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How Do You Fit 34 Hotel Bathtubs Into The Back Of A Pickup Truck?

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  Site Where: 443 Main Street, Main Street & Rainbow Blvd [map], Niagra Falls, NY, United States, 14301
April 27, 2012 at 9:02 AM | by | ()

A Days Inn in Niagra Falls, NY has been the unlucky victim of every hotel's worst nightmare: bathtub thieves. Local police became involved when the hotel reported that nearly three dozen cast iron tubs were swiped from the property over the course of a month, and no one really knows where they've ended up.

But in case you're picturing a scene out of Penn & Teller, these tubs didn't just disappear right under guests' noses. In fact, the tubs were hanging out in the basement while the rooms upstairs were getting renovated. And since they were all piled up and ready for the taking...well, they got taken.

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