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HotelChatter's 2013 Caribbean Hotel Guide

February 14, 2013 at 11:20 AM | by | ()

The weather outside is still frightful (is that snow on the ground we see?) which is why we found it necessary to drop our annual Caribbean Hotel Guide for you today. Whether you want to explore islands wearing nothing but a bathing suit and flip-flops or if you'd rather sip fruity drinks by the beach all week long, we've got the right hotel for you. We found a few places that both parents and kiddies can enjoy! So take a break from whatever you're doing right now and read on through our 2013 Caribbean Hotel Guide. Reggae music is optional but could greatly enhance the experience.

SYBARITES: If you're vacation requirements involve a villa, these are the places for you.

LOVERS: Where you want to go and be all hugged up with your boo.

ESCAPISTS: Wanna forget the world for a while? Yeah, we do too so follow us here.

THE FAMILY BROOD: Where to take the kids, but also where mom and dad can have fun too.

TYPE As: These places won't force you to ditch the iPhone or the laptop but you'll be able to relax on your own terms.

ADVENTURISTS: Can't stand laying by the pool all day? These resorts are more than just bum around spots.

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What's Your Winter Style: Cold Chillin' or Hot Happenin's?

October 18, 2012 at 7:38 PM | by | ()

Is this your style for winter fun?

Who are you, reader? The leaves are falling, the temps are dropping are we want to know what your plans are for the next seven months. Yep, that's right, THAT LONG. Which already shows you where our mind is heading. Some are the type to keep your summer wardrobe on year-round. You just throw on a sweater and some tights to go with that cotton dress. We don't judge. We believe in the power of suggestion!

But to be fair, there are snow, ski, and snowboard buffs who don't fear the cold. And they are serious about their gear and locations to make their winter fun possible. After all, we've written about those of you who like to get into the thick of it, no-holds-barred and make the most of the season. Apparently you just need to dress appropriately and have some good warm beverages (alcoholic or..not?) and it's all good.

Then there are the others who are planning to dodge chilly climates, with no apologies.

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HotelChatter's 2012 Caribbean Hotel Guide

February 15, 2012 at 12:20 PM | by | ()

Looks like winter has finally settled in and made itself comfy in many areas of the country, just in time for those who shun the snow to start planning an escape. When the weather gets too tough to bear, the pinnacle of hot weather destinations is the Caribbean islands for its silky sands, see-your-toes clear water and relaxed vibe.

Whether your goal is to just sip rum on a hammock or take a trek through a mysterious rainforest, there’s an island and resort to fit your personality. So now without further adieu, we present HotelChatter's 2012 Caribbean Hotel Guide*

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HotelChatter's 2011 Caribbean Hotel Guide

January 18, 2011 at 2:50 PM | by | ()

The Caribbean islands are the go-to warm weather escape with a near year-round sunny scene. Folks from Denver to Duluth weep with happiness at this fact, especially when it’s time to escape the cold. But choosing one out of the region’s 7,000 countries is tough to narrow down. Luckily we’ve done some footwork for you.

Yes, we've updated our annual HotelChatter Caribbean Hotel Guide. All you have to do is pick your vacation personality below and chances are, one of these hotels is the right fit.

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The Four Seasons Nevis Will Indeed Reopen on December 15 But at 'Limited Availability'

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  Site Where: P.O. Box 565, Pinney’s Beach, Charlestown, Saint Kitts and Nevis
December 1, 2010 at 10:35 AM | by | ()

It's been a tough couple of years for the Four Seasons Resort Nevis in the West Indies which closed back in October 2008 after Hurricane Omar ripped through the resort.

Initially the hotel tried to reopen in February of 2009 but that got pushed back until November. Then November came and went and still no hotel reopening. Finally, we got word in July of this year that the hotel would reopen on December 15 and we're happy to report that date is still very much on.

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HotelChatter's Caribbean Hotel Guide

January 26, 2010 at 5:28 PM | by | ()

If you’ve never vacayed in the Caribbean, picking an island, much less a hotel destination can be a daunting task. There are more than 7,000 islands to choose from, and each one offers something different when it comes to culture, geography and amenities. We’re here to help take the guesswork out of where to go in the islands, depending upon your travel style.

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Desert Chic for Cheap(er) at Borrego Ranch Resort & Spa

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  Site Where: 3845 Yaqui Pass Road [map], Borrego Springs, ca, United States, 92004
November 20, 2009 at 1:29 PM | by | ()

Okay. There are officially 31 days until Winter Solstice (a.k.a. the shortest day of the year) and we’re already going a little stir-crazy with the decrease in daylight and the plunging temperatures. The solution? Head to warmer locales, like Borrego Springs in the Southern California desert.

Sure, springtime may steal this remote desert destination’s tourist thunder with its insanely beautiful display of wildflowers at Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, but wintertime temps that hover around 70 degrees are what call our name. Right. About. Now. Besides, is there anything more spectacular than seeing the moon come up over the desert? Nah, not really.

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