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Fendi Casa Outfits The Penthouse Suite at Oil Nut Bay in BVI

April 16, 2013 at 4:35 PM | by | ()

Here's the latest happening in the luxury hotel world as told by JustLuxe.com. Got a question about luxury hotels, the travel biz, and where to stay? Send it in and we'll have JustLuxe answer it.

Just because you’re not ready to sign on the dotted line and make a multi-million dollar real estate investment at Oil Nut Bay, doesn’t mean you’re not welcome at all. Instead, guests and potential buyers are more than welcome to stay in one of their rentals and see what this multi-generational residential community is all about, while naturally taking advantage of all the five-star amenities and services (and with a price tag that starts at $1,500 a night, you can bet there are a few).

They always say you should test drive before you buy, and since Oil Nut Bay is only accessible by boat or helicopter, you might want to make sure this is a place you don’t mind disappearing to for a while.

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We Have Selena Gomez to Blame For This Bad Case of Hotel Lust

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  Site Where: Place du Casino, Monte Carlo, Monaco, 98000
July 5, 2011 at 4:00 PM | by | ()

You may know the luxe Hotel de Paris in Monaco from the James Bond movies and its location adjacent to the famous Monte Carlo casino but now your daughter also knows the hotel, thanks to new Selena Gomez movie, "Monte Carlo."

But just FYI, there is no Grimaldi Suite at the hotel, although the Churchill and Garnier suites are nothing short of spectacular. Not that the regular rooms are all that shabby either. The five different room categories each have their own distinct look (we're partial to the pretty city view rooms and the more modern courtyard rooms--the sea view rooms seem fussy) and all come with luxe furnishings, decor and amenities.

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Vintage Magazine Has A Love Affair With La Mamounia

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  Site Where: Avenue Bab Jdid, Marrakech, Morocco, 40 040
June 28, 2011 at 9:15 AM | by | ()

Vintage magazine recently spent six whole pages doting on Marrakech's $500-per-night legendary celebrity haunt, La Mamounia (if you remember, La Mamounia celebrated an extensive €180 million—that's almost $300 million USD—renovation exactly two years ago).

Full of wide-eyed praise for the hotel, the article uses its trademark scrapbook-y design and huge, glossy photos to bring you right inside the ninety-year-old Morroccan architectural masterpiece. Here is a little of what the writer, Kate Winick, had to say:

"The attention to detail borders on comical: the nail-heads studding the side of each upholstered chair don't simply terminate, they blossom into a flower; the art isn't just beautiful, it was commissioned from a series of North African artists capturing the hotel and the city in totally new ways; the bread isn't just baked fresh, your waiter will pause, note out loud that one piece is shaped like a heart, and present it to the lady at the head of your table with a flourish."

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If The World is Ending Tomorrow, What Hotel Do You Want to Stay At?

May 20, 2011 at 3:07 PM | by | ()

If you didn't know, the WORLD IS ENDING TOMORROW. Hopefully, you are one of the lucky ones who Jesus will save when he returns in The Rapture. Otherwise, you will have to live out the End of Days which is supposed to be five months of anarchy, chaos and disasters culminating in the end of civilization. (And we thought Jesus was a nice dude!)

So let's say you've been good and today is very possibly your last day on earth--what hotel would you want to stay at? Conversely, if you've been naughty (attn: Dennis Rodman) which hotel would you want to hide out from the End of Days?

For us, it would have to be Villa D'Est in Lake Como. The hotel was originally built in 1568 as the former residence of a pious man, Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio, so we think Jesus would approve. But if we're talking last hours on earth, we'd want to spend them in Villa Cima, a 7,000-sq.ft. private villa with three floors of rooms filled with antiques and art and a personal butler at our beck and call. (Poor guy, we hope The Rapture includes him too.)

Tell us your ultimate End of Days hotel in comments below! (But it's not like we'll be able to read them tomorrow or anything as we'll be on our way to the pearly gates!)

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The Ritz-Carlton Shows Off Their Ritziest Bathrooms

April 15, 2011 at 4:24 PM | by | ()

Ritz-Carlton Hotels have never really been our first choice for hotel accommodations (too pricey or too stuffy) but their newer international properties have us reconsidering, thanks to the bathrooms. Seriously.

We love a good soak and the Ritz-Carlton tubs in Phulay Bay, Shanghai, Jakarta and Shanghai Pudong fulfill our wet dreams, so to speak.

Admittedly, these bathtub photos are gussied up with Photoshop and dramatic lighting (which do not come with your hotel stay) but we can't help but want to go to there. See what we mean below. Now, anyone like to put some money in our coffers for a Ritz getaway?

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Lily Allen Got Engaged at Amankila, Which Looks Like This

December 28, 2010 at 12:32 PM | by | ()

It's the season of celebrity engagements! While most of us would be content with an intimate proposal in a sentimental location and a carat or two, celebrities go all out with their engagements, often popping the question with a monster five or six carat ring while on vacation at some to-die-for luxury resort.

After word came yesterday that Natalie Portman and LeAnn Rimes said "yes" to their lovers, we found out that pop singer Lily Allen also got engaged to her boyfriend, Sam Cooper, at the Amankila Resort in Bali from the luxe Aman Resorts.

And coincidentally, a HotelChatter Flickr Pool member, had just dropped these gorgey photos of the resort in our Flickr pool.

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Leavin' on the Beach House Maldives' Seaplane, Don't Know When We'll Be Back Again

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  Site Where: P.O. Box 2062, Manafaru Island, Haa Alifu Atoll, Maldives
December 22, 2010 at 4:20 PM | by | ()

The Beach House Maldives, A Waldorf Astoria Resort is on our wish list for next year, and not just because we want to try out the Haa Alifu Atoll hotel. The pristine beaches are obviously a draw, but we're lusting over its luxe private seaplane service that takes you from Male International Airport directly to the hotel.

You are jetted off in a sleek-looking black, white and gray DeHavilland Twin Otter seaplane. It's pimped out with leather seats, iPads for in-flight entertainment, binoculars and Bose noise-canceling headphones.

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The Nolitan Is Now Opening In February (But It Does Have A New Website)

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  Site Where: 30 Kenmare Street [map], New York, NY, United States, 10012
November 12, 2010 at 9:15 AM | by | ()

We love what we've seen of The Nolitan so far and were hoping it would make our list of favorite new hotels of 2010. But it looks like we'll have to wait until 2011, as we've just gotten word that the hotel's new opening date is February 1.

Hopefully this is a case of good things come to those who wait and, hey, at least we'll have something to cheer us up in the depths of the New York winter.

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Even More NYC Hotels to Lust After in the New Year

October 15, 2010 at 8:55 AM | by | ()

Just in case yesterday's serve of 6 More Hot NYC Hotels for You to Lust After wasn't enough to get you jonesin' for a New York hotel stay, we thought we'd keep the excitement level up by looking ahead to 2011.

Yep, here are even more NYC properties we expect to be stalkingardently following throughout the New Year.

As always, let us know your scoop on these--or any other new hotels on the way--and we'll check them out and bring you more stories on each as January gets closer.

For now, here's what we have our eyes on for 2011:

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6 More Hot NYC Hotels for You to Lust After

October 14, 2010 at 12:54 PM | by | ()

This past summer was a hot one in NYC hotel land. We even created a Sexy Six List to keep you up-to-date. But the openings don't stop! We've taken a deep breath, regrouped, and pulled together this handy list of 6 More Hot NYC Hotels for You to Lust After, all of which are opening before the year is out.

The best thing about this list is--duh--these are all brand-new hotels. That means no one has slept there before and more importantly, they are most likely bed bug-free! Yay! We've also picked these hotels because we either like their location, their design, their luxury amenities or all of the above. And we have a feeling we'll be talking about these hotels a lot more moving forward.

But of course, these are the opening dates we have as of today and as you know, opening dates are subject to change.

Got something to add? Know of even more hotels opening in New York this fall or winter? Drop us a note in comments below and we'll add it to the list!

Here's what's on our current Hotel Opening Scorecard ...

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Overcome with Hotel Lust After Reading Auberge's L'Art de Vivre

August 2, 2010 at 5:13 PM | by | ()

This week we're taking a look at a dying hotel amenity--The Hotel Magazine. Sure, most hotels stock their guestrooms with the trendy magazines of the day or at least place some localized publication on the desks but there are actually a few hotels out there that still publish their own magazine. We've got our hands on a few copies of these rare breeds and we'll be documenting our finds for you here. Know of a hotel magazine we should see before it goes out of print? Send it to us!

The Auberge Resort Collection is not very big--just six resorts and two affiliated properties--but the size of a hotel collection really doesn't matter when it includes such stunning resorts like Esperanza in Cabo San Lucas and Auberge du Soleil in Napa Valley. Nor does a hotel collection have to be wide-reaching to justify having its own magazine.

Auberge's L'Art de Vivre is published bi-annually and placed in the guestrooms of their six resorts--Auberge du Soleil, Calistoga Ranch, Esperanza, Rancho Valencia, the Inn at Palmetto Bluff and Encantado.

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6 Sexy New Hotels in NYC For You to Lust After

June 22, 2010 at 1:29 PM | by | ()

We've been keeping tabs on Hotel Openings all year long but there's no denying that all the heat this summer is coming out of New York. Six sexy new boutique hotels will open before Labor Day and they are all fighting for your affection. Well, some are playing hard to get with extravagant room rates but at the end of the day, who doesn't want to snuggle up in bed together and order some overpriced room service?

We now introduce The Sexy Six--six new but most importantly, sexy hotels you should try to pull on your next trip to the Big Apple, depending on what you're into of course.

In order of appearance...


· Taking It All Off On: JULY 12.
· Sexy Style: There's nothing shy about this hotel. Rising 36 stories in the heart of Times Square, the hotel has 607 guestrooms with floor-to-ceiling windows (ooo, voyeurism!), 42"-inch HDTVs, walk-in rain showers, (menage a trois?) and plush beds (where the magic will happen.)
· Ideal Man: Todd English, who will open his French bistor, Ça Va, at the hotel.
· How to Score a Date Here: This hotel doesn't mind going dutch! Book the hotel's opening special which give you 25 percent off the best available rate. But you have to book before June 30. Rates start around $224 a night.
· Deal Breaker: The WiFi is not free and we did spy some fugly carpeting in the guestrooms. Also, you may not have a long-lasting attraction to its location in Times Square

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