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Brisbane's Hotel Scene Is Booming with The Arrival of 3 New Hotels

June 24, 2014 at 2:31 PM | by | ()

Australia's third-largest city was at one time considered a "big-country town", but that nickname might be ancient history with Brisbane welcoming three new hotels over the next few months. And the transformation couldn't come at a more perfect time with the G20 Summit taking place in the city this November.

Previously, Brisbane was rather barren when it came to edgy hotels. But soon the city will have a lot to show when it comes to cool destination hotels.

Already welcoming guests, Gambaro Hotel will attract those who want a slice of design within Brisbane's liveliest entertainment districts. Located on Caxton Street, Gambaro offers up sleek decor and luxury amenities like APPELLES Apothecary amenities and Sealy signature beds. Best of all, it has a rooftop with extraordinary views.

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G20 Taking Care of Business at London's Mandarin Oriental

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  Site Where: 66 Knightsbridge, London, United Kingdom, SW1X 7LA
April 3, 2009 at 1:11 PM | by | ()

April's Fools Day may be long over, but memories of the dinner that "Naked Chef" Jamie Oliver cooked for the G20 leaders in London that night will remain forever...or at least until it's all digested. After a filling meal that focused on fresh and "British" ingredients, Nicholas Sarkozy and posse headed back to his hotel, the Mandarin Oriental, for a little after dinner mint and negotiations regarding that lovely little tax haven of Macau.

When not holed up in meetings with other G20 leaders, what do you suppose Sarkozy did with his time spent in the grand environs of the Mandarin? We like to think that he balanced all the wine-drinking and rich meals out by hitting the gym a couple times, but how could a stressed world leader resist the charms of the hotel's "Zen Color Therapy Relaxation" room or its "Amethyst Crystal Steam Room?" If we had to sit in tense meetings all day, with the fate of parts of the world on our shoulders, then you can be sure we'd spring for a "Ama Releasing Abhyanga" treatment to balance our chakras.

Want to play president and treat yourself to a night where Sarkozy slept and dreamt of gambling in Macau? Be prepared to fork over more than 3,990 GBP ($5,891) for a Deluxe Suite this month, or 255 GBP ($376.50) for a regular room—perfect for any Nicholas and Carla Bruni fantasies you have going.

[Mandarin Hotel photo via Mandarin Hotels; G20 Summit photo via The Guardian]