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The Michelberger in Berlin: A Cross Between Hipster Hotel and Hostel

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  Site Where: Warschauer Strasse 39/40, Berlin, Germany, 10243
January 19, 2010 at 12:50 PM | by | ()

Whoa whoa whoa. Do we have a new Ace Hotel-like concept going on here? This hipster haven you see above is the recently opened Michelberger Hotel in Berlin, and it's looking pretty sweet and polished for a budget hotel concept. Or at least, that's how the group behind the place describe it:

The Michelbergerhotel is a budget hotel concept created by a group of friends, who had the idea to make the best hotel they could, the kind of hotel they’d like to stay in. A place that’s individual, charismatic, stylish, fun, rebellious and inexpensive, a place where anything goes, just like Berlin itself.

Yes, that lobby is super cool and decorated with repurposed books and magazines; yes, it has an awesome and individual website; and yes, the rooms actually fall in the budget category by beginning at 59 Euro a night. Where was this place when we found ourselves bedding down at the Marriott Berlin in May?!

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Add The Michelberger to Our 'Worst Hotel Rooms For Drunk People' List

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  Site Where: Warschauer Strauss 39/40, Berlin, Germany, 10243
June 17, 2009 at 10:19 AM | by | ()

Remember our list of the Worst Hotel Rooms for Drunk People? Yes, well: just as we were reminiscing about our fantastically blurry, buzzed and stumble-y weekend, we came across photos of Berlin's new Michelberger Hotel on Contemporist. And as we gazed at the pics of these rooms, the party girl alter-ego inside of us, well...she cried.

The 119-room hotel is on its way to Berlin and is slated for a September opening. Contemporist says:

Five different room categories offer a range of different layouts. The rooms display a high level of space efficiency and lots of vertical drama and airiness - a feat allowed by the placing of loft bed areas above the bathrooms. Most rooms are for singles, couples and threesomes but other options including The Big One allow groups of 4 or even more to room together.

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East Germany Is Hot Again!

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  Site Where: Wriezener Karree, 5, Berlin, Germany, 10243
June 21, 2007 at 1:24 PM | by | ()

Why can't hotels just be hotels these days? You know...places to lay your head, eat some good food, possibly get a massage and be mildly entertained by the box-office stinkers that you order from the hotel TV's movies-on-demand system?

Nope, not anymore. Hotels are routinely trying to best each other with new services (did anyone say "Gladiator Lessons"?), new amenities, and funky design.

One Berlin hotel, the Hotel Ostel, has really gone overboard by essentially recreating East Germany and all of the trappings of Communist living. No, we're not kidding you.


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