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Wynn Throws Hat in Ring for Philly Casino

November 26, 2012 at 12:09 PM | by | ()

Steve Wynn officially threw his hat in the ring last week to bring one of his casinos to the City of Brotherly Love, meeting the November 15th submission deadline along with five others who hope to obtain the city’s currently unclaimed casino license.

This isn’t the first time Wynn has had his eye on Philly (and it’s no surprise considering he’s a graduate of UPenn). Back in April of 2010, he agreed to salvage the Foxwoods casino on Columbus Boulevard, but pulled out of the deal a week later because the deal was, in his words, “so screwed up.” Due to a lack of other interested investors, Foxwoods eventually lost its gaming license, which instantly made Philly a top bachelor in the casino world. And, given that his dream of building a casino in Massachusetts' Foxborough have been blown to bits, it's back to the Pennsylvania drawing board.

What’s at stake? The $50 million license permits a casino to operate with up to 5,000 slot machines and 250 table games. To put that in perspective, the new Revel in nearby Atlantic City, New Jersey, opened with 2,439 slot machines and 97 table games. These high limits set by the city would give a new Wynn – or whatever – the opportunity to compete in both size and grandeur with Atlantic City if it so chooses (something we’re sure is no coincidence).

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Steve Wynn Is Moving Into the Ritz-Carlton Penthouse

Where: 50 Central Park South [map], New York, NY, United States, 10019
May 17, 2012 at 9:15 AM | by | ()

When he isn't pricing new real estate in Macau, Las Vegas tycoon Steve Wynn is keeping his eyes peeled for a new home in Manhattan. And he's now found the house of our his dreams: the penthouse suite at the Ritz-Carlton Central Park.

The NY Observer reports that Wynn has nabbed the apartment for $70 million, and it sounds every bit as incredible as we imagine. In fact, if we weren't so busy finding out about all the new hotels opening up in Manhattan, we would be knocking on his door this very instant trying to get a peek inside.

Think he'd have us in for tea and a bit of hotel gossiping?

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'Wynning' While Reading the Wynn Magazine

October 14, 2010 at 4:01 PM | by | ()

iPads, be damned, we're loving our stroll through print land and our ongoing look at a dying hotel amenity--The Hotel Magazine. Sure, most hotels stock their guestrooms with the trendy magazines of the day or at least place some localized publication on the desks but there are actually a few hotels out there that still publish their own magazine. We've got our hands on a few copies of these rare breeds and we'll be documenting our finds for you here. Know of a hotel magazine we should see before it goes out of print? Send it to us!

We don't really need to tell you what Wynn and Encore Las Vegas are all about but in case you've been undergoing some cryogenics therapy since the early 2000s and have only awoken now, just know that Wynn and Encore are all about luxury. That is all.

Now, anyone who's ever stayed at these twin towers in Vegas will know that these are the classiest rooms on the Strip. While there are good and bad rooms in every hotel, all of the Wynn/Encore rooms are superior to most other Vegas hotel rooms.

So naturally, the Wynn Magazine is all about luxury, specifically the luxury found inside the Wynn and Encore.

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Steve Wynn Moves Into The Plaza (But Not the Eloise Suite)

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  Site Where: 5th Ave at 59th Street [map], New York, NY, United States, 10019
July 15, 2010 at 9:01 AM | by | ()

Looks like Eloise will have the ultimate sugar daddy to follow around at The Plaza in New York. The Wall Street Journal reports that none other than Steve Wynn has bought the massive penthouse apartment at the hotel for just a meager $23 million.

The nine-room apartment is entered on the 20th floor of the Plaza, with a circular staircase and private elevator rising to a rooftop extension with a terrace facing Central Park. A sunroom with a wall of glass opens out onto the terrace. It has a 27-foot-wide living room facing the park.

According to the apartment's architect, the apartment is filled with custom-made Italian furniture which Steve Wynn snapped up as well. Interestingly, the apartment comes with some bad karma.

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Encore Takes Another Bow, This Time in Macau

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  Site Where: Macau, China
April 21, 2010 at 4:40 PM | by | ()

Just like he did in Las Vegas, Steve Wynn has opened Encore Macau today to accompany its sister resort Wynn Macau. But the big difference here is that Encore Macau is not an identical twin. The building is actually an all-suites boutique hotel that is connected to the Wynn Macau. But rest assured all the swank, sometimes over the top, interiors you've come to expect from Wynn will be in place.

Accommodations at Encore include 414 suites and villas that offer tasteful elegance in a comfortable, residential setting. Encore introduces two new restaurants to the Wynn dining family, and Bar Cristal's jewel-box décor turns a classic lobby bar into a work of art. The serene Spa at Encore offers treatments in eight private therapy suites, each with its own steam room, sauna and aroma-hydrotherapy bath and shower. The Shopping Esplanade is home to three signature stores—Cartier, Chanel and Piaget—showcasing the finest selections, including limited-edition pieces unique to Encore.

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Is Steve Wynn Opening a Resort in Mexico?

Where: Mexico
April 5, 2010 at 3:55 PM | by | ()

It's time for yet another round of Hotel Rumors!

We got word yesterday that Steve Wynn was getting involved in a project on the Western coast of Mexico, specifically that he was building a 40-square-mile complex down there. We're thinking it's gotta be Cabos San Lucas, the only place rich people seem to go on the Western coast of Mexico, but this rumor has been incredible hard to track down or even get a lead on.

However, we do know that Wynn Resorts is expanding to Pennsylvania as they attempt to take over the Foxwoods Casino in South Philadelphia. Whether or not hotel rooms will be attached have yet to be No hotel rooms have been announced but it's safe to say we're already more excited about Wynn Cabo (or Wynn Mexico) than Wynn Philly.

UPDATE 4.9.10: There will be no Wynn Philly as Steve Wynn pulled the plug on the project. Perhaps to focus on Wynn Mexico?

Got any real scoop on whether or not we will be saying Bienvenido a Senor Wynn? Let us know in comments below! Or send us an email. We promise to keep it top secret.

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Could Evan Lysacek Be Trading in Blades for Hotels?

March 1, 2010 at 11:55 AM | by | ()

He's won the gold medal in figure skating, he's got the girl (fellow gold medalist Natsia Liuken) and he's rumored to do a stint on "Dancing with the Stars" but what does Evan Lysacek really want to do? According to Entertainment Weekly, he may get involved with hotels.

I have a lot of other interests…. Movies, design, other sports, literature, photography, fashion, travel, music, etc. But I am the kind of person that likes to sit down and formulate a plan and a course of action before I take my first step in a new direction. I need to find something that gives me the perfect balance of discipline and creativity. I’ve always admired hotel moguls like Andre Balazs, Steve Wynn, and Donald Trump (more real estate than hotel).

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Stallone Sells Art to Steve Wynn & Parties at The Setai (This Is Not a Movie Plot)

Where: 2001 Collins Avenue [map], Miami Beach, fl, United States, 33139
December 4, 2009 at 3:55 PM | by | ()

With Art Basel in town, South Beach hotels have been full of socialites, fashion designers, models, and, uh, action stars this week. It may not be odd to see a celebrity in town for the Basel nightlife, or perhaps shopping for art, but this one—Sylvester Stallone—was showing it. And schmoozing with the artsy folks at The Setai after a hard day exhibiting.

Apparently, Stallone has been a part-time painter for 30 years, but his foray into the Art Basel world makes him a pro. He sold at least two pieces this week, one to a gallerist for $50,000, and another to Steve Wynn. That’s right, stay at the Wynn Las Vegas in the coming months and you may just see a $40,000 masterpiece by Rocky hanging in the Wynn Art Collection.

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The NYT Finally Checks into the Encore

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  Site Where: 3131 Las Vegas Blvd S [map], Las Vegas, NV, United States, 89109-1967
November 16, 2009 at 1:05 PM | by | ()

HotelChatter's video from Encore Las Vegas, taken in January 2009.

It’s always fun to read someone else’s first take of a place that you’ve covered, well, quite intimately. Like the Encore in Vegas, Steve Wynn’s almost one-year-old 2,034-room luxe tower, which this past weekend (finally!) got the official New York Times treatment.

“If Steve Wynn’s last two Sin City resorts — Wynn Las Vegas in 2005 and the Bellagio in 1998 — were about bringing a whiff of Park Avenue to the Strip, the Encore is about the hotelier’s loosening his pearls and swinging a little,” writes the Times’ Brooks Barnes. And though the Times says the hotel is intended for the “younger and hipper” crowd, our own observations last January was of a clientele, um, “older than dirt.”

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Yes, It's True: The Encore Has Intimacy Kits in the Minibar

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  Site Where: 3131 Las Vegas Blvd South [map], Las Vegas, NV, United States, 89109
September 11, 2009 at 2:38 PM | by | ()

Hotel sex kits have been around for a while now so it never surprises us when we walk into hip boutique hotels in urban areas and find a pack of condoms with some fun extras awaiting in the mini-bar.

But we were taken aback when we saw this: The Wynn Intimacy Kit atop the mini-bar at The Encore Las Vegas. Old people use hotel sex kits?

We kid, we kid. Actually, the Encore is the hipper younger sister to the Wynn Las Vegas and during our recent stay, we saw more folks below the age of 40 than we've had in recent memory at the Wynn/Encore properties. Certainly, the average hotel guest age was a lot lower than it was when we first stayed here back in January.

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Steve Wynn Works His A-Game On a Mystery Blonde at XS

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April 17, 2009 at 9:26 AM | by | ()

Fresh off his '60 Minutes' spotlight segment that aired on Sunday, Steve Wynn got dressed in his club-goin' outfit and stepped out for a night of excess at his very own XS nightspot inside the Encore Las Vegas. And, well... just look at these photos, captured by none other than TMZ. How awesome is this? Nobody can accuse the Wynnster of not knowing his clientele — he's out on the club floor with the ugly-shirted masses. Except he's wearing a goofy shirt cause, hell, he's Steve Wynn and he can do whatever he wants.

We wonder if he was working his A-Game on this hot blonde or if they were just hangin' together. Remember, he and wife (and professional colleague) Elaine filed for divorce just recently. Could he be hitting the dating circuit for another go-round?

Actually, we wonder what it would feel like to be approached by a tan older gentleman, catch a glimpse of his blindingly-white smile and listen to him introduce himself over the thumping bass by saying, "hey, I'm Steve. I own the place."


[Photo: TMZ]

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'60 Minutes' Gives 13 Minutes of Love to Steve Wynn

April 13, 2009 at 8:56 AM | by | ()

Last night, CBS' 60 Minutes aired a segment on Steve Wynn, aptly titled "The King of Las Vegas." We assume it was mostly supposed to focus on exactly how Wynn — "The Man With the Midas Touch — has kept his company afloat and has even managed to open up a new property (Encore Las Vegas, if you're just tuning in) during these tough economic times, but it was mostly a Steve-Wynn-is-awesome piece. Which we don't mind at all, because Steve Wynn is pretty awesome.

So: Charlie Rose attended the opening of Encore to interview the King of Las Vegas and to check out just how Steve Wynn — whom Rose has known personally and professionally for a number of years — operates. Naturally, one of the first questions he asked Wynn was why he opened Encore in such tough economic times, to which Wynn candidly replied, laughing: "If I had any idea that this [recession] was going to happen, I wouldn't have. We started this project four years ago."

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