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What Would The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Think About This?

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  Site Where: Berzelli Park, Stockholm, Sweden, 11147
September 27, 2010 at 8:54 AM | by | ()

We've always been, ahem, excited by the presence of sex kits in hotels, often found in the mini-bar with products ranging from the merely protective (a packet of condoms) to the truly scintillating (vibes, silk ties, gold handcuffs, et.al.) But as with on demand hotel porn, sex kits aren't always an excitable amenity for everyone.

The Berns Hotel in Stockholm recently started offering sex toys in their minibars. Nothing as scandalous as pictured on this news site but the for-purchase options include handcuffs, stay ups and a vibrator. Yet apparently, these new offerings are not jibing with the police crackdown on prostitution:

The hotel is trying to glorify something that we are working to de-glorify," said Tom Eckerling at Stockholm police to the newspaper.

The hotel has no plans to change its minibar assortment however and reported that the response has been positive from guests, which it claims is made up of a chic fashion, art and music clientèle.

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