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King & Grove Hotels Have Changed Their Name To...

May 22, 2014 at 8:33 AM | by | ()

King & Grove has decided to ditch the street names it was originally founded after, and will re-brand its collection of boutique hotels under the star property in its portfolio--The Chelsea Hotel.

Starting today, all King & Grove hotels will be a part of the new Chelsea Hotels. The tag line is: "Different kinds of more. Different kinds of less."

“We wanted a name that reflects what we stand for as a brand, and Chelsea Hotels does just that. In the spirit of our most iconic property, Chelsea Hotels welcomes all to become part of a community rooted in culture, creativity and shared experiences,” said Edward Scheetz, CEO of Chelsea Hotels, in a statement.

But its not only the hotel group that's getting a new name. The King & Grove Williamsburg Hotelwill now go by the name McCarren Hotel + Pool while the King & Grove New York will go by the name Martha Washington. The original King & Grove property, Ruschmeyer's in Montauk will stay the same. Chelsea Hotels will also unveil the Astor Hotel on Lafayette street in 2016.

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Perhaps This is a Clue as to What's Going on With King & Grove Hotels in LA

August 28, 2013 at 8:45 AM | by | ()

On Monday, we were wondering what was going on with King & Grove's first Los Angeles hotel, The Hotel Clark. During a recent swing by the property, everything looked good and ready to go. But we couldn't determine the hold-up. We had heard whispers of city approval and union issues but it may have been more complex than that.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Ed Scheetz who co-founded the brand with Ben Pundole, (who has since fled to Edition Hotels) and Robert McKinley who has continued to work on Ruschmeyer's in the Hamptons, has just bought the five hotels currently under the K&G brand back from owner Joseph Chetrit of The Chetrit Group. That includes the troubled Hotel Chelsea which Scheetz is now "rebuilding from the inside out."

What that doesn't include, as far as we can tell, is the Hotel Clark nor the second LA hotel K&G was planning for downtown. Which would leave The Hotel Clark without a management company. This probably explains the delay in opening but still, we doubt the Hotel Clark would have a tough time finding a management company for very long. Surely, someone out there must have signed a deal with the Chetrit Group. Hey, super secret hotel tipsters? We're all ears.

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King & Grove Hotels Lose Key Founder But May Partner Up with Jeff Klein

June 18, 2012 at 10:03 AM | by | ()

It's been a busy year for King & Grove Hotels, the boutique hotel brand started by former Morgans Hotel Group CEO Ed Scheetz and Ben Pundole, the former Director of Entertainment at Morgans. (You may remember him as the man who brought SPiN Ping Pong to the Mondrian LA.)

King & Grove started out just over a year ago with two boutique properties in the Hamptons before going on to assume management of The Tides South Beach, the Hotel Williamsburg, the Hotel Chelsea and the Hotel Lola as well as plotting out two hotels for downtown Los Angeles. But it looks like all the fast expansion has taken its toll on the brand's foundation--specifically Pundole.

The NY Post reports that Pundole resigned from K&G on Thursday after the promise of ownership and control of the company from Scheetz and K&G's other owner Joseph Chetrit--whose Chetrit Group has bought several of the hotels that K&G is operating--fell through. A source gave the lowdown on the exit to the Post:

Ben has been treated pretty unfairly. Ben created Ruschmeyer’s, which has been a wild success, and was the creator of this new hotel brand. He found and hired most of the employees and even found the Williamsburg, which they purchased on his suggestion, and now he’s walking away with nothing. Chetrit and Scheetz are taking his hard work, contacts and hip following.

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King & Grove to Take Over The Tides Hotel in South Beach

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November 14, 2011 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

We don't call it Miami Hotel Mambo for nothing.

There's been yet another boutique hotel shake-up on South Beach. Just a month after Thompson Hotels took over the Hotel Victor from Hyatt, we've got word that King & Grove Hotels, known for their intimate Hamptons properties, The Surf Lodge and Ruschmeyer's, will manage the The Tides Hotel on Ocean Drive starting in December. (Just in time for Art Basel!)

For those not already in the know, King & Grove is an indie boutique brand founded by former Morgans Hotel Group CEO Ed Scheetz along with Ben Pundole who was previously the Director of Entertainment at Morgans. Earlier this year K&G received funding from the Chetrit Group to help expand their brand and not-so-coincidentally, the new owner of the Tides Hotel is a company called CG Tides overseen by Joseph Chetrit. Chetrit said in a statement:

We are ecstatic that the Tides will become the newest King & Grove branded and managed property. By partnering with King & Grove, we are confident that our plans to rejuvenate the Tides and establish it as the preeminent luxury resort on Ocean Drive will be realized.

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The New Boutique Hotel Kid on the Block: King and Grove

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August 24, 2011 at 2:11 PM | by | ()

If you love The Surf Lodge in Montauk, then you've probably already spent a night at its new sister hotel nearby, Ruschmeyer's, a three-acre summer camp-inspired hotel featuring clean and crisp guestrooms, an open-air beer garden, a sand-filled pool, a restaurant from the Orchard Street chefs and a boogie-down bar called the Electric Eel. Oh and staffers decked out in J. Crew shirts, Madewell dresses and Toms shoes.

But what you may not know is that both the Surf Lodge and Ruschmeyer's are part of a new boutique hotel company with serious roots in Morgans Hotel Group called King and Grove Hotels.

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The Hard Rock and Morgans Hotel Group Are Named in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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September 2, 2009 at 8:49 AM | by | ()

The Las Vegas Sun reported yesterday that the family of Michelle Hatchel, who died of a drug overdose in 2007 in the Vegas condo of Ed Scheetz, the former CEO of Morgans Hotel Group, have not only filed a lawsuit against Scheetz but have also named The Hard Rock Hotel and Morgans as defendants.

Hatchel had been living and partying with him at his Vegas residence in the weeks before her death--an overdose of oxycontin and cocaine--and Scheetz referred to her as his "girlfriend" in the 911 call. Scheetz has never been criminally charged for any wrongdoing in Hatchel's death. However, he has already settled a wrongful death suit with Hatchel's father for a "substantial sum."

This latest lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Hatchel's mother grandmother, brother and aunt. The new allegations they make against Scheetz are very shocking and they reveal the world of hard-core partying, drugs and sex that he was into during his time in Vegas. And that's where the Hard Rock comes in.

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Hotel News Briefs :: Hillary Clinton, Shoe Fetish at the Plaza, and a Free Island Hotel Stay

June 18, 2008 at 5:18 PM | by | ()

There's tons of hotel news flying around this week and we don't have time to give each and every story the love and attention it may deserve, so you will have to settle for some news briefs.

· Hillary's Hotel Dilemma: TMZ is reporting that Hillary staffers are trying to unload all the hotel rooms they booked in Denver, in hopes their boss was going to be the Democratic presidential nominee.

· Raunchy Plaza Photo Shoot Planned: The uppity Plaza Hotel will be the scene of the newest Jimmy Choo photo shoot featuring model Angela Lindvall and raunch photog/cult fave Terry Richardson.

· Ed Scheetz Still Making Money: Ex-CEO of Morgans Hotel Group, Ed Scheetz may have resigned from his post after a girl was found dead of a drug OD in his Vegas apartment but he's still making money. He just sold his Greenwich Village apartment for $8.7 million, reports The Real Deal. He bought it in 2006 for $6.7 million.

· Cosmo Hotel Did Rip-Off the Magazine?: Jenna discovered a link which positioned the upcoming Cosmo Hotel as the perfect place for Cosmo readers. Hearst lawsuit starting to make some sense. But not much.

· Layover Nation Contest: Y'all must be crazy not to enter this contest. There's no purchase required. All you have to do is submit a layover suggestion for Michael Kinsley when he takes his world trip in September. It's so easy to do we're gonna stop talking now. ENTER HERE.

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Troubled Ex-Morgans CEO Ed Scheetz Resurfaces; Buys Soho Penthouse and Keeps Old Job Online

May 14, 2008 at 10:48 AM | by | ()

Despite a serious scandal last summer which found his 23-year-old girlfriend dead in his condo in Las Vegas and the inevitable step-down from Morgans Hotel Group, life is still good for Ed Scheetz.

How good? He was able to buy a new apartment in Soho, a penthouse, for $10 million. The Observer reports:

Old listings show that the place has a total of 6,189 square feet of indoor and outdoor space, beamed 13-foot ceilings, a wine cooler, a steam room and a Jacuzzi tub. There's also space for a large Jacuzzi tub on the roof terrace.

So while his tastes for high design might remain, let's hope his tastes for high living has been scaled back.

Meanwhile, another tipster let us know that Scheetz has not changed/updated his profile info on the ASmallWorld.net, "a private online community" aka networking site. He's still listed himself as the CEO of Morgans and has a picture (above) of him in one of the hotels. Oops.

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Hotel Employee Arrested for Sexual Assault at the Clift Hotel

March 3, 2008 at 11:46 AM | by | ()

[Update: The charges were dropped against the hotel employee in this sexual assault case.]

We've made note of the extremely bad year that the Morgans Hotel Group had in 2007, thanks to a shady CEO, dead rappers, celebrity vomit, and underwhelming renovations, and we're not so sure 2008 is going to be any better.

A hotel worker at the Clift Hotel in San Francisco was arrested yesterday morning on suspicion of sexually assaulting a female hotel guest. The San Francisco Chronicle reports:

Police arrested Christian Rojas at the lobby of the hotel on Geary Street at 5 a.m. Officials said Rojas had used a key card assigned to him to enter the room, assaulted the victim, 39, and then left.

Suddenly, those women-only floors found in India with security guards seem like a really good idea.

In other news, disgraced ex-CEO Ed Scheetz tried to offer hush money to the family of the young girl who died in his Las Vegas apartment last summer.

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The Renovated Royalton Gets Mixed Reviews and Ex-CEO Ed Scheetz's Vegas Drama Didn't Help

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November 12, 2007 at 1:35 PM | by | ()

The New York Times also checked out another NYC hotel in their Sunday edition yesterday, The Royalton Hotel which received a brand-new look recently.

Interestingly, most of the article is about the recent woes of Morgans Hotel Group (the Royalton's managment company) and its former CEO Ed Scheetz whose "girlfriend" ODed in his Las Vegas condo.

The Times says the Royalton which was stripped of the original Philippe Starck interior, has lost the glamorous crowd it once attracted in its heyday of the 1990s. And it remains to be seen whether the hotel's new look will indeed be a new life for the hotel:

On a recent Saturday night, the Royalton's lobby was about half full. Some of those perched on the leather sofas said that they preferred the new design, which they found cozy; others, like Paul Carpenter, an investment banker from London, said they missed the flair of the Starck lobby.

Meanwhile, Ed Scheetz's troubled personal life is only half of the woes for Morgans Hotel Group. With the purchase of the Hard Rock Las Vegas as well as with the expansion of the Mondrian brand and other new hotels, the hotel firm is "operating with crazy leverage" said one analyst.

What that ultimately will mean for you hotel guests for the time being is really high room rates. For example, the new rooms at the Royalton start at $500 a night.

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Police Report Tells Ed Scheetz's Side of the Story...Somewhat

October 19, 2007 at 9:25 AM | by | ()

The death of Michelle Lynn Hatchel, whose body was found by former Morgans CEO Ed Scheetz in his Las Vegas condo, has raised some questions about just what happened between this 23-year-old girl and the hotel exec.

The Channel 8 I-Team in Las Vegas has uncovered the police report filed for the incident. The report had previously not been found or released much to the dismay of Hatchel's family.

In it, the report doesn't reveal too much but does give Scheetz's side of the story:

Scheetz says Hatchel went to the Pure nightclub and returned to the condo about at about 3 a.m. on the 29th. Scheetz says Hatchel "appeared to be fine" when he left for work. But when he returned home at 8 p.m. that night, Scheetz says he immediately placed the call to 911.

The coroner determined that Hatchel died of an overdose of oxycodone combined with cocaine and the police report notes a "white powdery substance" was found near her purse.

So the police report doesn't clear up much about the duo's relationship and doesn't even shine light on the text messages Hatchel sent to her friends. But for now, even though this case has gathered national media attention, Scheetz has still not commented on the incident.

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Cellphone Text Messages Reveal Details about Ed Scheetz

October 16, 2007 at 2:56 PM | by | ()

Things do not look good for former Morgans Hotel Group CEO Ed Scheetz, whose girlfriend was found dead in his Las Vegas condo nearly two months ago.

The NY Post reports that the cellphone belonging to Michelle Lynn Hatchel was recovered and on it were text messages she sent to friends about how unhappy and scared she was with Scheetz, who she had only recently met.

"I can't believe how much coke he does, all the time, all day long," Hatchel wrote, adding, "He keeps leaving me to talk to a girl he dated."

Hatchel does not identify the man in the message, which was sent to a friend named Gina at 11:56 the night before she died.

In a message sent a few minutes earlier, at 10:36 to a friend named "Miko," Hatchel wrote: "Things are really bad. Ed has been so mean to me."

The girl he dated could be the "angry ex-girlfriend" that was reported by ABC News.

Meanwhile, Scheetz who is supposedly in the middle of a divorce and reportedly has three kids, was probably forced to step down not just because a girl showed up dead in his bed but because the incident would have severely impacted the Morgans application for a gaming license at The Hard Rock Hotel.

Turns out the gaming board doesn't look fondly on hoteliers with drug and women problems. And with MHG opening up both a Mondrian and a Delano in Las Vegas by 2010, there is no room for mistakes.

Yet there must be someone who's very good at damage control inside MHG. Scheetz resigned on Sept. 20th, a full week before Hatchel's death was reported (nearly a month after she died) and according to the LV Business Press the application for a gaming license shouldn't be slowed down at all. Just business as usual in Vegas.

[Photo: Vegas Magazine]

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