodrigues, who back in the 60's designed the chairs that are seen in rooms, balconies and at the lounge off the lobby.

Very interesting indeed. Ricardo also gives us helpful room choices. For instance, the "courtyard" rooms start at $405 but he says not to bother with them. Instead splurge on the sea-view superior or deluxe rooms at $515 and $620 respectively.

Check out the lot of pictures Ricardo has posted over at his blog. But the descriptions are all in Portuguese.

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