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Could Mykonos' New 'Agora' Be Any More Boho?

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  Site Where: Paraga, Mykonos, Greece, 85600
June 9, 2015 at 9:07 AM | by | ()

Detox. Yoga. Mindfulness. It feels like it’s only a few layabout hotels who don’t offer wellness options these days, but even by 2015’s modern monastery standards, this is something rather special: the San Giorgio Mykonos has opened an entirely separate “beach, restaurant and cultural offshoot” dedicated to al things boho.

Boho is the name of the game for the San Giorgio in the first place. It’s a member of Design Hotels, but a rustic member, with shabby chic rooms, a simple pool and restaurant overlooking the shoreline, and even a wooden platform to dive straight into the sea.

So far, so Greek island idyll. Here’s where it gets different: San Giorgio has just opened Scorpios, which they’re calling a “modern day agora” (where everyone used to hang out in Ancient Greece) specializing in “holistic beach culture”. It’s an interesting move for Mykonos, which is as well known for its sophisticated party scene as it is for its coastline. This sounds like it’s come straight to Greece from Goa – and, in fact, that’s one of the inspirations, along with Bali, Burning Man, the posh side of Ibiza and… Glastonbury.

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Book Your Next Mindful Hotel Stay at Le Guanahani

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  Site Where: Saint Barth
May 8, 2015 at 4:45 PM | by | ()

Mindfulness is so of the moment, darlings – and while we’ve had hotels offering free and cheap lessons, it’s only been a matter of time before someone charges a hell of a lot of money for a posh hotel retreat. Sure enough, here’s Le Guanahani in St Barth, charging €3400 for a three day program that promises to make you as carefree as this lady above.

That’s slightly unfair because this is a luxury hotel and it’s not just any program – Le Guanahani has partnered with Estelle Lefébure, a former model turned “French wellness sensation” to run ORAHE wellness retreats. If you’re wondering what ORAHE (her invention) is, it is:

A raison d’etre that encompasses beauty, sports and culinary experiences based on the belief that a healthy, happy life can be achieved with three principles: eat, move, be.

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Croatia's Newest Hotel Is An Oasis Of Hedonism For Wellness Freaks

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  Site Where: Cikat bb, Mali Losinj, Croatia, 51550
July 9, 2014 at 9:50 AM | by | ()

Wellness holidays. Yoga retreats. Meditation breaks. They’re all well and good until you get there and realize you’re sharing a poky little room with a smug yoga freak, and the bathroom’s for the use of the entire corridor.

That's if you're doing it on the cheap, of course. Normally, for a five star wellness retreat, you’d have to go to Thailand (if you didn’t want to see half your annual salary disappear in a puff of incense-filled smoke). So we’re quite excited by the new Hotel Bellevue in Čikat, on Croatia’s Lošinj island, which opens Saturday.

Tucked away in Čikat’s pine forest, right on the Adriatic Sea, the Bellevue describes itself as “an oasis of hedonism…for all lovers of healthy holidays.”

There’s a spa, of course – or rather, a Spa Clinic offering things like immune system-protecting treatments as well as your standard massages and facials (and even your standard massages and facials use local sea salt and oils from indigenous plants). There are two pools – one indoor, one outdoor, both filled with seawater. There’s a “Fit Zone” with separate rooms for aerobic and anaerobic workouts (a separate weights room?). And there are special programs for health (Lošinj’s climate is said to be good for the lungs), vitality (including anti-gravity stretching) and wellness (basically just spa days). Approved!

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Even Puts Brains and Brawn Behind Their Hotel Concept

February 11, 2014 at 9:33 AM | by | ()

We've talked about Even Hotels and their quest to help guests live a healthy lifestyle while on the road. Besides cool in-room training areas, healthier mini-bar snacks and improved exercise options, both on-property and off, the healthy hotels have now partnered with some fitness experts.

The IHG group have called upon Athletic-Minded Traveler, a San Diego-based company that specializes in making it easy for road-warriors to get their sweat on. AMT is working closely with EVEN Hotels to incorporate innovative hotel wellness solution concepts, fitness strategies, facility designs and decor, equipment recommendations and healthy food and beverage guidance. AMT will even help Even train their staffers. (Remember, all employees at Even Hotels are expected to be knowledgeable in wellness living.)

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