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Kayak Now Offers Same-Day Hotel Booking on Its App (But It's Not as Fun)

June 25, 2012 at 11:08 AM | by | ()

We've been so caught up in the buzz over HotelTonight we didn't even realize that Kayak has also begun offering same-day bookings for hotels rooms via their mobile app.

The booking function du jour allows you to search hotels near you using the app's GPS function but whether or not you're getting a deal is still up in the air. Tnooz.com reports:

The Kayak take on same-day bookings is far lower-key than the others hitting the market. Users have an option to check for same-day availability, get results and are then either redirected to one of its partners for the booking or, in some cases, can book direct within the app itself.

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So You're Stuck in the Chicago Snow and Needing a Hotel?

January 12, 2012 at 5:01 PM | by | ()

So you're stuck in Chicago today, hm? Or perhaps stuck trying to get to Chicago. The Windy City is currently the snowy city, with conditions canceling flights across the board. Indeed, Southwest Airlines has nixed all of their flights from Chicago-Midway for the day.

This is your seasonal reminder to beef up your trip booking apps to take advantage of last-minute deals and most likely save you from sleeping on the cold, tiled floor of a strange airport.

Three apps we recommend you have updated and on deck:
· Kayak (Blackberry, Android and Apple)
· Jetsetter (Apple)
· HotelTonight (Android and Apple)

Those rates you see listed above are direct from HotelTonight, for Chicago-area stays TONIGHT. Jump on that Hotel Felix one; we've done it, we approve and here's the proof. Safe travels!

[Screenshot: HotelChatter]

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Last-Minute Room Rates for NYC New Year's Eve Were Crazycakes

January 3, 2012 at 3:55 PM | by | ()

The two screenshots of hotel rates you see above come straight from our iPhone's Kayak.com app, just before 8pm on New Year's Eve. As we sat at home, safely ensconced in the warm glow of our TV set showing the Times Square spectacle, hundreds of thousands of other were similarly holed up in hotels rooms around the area, watching it unfold beneath them live.

As much as we love to encourage staying in hotels, New Year's is the one night where we'd definitely advise against going for it...if you want to be anywhere near Times Square. Hotels are near capacity, you're practically barricaded in by the growing crowds (and police), and there's too much potential for something to happen, anything from a violent threat in the area to a messy toilet back-up in your room.

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The Batman Hotel Room is Only for the Die-Hard Batman Fan

March 14, 2011 at 5:16 PM | by | ()

There's tons of hotel news flying around this week and we don't have time to give each and every story the love and attention it may deserve, so you will have to settle for some news briefs.

· Travel booking site, Kayak, now allows guests to book directly through their site. This is a much easier and smoother option but as we just heard again, hotels really like it when you book with them directly. It may be the difference between getting the ocean view upgrade at check-in and that room by the elevator. [Kayak]

· No surprise here. London Hotels are set to charge five times more their usual prices during the 2012 Summer Olympics. Considering that we often find ourselves priced out of London hotels, we thinking the only peeps who can afford these rooms are Russian and Facebook billionaires. [Daily Mail]

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What's Inside Kayak's New Private Sale?

January 29, 2010 at 9:03 AM | by | ()

Yesterday, Kayak kicked off its promised flash sale format for hotel deals. Unlike the sample sales conducted at Jetsetter and the private sales over at Tablet Hotels, the Kayak sale is open to anyone who signs up for the Kayak newsletter (funny, we signed up but never got the notice yesterday.)

Nevertheless, the New York Times reports the sale included such properties like :

The Bryant Park Hotel in New York City ($325, down from $420), the Mondrian in Los Angeles ($240, down from $357) and the Riviera Resort in Palm Springs ($115, down from $309).

And unlike Tablet and Jetsetter, the sale will last for a week or until inventory runs out. The flash sales will happen every Thursday and you must sign up with Kayak to be able to access them.

So far, we're not that thrilled with these offerings but maybe it's because we're private-saled out. Also, we're still finding better deals on blind booking sites like Hotwire. But we're definitely happy to have these sales in the mix when booking our next hotel stay.

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Even More Private Hotel Sales: Kayak.com and The James Hotel

January 11, 2010 at 11:59 AM | by | ()

It's a really good time to be looking for a hotel. Aside from hitting up the usual booking sites to find deals, there's a new trend going on with "private sales" like the ones we've already covered at Jetsetter.com and Tablet Hotels. Two new places to the private sales? Kayak.com and The James Hotel in Chicago.

Kayak's private sale simply asks you to sign up for it. It's really open to anyone who will volunteer their email address. As for what sort of deals you can get, the private sale hasn't launched yet but the site promises 50 percent off hotel rooms. So we are eagerly awaiting this sale.

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Where Web Travel Titans in Norwalk Put Up Their Out of Town Visitors

July 19, 2007 at 4:55 PM | by | ()

A HotelChatter Exclusive

If this hotel maven had not grown up in Norwalk, in Fairfield County, Connecticut, she may have never noticed that three pioneering travel companies call her one-time hometown home.

Virgin Atlantic's U.S. headquarters are based in this coastal town of nearly 90,000. Priceline and Kayak have their main offices in Norwalk, too.

Despite an influx of corporate offices over the years, Fairfield County remains more a bedroom community than commerce or, for that matter, leisure-travel central, with hotel selections far and few between.

Just where do these travel concerns, which collectively book hundreds if not thousands of people in hotels around the world every single day, put up their guests when they come to town?

Their answers after the jump.


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