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Three Personality Hotels in San Fran Get Stripped of Their Personality

May 24, 2010 at 11:10 AM | by | ()

The Hotel Frank, no longer A Personality Hotel.

Back in March, things did not look good for three Personality Hotels in San Francisco.

The Hotel Metropolis, Hotel Vertigo and our fave, Hotel Frank were all in danger of foreclosure and would likely be auctioned off. At the last-minute, Personality hotelier, Yvonne Lembi-Detert filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to stall the auction. But her valiant efforts failed as the three hotels were sold-off early last week to the Centerline Capital Group, which holds the hotels' debt.

But these hotels may still have some Personality left.

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What's Going On With Personality Hotels?

March 8, 2010 at 5:37 PM | by | ()

The Hotel Frank

UPDATE 3.14.10:It looks like Personality Hotels has filed for bankruptcy protection.

Usually, the only sort of bad news we ever hear about the San Francisco boutique chain of hotels, Personality Hotels, is that there's always an anti-view or two to put up with. Other than that, these hotels are known for being quirky yet reasonably priced hotels with central San Fran locations.

But sadly, there are some more serious issues surrounding Personality Hotels--the expected foreclosure of three hotels. Although the forced sales were delayed Yvonne Lembi-Detert will be able to hold onto the Hotel Metropolis, Hotel Vertigo and our fave, Hotel Frank. Unfortunately, it looks like the renovations to the Vertigo and the Frank may have taken its toll on Personality's bottom line.

While Personality is trying to find a way to keep the hotels in their portfolio, they are also looking for a way to keep the management contract if the hotels end up with new owners.

We wish Personality the very best. After all, where else will we go for cheating spouses and cougar packages?

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WiF Week Continues: Hotel Execs Sound Off On Offering Complimentary WiFi

May 9, 2008 at 1:51 PM | by | ()

In continuing our Hotel WiFi Week here at HotelChatter we decided to ask some of the hotel groups that made our Best Hotel WiFi list just why they have decided to offer complimentary internet for their guests.

Thus we spoke with the chief operating officers at the Gansevoort Hotel Group, Thompson Hotels and Kimpton Hotels as well as with the hotelier behind Personality Hotels.

Keep on reading to see what they have to say about the WiFi offerings in their hotels.

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Personality Hotels CEO Gives Her Own Video Tour

April 17, 2007 at 9:39 AM | by | ()

Why do they call them Personality Hotels? 'Cause President and CEO Yvonne Lembi-Detert has it in spades. That's how she comes up with stuff like this:

The Hotel Diva is the perfect place to find your inner Diva. So many Divas have come to San Francisco and left their mark...It's not your average suite: It's Diva style...Our staff is here to tend to all your Diva needs.

You don't say. Admittedly, the video is more of a marketing tool than than personal interview, but it's always fun to see video tours and hoteliers in front of the camera.

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Hotel Blog Watch: Yvonne Lembi-Detert and Personality Hotels

September 19, 2006 at 10:40 AM | by | ()

Today we continue our second installment of our Hot Hotelier News featuring Yvonne Lembi-Detert. Yesterday we looked at how Yvonne got started with her boutique chain, Personality Hotels, in San Francisco. Turns out, Yvonne has been blogging at Behind Open Doors.

Here's a sample of one of Yvonne's recent entries:

Hotels open so many doors. Think about it. Not only do the guest room doors open to accommodate my very special guests who select Personality Hotels, but doors in life open up. The wedding honeymoon, the get-a-away in a new relationship, the weekend trip so desperately needed by parents taking a break from their kids, the rendezvous a.k.a. the affair....What I love most about my job & the industry is the relationships that build from the doors that open. Hospitality will never be a thing of the past it is getting more sophisticated and friendlier. I know I can vouch for that with PH's.

Yvonne told HotelChatter that she wanted her blog to be about her day-to-day stuff like customer service and events going on at the hotels.

So far, Yvonne's friends and industry execs are fans of the blog, natch. "Old employees find my blog and email me and I've been invited to speak at hotel industry functions because of the blog," she said."It's open several doors to the past, present and future."

However, Yvonne admits that she doesn't have as much time as she would like to write the blog. "My daughters remind me, 'Did you blog today Mom?' she said. We agree with the kids--it is time to up those daily posting levels!

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Yvonne Lembi-Detert and Her Multiple Personalities

September 18, 2006 at 10:08 AM | by | ()

We recently got a chance to speak with Yvonne Lembi-Detert, the woman behind Personality Hotels--a small boutique hotel group in San Francisco that includes Hotel Union Square, Kensington Park, Hotel Diva and Hotel Metropolis. Each hotel has a distinct personality, decor and vibe, but all place customer service at the top of their priorities.

Since Yvonne is the first woman hotelier we've encountered and a hotelier who is very involved in the day-to-day operations, we had plenty of questions for her about her hotels and the hotel world at large.

How did you get started in the boutique hotel business and when?

Yvonne Lembi-Detert:
My first hotel was the Hotel Union Square. We purchased it when it was the Golden State Hotel in 1977 and reopened it in 1982. Bill Kimpton was just coming into the picture then too. There was nothing else like it. And the footprint of the building only had a 130 rooms so it wasn't a big hotel anyways. Then I just branded it as a boutique hotel.

Originally my father individually owned the hotels and I would renovate and reopen them. I'm the youngest in my family and no one else had taken an interest in hotels so I really didn't have a choice.

How old were you?

Yvonne Lembi-Detert:
I was 18 in 1982.

Ooh! Do you know Chip Conley of JDV Hospitality who started his hotelier career in San Fran around the same time?

Yvonne Lembi-Detert:
I do! Chip, before he even got started, wanted to work for me because he liked what I was doing. But in the end, I felt we would be stepping over each other's boundaries. Still, he followed in my footsteps. He hired my COO from me and my interior designers and he even wanted the name Personality Hotels. I said no but there are no hard feelings between us.

More on Yvonne and her hotels post-click.

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