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Do Go Back To Big Sur, As Long As It's At Treebones

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  Site Where: 71895 Hwy 1 [map], Big Sur, CA, United States, 93920
May 2, 2011 at 3:02 PM | by | ()

Remember The Thrills?

It says a lot about the place you’re staying when a yurt is the pedestrian option, but that’s how we felt when we booked two nights at Treebones Resort the week before last.

See, the reason we were really heading up to Big Sur was because we wanted to stay in The Nest – the treehouse perched on a bluff overlooking Highway 1 and the Pacific. But, thanks to its being booked up months in advance, The Nest was only free on our second night. So the first, we luxed up in a yurt.

Our yurt, 12, qualified as a partial ocean view – although we didn’t get much enjoyment from said view because our first day was freezing cold. But there were two chairs on the deck that we could have enjoyed it from, had we brought our longjohns.

The yurt itself was basic but spotless and comfy, too: a queen bed with, for once, a pretty quilt, a futon, a sink (with an eminently stealable bar of handmade lemongrass soap, spring water from their own underground aquifer and compostable cups) and towels. There was a small heater and, for those (um, us) who were still too cold with that, reception had more to loan out. The end result? Toasty.

As for the bathrooms, there were male and female blocks of toilets and showers up by the reception and lounge area – three showers and three toilets for the women, and two showers for the men – as well as one male and female toilet over the far side of the site. They were pretty clean, considering there are the inhabitants of 16 yurts using them. And we never saw a line for the showers over the two days.

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Flying The Nest Isn't Easy When It's In Big Sur

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  Site Where: 71895 Hwy 1 [map], Big Sur, CA, United States, 93920
April 25, 2011 at 9:32 AM | by | ()

There are hotels that look like Chinese gods, motels in the shape of a dog and now we present our lodging from last Monday night: a human-sized bird’s nest perched on top of Highway 1 in Big Sur.

The treehouse, which is actually called The Nest is one of the accommodation options at Treebones Resort – you can either choose a yurt (more on those another time), full-on camping, or this. Although, if you book the nest, you’ll be required to pitch a tent just below it, in case the weather’s too bad to sleep in the nest (it’s bang on a ridge overlooking Highway 1 and the Pacific, so it’s the windiest part of the property). And seeing as Big Sur is, as we found out this weekend, pretty damp and foggy anyway, whatever the time of year, it’s not a bed for the fainthearted.

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Treebones: The Big Sur Hotel That Nearly Wasn't

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  Site Where: 71895 Highway #1 [map], Big Sur, CA, United States, 93920
May 7, 2008 at 9:20 AM | by | ()

We passed on Peter Greenberg's tips about the Treebones Resort in Big Sur a short while ago, and now this collection of yurts has made it onto a list from Budget Travel magazine too: a list of accommodations in Big Sur for under $200 a night.

The odd thing about Treebones is that the owners never intended to build a hotel or resort of any kind. They bought the land there to retire on, and then discovered that new planning laws prevented them from simply building a house. And gradually the idea of the yurts developed--because they didn't want a "normal hotel"--and Treebones as we now know it, 16 simple wooden yurts and a lodge--came to be.

Rates are still the same, starting at $155 a night. They have got a special coming up if you're in to planning ahead to 2009--a whale watchers' package with 20% off rack rates for two-night, non-weekend bookings.

[Photo: MindWideOpen]