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Rydges Sydney Airport Has Both the Good and Bad of (Airport) Hotels

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  Site Where: 8 Arrival Court, Mascot, NSW, Australia, 2020
March 12, 2015 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

We’ve just looked at the basic amenities and services an airport hotel should offer its guests, knowing there is many an airport where you can get a really decent stay, but a total stinker may still be yours to deal with.

Luckily we found a lot of the good of airport hotels during an overnight at Rydges Sydney Airport. We chose to stay at the Rydges (for a second time) mainly for its location, knowing we had an international flight the next morning. The address being Arrival Court should tell you that there is no need for something as bothersome as a shuttle; all you need to do is cross the street and you’re inside the international terminal.

No fusty or dated rooms either; there are 318 of them in total, and all feature modern furniture, clean white sheets on comfortable beds, and proper soundproofing.

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At Long Last, a Hotel Chain in Australia is Now Offering Free WiFi

Where: Australia
April 28, 2014 at 5:15 PM | by | ()

Some like it hot. But more people like it free. We're talking about WiFi here.

In the wake of all of our WiFi news from last week, we've got some great news from the land Down Under, where getting free WiFi or even cheap WiFi is never easy. In fact, it's almost impossible. But not anymore.

Starting this week, Amalgamated Holdings Limited will be offering guests at all their hotels complimentary WiFi to browse the web, check email and Instagram the cool rooms (or so the hotel group hopes.)

If the AHL name is a little too vague, you might know some of the hotel brand names like QT Hotels, Atura Hotels, Rydges and Art Series Hotels.

So this means sharing your cool elevator ride or your après-ski hot tub pic will be a little easier, not to mention cheaper.

Take it from us, WiFi doesn't come cheap at hotels in Oz. We've been offered up some connectivity if we forked over anywhere from $15 to $29.90 per day. Yes, we said per day! Now, you see why this is such a big deal for an entire portfolio of over 40 hotels to ante up some WiFi as part of the nightly rate.

Let this be a little message to other hotels, just do it already! Offering this service can't be that hard, can it?

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What is Atura Hotels and Why You Should You Care?

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  Site Where: 32 Criketers Arms Road, Blacktown, NSW, Australia, 2148
October 17, 2013 at 12:42 PM | by | ()

The landscape of Aussie hotels will be changed for the better this month when the newest brand of hotels opens its doors. If you're planning a trip down under and don't want to smash your piggy bank doing so, then remember this name: Atura Hotels.

The newest option comes to us from a group called Amalgamated Holding Limited, but you might know them better by the work they've been doing with QT Hotels and Rydges Hotels. But instead of resting on their laurels with the cool edginess of QT and the family-resort of Rydges, they've gone a created a new concept that will be appealing to business travelers and those that don't want to miss out on cool hotel design to save a few bucks. (Which is like, everyone everywhere.)

Atura's first property is already checking in guests in Sydney's inner-suburb of Blacktown. Aside from cool design, guests will get free in-room movies, coffee machines and a business center completely outfitted with iMacs. But if you'd rather stay connected on the go, there is free WiFi throughout the hotel and in every guestroom. If you've ever been to Australia, you know this is a big deal since hotels charge a pretty penny for some connectivity.

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Green Hotel News :: Two Rydges Hotels Get Bronze Green Globes

September 26, 2008 at 10:50 AM | by | ()

The Rydges Hotel chain across Australia and New Zealand keeps a blog but if we're honest, it rarely produces any particularly interesting posts--and it doesn't help that they post on average once every six weeks. But today we read about their newly anointed Green Globe hotels and we're happy to spread the word.

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Rydges Sabaya Also Resorts to a Dull Hotel Video

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  Site Where: 87-109 Port Douglas Road, Port Douglas, Australia, 4877
April 25, 2008 at 12:00 PM | by | ()

Hotel videos are all the rage this week, but we still haven't found too many that we actually like. And while we thought that the promo videos from the Hilton Caribbean hotels were pretty average, we've unfortunately found a variety of hotel YouTube efforts that are worse.

Our problem with the Hilton Caribbean promo vids was that they were so, well, promotional. But in retrospect, we liked the fact that the Hilton Caribbean videos actually featured video. The waves rolled, the palm trees blew in the wind and there were real live people walking around.

If you turn your attention to a hotel video like the one just featured on the Rydges Blog for the Rydges Sabaya Resort Port Douglas in Queensland, Australia--although in fact, we don't really recommend giving it too much attention--you'll see a lot of similarities to other videos, except that there's nothing actually moving. It's just a bunch of still photography that's zoomed in and out a bit to give the feeling that it was worth making it into a video, but in fact it's even duller than the hotel videos we already labeled dull.

Which is a pity, because we think the Rydges Sabaya Resort is actually a nice place. We recommend trying it in person (room rates start at US$230 a night) rather than living the torture of the video. And we put out the call once more for hotels to make interesting promo videos. Please.

[Photo: standingdogvideos]

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Rydges Hotels in Oz Proud of Online Check In

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  Site Where: Australia
March 21, 2008 at 3:30 PM | by | ()

It does take a little longer for things to travel all the way to Australia, but now the concept of checking in online is beginning to catch on. According to the blog belonging to the Rydges hotel chain, Rydges properties across Australia (and, in fact, New Zealand) are now offering a web check in service for anyone belonging to their PriorityGUEST loyalty program.

The bit we think is very convenient, although somehow kind of odd, is that you do your online check in at the same time as you make your booking. You only have to check a box during the reservation process and you're considered checked in. When you arrive at the hotel, showing your PriorityGUEST card will be enough for you to get your key, no further questions asked.

Sounds easy, just a pity it's restricted to loyalty program members, and we're also a bit suspicious that it's too easy to be true. Australians are generally good technology adopters, though, so it will probably catch on fast and spread to other Down Under hotels soon.

[Photo: pietroizzo]