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Como's First Australian Hotel Will Be in Perth

Where: Perth, Australia
July 2, 2015 at 10:56 AM | by | ()

A day spent looking at Perth hotels last year convinced us of one thing: there was a dearth in Perth of places that were either affordable or ones we wanted to stay in. But the second point, at least, is set to change now, with Como opening a Perth branch in September.

Como The Treasury will be part of a A$580m redevelopment of the 19th-century Treasury buildings, a heritage-listed precinct of the city (the cathedral is also there) which is having a 33-story mixed use tower built amid the historical buildings.

This is, in a way, a downgrade for Perth – the brand originally scheduled to move into the project was Aman, which planned a 46-room hotel before pulling out. Como will have 48 rooms.

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Suddenly, Perth is So Hot for Hotels Right Now (But Will It Be Affordable?)

Where: Perth, Australia
April 11, 2014 at 12:01 PM | by | ()

We first talked about the vintage awesomeness of Terrace Hotel and the gaming paradise of Crown and then the luxury of a Ritz-Carlton, but now even more hotel announcements are coming out of Perth. Australia's fourth largest city is surely the newest hot spot for new properties, major renovations and increased service, but all of this may come at a high price.

Room rates in the west coast city are not cheap. On a recent trip with an overnight stop-over in Perth, we searched high and low for an affordable room that wasn't the Bates Motel. Our efforts turned up a room that was close to the airport (we had an early flight) that set us back $250 for the night. The room was basic; the building, prison-like. We weren't impressed and we wondered what was going on with Perth's hotel scene?

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Ritz-Carlton to Return to Australia With Perth Hotel

Where: Perth , Australia
March 26, 2014 at 12:22 PM | by | ()

At last, Ritz-Carlton Hotels is returning to Australia. But instead of setting up shop in Sydney where it once had the Ritz-Carlton Double Bay (now in progress to become an InterContinental Hotel) and the Ritz-Carlton Sydney, Ritz is going to the opposite coast to Perth, which could desperately use a new luxury hotel.

“We are delighted to bring the legendary Ritz-Carlton facilities and services to Perth, offering our guests a new destination and a new luxury experience in Western Australia. We have great partners in Far East Consortium and look forward to opening this incredible hotel in 2018," Herve Humler, President and Chief Operations Officer, The Ritz-Carlton, said in a statement.

The Far East Consortium is the developing partner on the project who will construct the 204-room Ritz-Carlton Hotel along with residential apartments. The hotel and residences, along with retail spaces and restaurants, will be located in the Elizabeth Quay development on Perth's waterfront.

Ground-breaking will happen next year and hopefully, we'll get to enjoy the new Ritz by 2018. And since most new-build Ritz-Carltons have been making WiFi free for guests, we hope the Perth hotel will do the same.

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Celebs Get All The Good Stuff When It Comes To Hotels In Perth

Where: 1309 Hay Street, West Perth, Western Australia, Australia, 6005
January 8, 2014 at 1:36 PM | by | ()

The west coast of Australia might be really far away, but it sure does know how to cater to the celebrities who make the trek to the other side of the world for a visit. Now, a posh inner-suburb of Perth will once again be a playground for the stars after a restaurant hangout will turn into an equally posh hotel.

West Perth's vintage building which dates back to 1908 was previously known to locals and visiting celebrities as Julio's Italian restaurant before it closed last year. Just this week, development has been approved to re-open the building as a hot new lobby bar and restaurant for a new luxury 12-story hotel going up behind it, eventually connecting to the 106-year old building.

After attracting the likes of Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Pink, Michael Bublé and U2, the restaurant will again be able to host the famous, even offering them plush digs upstairs if they want to stay the night.

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JLo's Love 'Dont Cost A Thing,' But She Sure Likes Expensive Hotels

Where: Australia
December 14, 2012 at 9:16 AM | by | ()

Late last week, Jennifer Lopez landed in Australia at the tail end of her world tour. The pop singer was so delighted to see the light at the end of the tunnel that she tweeted, "AUSTRALIA!!! Last leg of the #DanceAgainWorldTour2012! Can't wait to play for all of you!! WOW! Can't believe it! #bestfans #unforgettable,"

Over in Perth, JLo was spotted relieving her jet-lag on the balcony of super luxurious The Richardson in the city's West. Limbering up for the night's dance-packed performance by doing some stretches and yoga, the star donned a well-loved pair of baggy jeans. Ordinarily dressed to the nines, the singer was obviously feeling relaxed enough to tone it down for the day.

Read on to find out where else the star stayed down under!

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Perth's Newest Property: The Cozy Terrace Hotel

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  Site Where: 237 St Georges Terrace, Perth, Western Australia, Australia, 6000
October 19, 2012 at 7:35 AM | by | ()

The Great Gatsby heads to Australia with the opening of Perth's newest and most interesting property, The Terrace Hotel. Its the first new hotel the open in the city since 2006 and this one plans to wow locals and tourists alike.

Housed in the 100-year old St. Georges House, there's respect to the building's history starting from the front terrace on through to the Art Deco decor and jarrah wood staircases. You'll think you've stepped foot in the 20th century.

There are only 15 guestrooms, eight of which are full suites. Each vintage designed room has all the tech bells and whistles with in-room iPads, Bang & Olufsen sound systems, AppleTV and free WiFi access. The Premier Suite is the real deal with a private dining room seating up to eight and overlooking the historic terrace.

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Melbourne's Crown Casino Puts It's Luxury Sights on Perth

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  Site Where: Perth, WA, Australia
August 7, 2012 at 10:44 AM | by | ()

The luxury Melbourne hotel and casino, Crown, has decided to head west--way west, to the other side of the country in Perth. Specifically, Crown is looking to expand their operation in the the Burswood Entertainment district of the coastal city.

After a significant investment in the entertainment complex, Crown is hoping to lure more guests from not only Australia, but from Asia (and who isn't going after the Asian travel market these days).

For the last eight years, the hotel group has been upgrading an existing hotel they acquired from Intercontinental Group but the very dated pyramid building needs a major facelift. So now its time for Crown to recreate their signature luxury known to Melbourne with a completely new hotel.

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Luxury Abounds Down Under At These Four Resorts Near Perth

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  Site Where: Cape Clairault Road, Injidup, Western Australia, Australia, 6284
November 18, 2009 at 12:49 PM | by | ()

Perth, Australia is the most isolated city on earth--seriously, we checked it and it’s 1,700 miles from the nearest large city, Adelaide--but on a recent trip, we were surprised to find that there's plenty of luxury hotel options for you to try out.

Our brother site, Jaunted, gave us Five Reasons to Visit Perth earlier this year and we finally made it out there earlier this month, courtesy of Tourism Western Australia.

About three hours southwest of the city (by car) lies an up-and-coming wine region and surfer paradise, the Margaret River. That’s where you’ll find these four luxury properties that, though about as far from the rest of the world as you can possibly get, still provide all the modern conveniences while making your troubles melt away.

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The Richardson Hotel’s Nespresso Machine Helps The Down Under Jet Lag

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  Site Where: 32 Richardson St., West Perth, WA, Australia
November 16, 2009 at 4:29 PM | by | ()

Before heading to Western Australia last week, we heard that Aussies take their coffee very seriously. There’s a "cappuccino strip" (or several) of cafes in every major city, and each one of my hotel rooms would have a decent coffeemaker in it. One of them even had a deluxe espresso machine that would make a Starbucks barrista drool. Guess that's why Australians always seem so chipper.

However, the coffeemaker during a recent stay that really won out on the quality-of-coffee versus ease-of-use nexus was the one at The Richardson Hotel and Spa in Perth.

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Perth To Get A New, Old Six-Star Hotel

Where: St George's Terrace, Perth, Western Australia, Australia, 6000
February 24, 2009 at 2:46 PM | by | ()

The Western Australian capital of Perth has its share of high-end hotels, but nothing that's claimed to be six-star luxury--until now. Well, until soon, because it's just been announced that Aman Resorts and friends are in talks to redevelop a key city site into a luxury hotel.

The Old Treasury Buildings are an historic part of downtown Perth and they've been empty for more than ten years now while everyone agreed on what should be done--being a heritage-listed site always makes it tricky. Now it looks like a slim tower will be added on to the back of the building and that will become the six-star hotel with up to 90 rooms.

The older part of the building will include shops, restaurants and apartments, and the most historic parts will be open to the public. No date set yet for when we'll be able to get a six-star night in Perth; in any case, we're six-star skeptics so we'll believe the luxury when we see it.

[Photo: redarbuts]

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Checking Out Like a Rock Star at the Sheraton Perth

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  Site Where: 207 Adelaide Terrace, Perth, Australia, WA 6000
October 1, 2008 at 12:58 PM | by | ()

This isn't quite an Adventure in Overservice, but more of an Adventure in Awesome Service.

Our expectations were set particularly high when we recently found ourselves staying in a newly revamped executive suite at the Sheraton Perth in Western Australia.

After all, a AUD $20 million renovation shouldn't just be a step up; it should pay for the whole flight up.

In this case, it got us our own elevator banks to the executive level floors -- always a nice touch -- as well as a brand-spankin' new, oversized room with a comfy bed (the kind that invites you to climb in for an illicit mid-day tryst or solo, with a hangover) and spa-style bathroom with separate shower and deep soaking tubs. But for anyone who travels regularly, especially for business, those features are the new norm. What really tickled us pink was the free WiFi that we all-too-easily connected to...for a day.

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Out of the Way Outram Hotel is Perth's Second Best Hotel

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  Site Where: 32 Outram Street, Perth, Australia, 6005
June 17, 2008 at 8:57 AM | by | ()

Sometimes it's a mystery about which hotels become most popular in the TripAdvisor rankings, and that's definitely the case when we read that The Outram is the #2 hotel in Perth, the capital of Western Australia.

We're not saying the Outram's a bad hotel. But it's kind of out of the way - probably a half-hour walk from downtown Perth, and although it's a short stroll from the lovely Kings Park, it's still the kind of place you'd only stay if you had access to a car--you almost might as well be in suburbia.

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