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We Now Have Room Renderings and Reservations for ME Milan Il Duca

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  Site Where: Piazza della Republica 13, Milan, Italy, 20124
March 31, 2015 at 9:00 AM | by | Comments (2)

We have seen the 360-degree view rooftop bar (ok, from the outside), we’ve seen the public spaces (that was back in October last year) and here we are today: renderings of the rooms inside ME Milan Il Duca, ready for you to book from May 22, in time for the Milan Expo (coincidence? We think not).

There are 98 rooms and 34 suites inside the hotel, dressed in “natural tones” and “based on the principals of yin and yang, as guests pass through a flow of gradual spaces”. Above an entry-level Aura Room, which has a mix of woods, browns, and greys; there is a sofa at the foot of the bed, creating a seating area with the chair next to the desk, and a freestanding minibar in the corner. We’d guess / hope / expect that those are large sliding panels that allow you to close off the hallway and bathroom.

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Will 'Opposites Attract' When the Excelsior Gallia in Milan Unveils Its New Addition?

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  Site Where: Piazza Duca D Aosta 9, Milan, Italy, 20124
February 28, 2014 at 9:23 AM | by | Comments (0)

Milan, recognized around the world as one of the great intersections of design culture--where fashion, interior design, and architecture come wonderfully together. We often look to Milan for inspiration and what’s next.

And what’s coming next, as in right next door to the circa 1932 Excelsior Hotel Gallia, is a striking new addition that is garnering quite a bit of attention. Not to mention an Italian tourism award for its modern design. Not bad for a project still under construction. Once completed sometime next this year, it will be hard to ignore but maybe easy to love. Once we get to know it.

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The Crowne Plaza Milan's Fugly Carpeting Maybe Isn't So Fugly

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  Site Where: Via Gioia Melchiorre 73, Milan, Italy, 20124
March 8, 2011 at 3:25 PM | by | Comments (5)

What's a business hotel in a fashion city to do? First off, don't be too offensive in design to either party; that means no super modern furniture or cutting-edge technology to annoy the regular business travelers, and no boring color schemes and generic artwork to annoy the fashion folk. We actually think the Crowne Plaza Milan does a great job in this regard, and one unexpected area where this is quite apparent is the carpet.

We're going to say something super positive right here: The Crowne Plaza Milan's carpeting doesn't deserve to be in the Facebook Fugly Hotel Carpeting Group, and as far as we know, it's not been added...yet. We actually like it, as we're a mix of business and fashion folk. The brown and beige are neutral colors and althoug the swirly pattern is a super energetic one, we're not dizzy nor are we revolted by the style.

So whaddaya think? Should this carpet be relegated to the Fugly Hotel Carpet Group, or would it look better in your bedroom? Let us know in the comments!

[Photo: HotelChatter]

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The Crowne Plaza Milan Shares Its Street Smarts

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  Site Where: Via Melchiorre Gioia, 73, Milan, Italy, 20124
January 24, 2011 at 4:43 PM | by | Comments (0)

You're in a foreign city and you've spent at least half the day traveling and you just want to sit down inside your hotel room and maybe flip open your laptop and update your Facebook status. But then...something catches your eye. It's a little sign that notes good safety precautions inside the hotel, like keeping valuables in the safe and always checking the peephole before opening your room door. But wait! It continues on to advise on proper safety outside the hotel—street smarts, if you will.

The sign above is such, and we discovered it on the desk of our room recently. Why the Crowne Plaza Milan? Well, it's a future feature in our Adventures in Blind Booking series, and it's centrally located...right in the vicinity of Milan's Stazione Centrale. Aka the domain of clueless tourists, pickpockets, rushing businessmen and other transients. Not the best place to be careless with your belongings, right? Right.

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Where Madonna and George Clooney Slept in Milan

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  Site Where: Piazza della Repubblica 17, Milan, Italy, 20124
January 18, 2011 at 10:49 AM | by | Comments (0)

If you're in Milan to for Fashion Week and would rather have a run-in with a celeb, visit the Hotel Principe di Savoia. Not only did we name it the No. 1 Milan Fashion Week hotel awhile back, but it is the home away from home for powerhouse celebs when they hang out in the northern Italian city.

Madge checked in with 40 members of her staff there during her tour. And when David was bending it like Beckham for the AC Milan soccer team, he lived at the hotel. Even George Clooney has been a guest.

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Get Your Cocktail in Ice, Not on Ice, at Hotel Principe Di Savoia

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  Site Where: Piazza della Repubblica 17, Milan, Italy, 20124
January 25, 2010 at 2:13 PM | by | Comments (0)

Milan's Hotel Principe Di Savoia is taking ice-cold drinks to a new level. Instead of merely plopping in some cubes into its drinks, the hotel bar is serving its wintertime libations in glasses made of ice.

The iconic hotel's recently renovated Principe Bar says the icy glasses stay frozen for up to four hours. You'll have to pay for sipping out of the carefully crafted cups; the drinks cost 19 euros apiece. Although we couldn't get the secret technology for the specially made glasses, we received the lowdown on the seasonally named drinks. Just toss your own glasses in the freezer to make like you're at the Principe.

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Principe Di Savoia Ready To Unveil Renovations in September

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  Site Where: Piazza Della Repubblica 17, Milan, Italy, 20124
August 27, 2009 at 4:03 PM | by | Comments (0)

Remember our fears about the Hotel Principe Di Savoia fixing what ain't broke by renovating their iconic Winter Garden bar? Well, we're not 100% sure yet but the renovations at the hotel are pretty much done and from what we can figure out, it's still an impressive place.

Ready to debut in September, the $50 million worth of renos include nine new suites, a new Imperial Suite and an impressive new lobby (pictured); and a refurbishment of the bar. The refurb of the Winter Garden has been planned by architect Thierry Despont, who also worked on the Dorchester in London and the Getty Center in LA, so we're feeling we're in good hands – but we'll have to wait until the proper unveiling to be sure.

Obviously spending $50 million on the place won't be leading the Principe Di Savoia to lower their prices any time soon. Basic non-cancellation web rates are starting at €413 ($590) a night for a double, and they go upwards steeply from there.

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Is Milan's Hotel Principe di Savoia Nixing Their Iconic Bar?

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  Site Where: Pza della Repubblica 17, Milan, Italy, 20124
February 26, 2009 at 1:26 PM | by | Comments (0)

Well over New York and having just sprinted out of London, the travelers to the various international fashion weeks are entering the home stretch as Milan's shows kicked off yesterday for another week of careening about in heels and networking in the city's best hotels.

According to the Chic Report, however, the crowd favorite Hotel Principe di Savoia is in the process of remodeling or moving their iconic Giardino d'Inverno bar.

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Milano's Budget Option

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  Site Where: Via Ponte Seveso 38, Milan, Italy, 20124
August 2, 2006 at 8:59 AM | by | Comments (0)

This week we continue our series on European hotels. Since Vogue and Versace have apparently heralded the return of the supermodel, we decided to check in on Italy's fashion capital, Milan, for some cool places to stay and at least one to avoid. But if you have any suggestions for us on what to hit up or to stay far far far away from, let us know.

Prices for hotel rooms in Milan are scary with it being near-impossible to find a rate under 200 Euros.

But there is one option for you if you are traveling to Milan on a budget or are looking for a cheap overnight stay there. The Hotel Terminal (named for its proximity to the Central Station where trains and buses pass through) has 42 clean and nicely furnished rooms although on the small side with private bath, air conditioning, hair dryer, TV and a safe. A single room costs about 70 Euros and a double, 90. This also includes breakfast.

We should tell you again, this is by no means a five-star hotel but rather a pretty doable budget option. Here's one reviewer's take on the place:

Posh-looking hotel considering the neighborhood. Just a few blocks from the train station; I don't know that I'd feel comfortable walking around at night, but during the day it was fine. We were quite impressed with the hotel interior, including the wood floors. Breakfast was great, including a variety of pastries and breads, meat and cheeses, cereals, and fruit.

Guests also approved of the staff's helpfulness in directing them to places of interest in the city.

The real downside is that you compromise on location as all the city sights are about a half-hour walk away. So get to know the subway system which is literally steps from your hotel.

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