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Hotel Holiday Cocktail Week 2014: San Juan Marriott’s Tropical Eggnog

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  Site Where: 1309 Ashford Avenue [map], San Juan, Puerto Rico, United States, 00907
December 19, 2014 at 4:02 PM | by | ()

‘Tis the season to celebrate and there’s no better way than with a holiday-inspired beverage. And, as we all know, a holiday cocktail a day keeps the Grinch away. For Hotel Holiday Cocktail Week, we’ve scanned the globe for some delectably delicious cocktails that will leave you humming a merry tune that doesn’t include, “You’re a Mean One, Mr Grinch.”

For those of you lucky enough to find yourselves in a tropical idyll over the holidays, way to plan ahead. For the rest of us, we’ll have to content ourselves with having this tropical version of eggnog to tide us over until we, too, find ourselves in a swinging hammock overlooking the ocean blue.

Popular in the tropics right about now is the Coquito – a traditional holiday bevvie made with evaporated and condensed milk and rum. The San Juan Marriott Resort offers lucky hammock-swinging guests complimentary glasses of the stuff during the holiday season (OK – they actually give it to guests at the property’s oceanfront restaurant, La Vista Latin Grill, but we’re sure hammocks must be close by).

If you’d like to try this creamy cocktail at home, beware: the recipe below makes a gallon of it and, because it’s seriously delectable, it’s also seriously dangerous!

San Juan Marriott Coquito

4 cans Evaporated Milk
4 cans Condensed Milk
2 cans Coconut Cream
1 liter White Rum (preferably Don Q)
1 cup Brandy
Vanilla to taste
Cinnamon to taste

Mix together all the ingredients and let stand in the fridge for at least two hours before serving.

[Photo: San Juan Marriott Resort]

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Puerto Rico's La Concha Renaissnace Weatherproofs Your Vacation

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  Site Where: 1077 Ashford Avenue [map], San Juan, PR, United States, 00907
August 23, 2013 at 9:30 AM | by | ()

Having rain interrupt your vacation is a bummer, and if you're traveling to Puerto Rico during hurricane season (basically now through the end of November) there's a pretty good chance of that happening.

Never fear, though, La Concha Renaissance Resort in the Condado area of San Juan has got you covered with its "Weather Proof" package.

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Bueno! Puerto Rico's Condado Vanderbilt Hotel Re-Opens Today

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  Site Where: 1055 Ashford Avenue [map], San Juan, Puerto Rico, United States, 00907
October 16, 2012 at 5:47 PM | by | ()

With all the emphasis on “new!new! new!” we like it when an old lady gets her groove back. That’s kinda what happened today. After being shut down for 20 years, Puerto Rico’s historic Condado Vanderbilt Hotel flung open her doors to San Juan’s awaiting public. We are crazy jelly of the party that's happening tonight, but they're not there to see the rooms, which aren't ready yet. More on that in a bit.

A $270 million reno was done on the grand dame hotel built in 1919 by Frederick William Vanderbilt, kin to one of America's wealthiest families. The property was designed by the architectural firm responsible for The New York Biltmore and Grand Central Station. It closed in 1997 under the name Condado Beach Hotel after a few changes of hands, names, and in a state of disarray. Now it's being restored to its former grandeur that once attracted the likes of Errol Flynn, Bob Hope, and FDR.

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The San Juan Marriott's You Tube Concierge Makes Virtual Bragging Easy

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  Site Where: 1309 Ashford Avenue [map], San Juan, pr, United States, 00907
October 9, 2009 at 9:43 AM | by | ()

Every time we go away, we feel pangs of guilt if we don’t bring back souvenirs for our nearest and dearest; especially, our beloved dog-sitter. As a carry-on only kinda gal, it can get burdensome, and many times we cop out with a 25¢ cookie cutter postcard with an impersonal message.

Well, the San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino just launched a very cool (and complimentary) service that lets guests send a virtual shout out to the folks at home, and avoid the whole issue of having to schlep a bunch of useless tsotchkes. Plus think of all the money you’ll save on ever-increasing postage prices if you’re a postcard kinda person.

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Room With a Killer View: Ocean and More Ocean from Condado Plaza

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  Site Where: 999 Ashford Avenue, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 00907
May 8, 2008 at 10:28 AM | by | ()

We are suckers for a room with a killer view.  We find that we are even more likely to forgive some minor hotel inconveniences if we can stare out the window at something pretty--yeah we are that shallow. Let's help out our fellow hotel mavens by uploading rooms with killer views to the HotelChatter/Flickr photo pool, or by sending the photo along to us. We will feature our favorites in this space from time to time. Remember to tell us the name of the hotel and the room number of the hot view.

With thanks to HotelChatter tipster Michelle, we're pretty happy to bring you a rather nice killer view from Room 1020 of the Condado Plaza Hotel and Casino in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We're big fans of views of vast oceans, they seem to free our minds up so much ... and a few romantically waving palm trees in the distance are also good for the soul.

Apparently the hotel, which has just been renovated, is the only one that boasts views over the ocean as well as the Condado Lagoon, so it sounds like a large proportion of their rooms will have some kind of pretty impressive view.

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