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Because It's Not Creepy Enough Already, The Stanley Hotel Wants a Shining-Style Maze

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  Site Where: 333 Wonderview Ave [map], Estes Park, CO, United States, 80517
January 21, 2015 at 9:25 AM | by | ()

What to do for some January fun when you’re known as the most haunted hotel in America, so spooky that Stephen King penned The Shining after one terrifying night at yours?

Why, in addition to the ghost tours and looping the film on your entertainment system, you realize the one thing missing that would really cement your reputation is a Shining-style maze. So you build it.

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Howdy, Dude: Hard Rock to Open in Texas at an Indoor Ski Resort

October 16, 2014 at 2:40 PM | by | ()

Move over Dubai. Americans will now have a much easier way of skiing indoors. They will simply just need to fly to Texas.

The newly announced Grand Alps Village development for Grand Prairie, Texas will have an indoor snow facility on-site. Here's what is expected inside:

This expertly designed facility is 1,220' in length, 570' wide and just under 300' tall featuring the longest indoor ski run in the world. Multiple ski runs accommodate beginner, intermediate and expert skiers, and thrill snowboarders with an Olympic half pipe and snowboarding course. The snow center includes a snow play area, snow tubing, tobogganing, a luge track and a winter wonderland for kids of all ages.

Accompanying the indoor ski resort will be the Hard Rock Hotel Dallas-Fort Worth, a 300-room hotel with a rooftop pool complex, a Rock Spa, a Body Rock fitness center and tons of music memorabilia throughout. Construction will being in January and the hotel is expected to open by January 2018 with 86 of its hotel rooms expected to overlook the indoor ski resort.

At first glance, this might seem like a random sort of move for Hard Rock but when you consider how family-friendly the brand has gotten recently, it makes sense. Having recently announced theirHard Rock Roxstars Kids Program, this indoor ski resort hotel is the perfect follow-up move for appealing to the family travel market.

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Oh Really? Men Care More About Their Hotel Room Colors

February 11, 2014 at 4:11 PM | by | ()

A room that both sexes will enjoy?

Now this is interesting. When a man and woman walk into a hotel room together, it's the man who will more likely care about the colors used on the bed, on the drapes and on the walls.

That's according to this new study from a student at the University of Southern Florida.

Using a model room at the Ritz-Carlton Sarasota, Vanja Bogicevic learned that men liked dark brown, blue and gray colors in the hotel room while women went for pink, purple and orange. Yellow and turquoise were neutral colors. But she also found that the men were pickier when it came to color, with results showing that women didn't have as strong a preference between a masculine color palette and a more feminine one. (That's probably because we care more about the mirrors, lighting and hair conditioner. High five, ladies!)

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A Soccer Player Gets Traded for Hotel Rooms

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  Site Where: 320 Bonham [map], San Antonio, TX, United States, 78205
January 10, 2014 at 11:04 AM | by | ()

This soccer team so badly needed a place to stay they traded a player for hotel rooms.

That's what happened with the Fort Lauderdale Strikers of the North American Soccer League who traded Walter Restrepo to the San Antonio Scorpions for a "a transfer fee." According to the NY Post, that transfer fee actually ended up being hotel and transportation arrangements for the Strikers to play San Antonio this summer.

Now, thanks to Restrepo, the Strikers and their coaches and medical staff can stay at The Crockett Hotel for free, instead of having to pay about $169 a night for each room, saving them in total about $4,056.

The Crockett is designated a Historic Hotel of America and is located right on San Antonio's Riverwalk. The rooms are pretty basic but the place does have free WiFi and complimentary breakfast. Yet we noticed rooms starting at $109 a night and not $169. We hope the Strikers didn't get ripped off. Also, we hope that player doesn't take this transfer too hard. And hey, there's always The Bachelor!

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Just in Time for Halloween, The Stanley Hotel is Digging Up a Pet Cemetery

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  Site Where: 333 E Wonderview Ave [map], Estes Park, CO, United States, 80517
September 27, 2013 at 10:30 AM | by | ()

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, sealed its fate as a spooky hotel when it served as the site of the creepy movie, "The Shining", based on Stephen King's novel. But now it may be a ghoulish place to go for another reason..

Apparently, a pet cemetery is located on the property and the hotel wants to move the pet graves elsewhere to make way for a wedding and corporate retreat pavilion. Right. Because everyone wants to say "I Do" and "Go Team!" over a bunch of former animal graves.

The hotel has said they will hire a local cemetery to "appropriately" move the graves but the news is pretty unsettling. One psychic weighed in on the matter, telling the Fort Collins Coloradoan:

Construction accidents, delays and burst pipes could plague the project if spirits stuck "between this world and the other world" are disturbed, said Rosemary McArthur, known as "The Celtic Lady," who lives in Estes Park and was featured as a dog psychic on Animal Planet's "Pit Boss."

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Are 'Five-Star' Shipping Container Hotels Completely Contradictory, Or is it Just Us?

Where: Various Locations
September 5, 2013 at 1:24 PM | by | ()

Southern Sri Lanka was the most recent region to begin development of a “shipping container hotel,” continuing a trend that has already made its way into Belgium, China, and the United States.

The idea has drawn lots of praise and corny "thinking inside the box" references from media outlets, which we agree is well deserved on a basic level (other than the cliched rhetoric, of course). We’ll be the first to admit that specialty properties are awesome and, especially in the case of ice hotels, something you’ll remember long after you’ve forgotten about the time you stayed at the chain hotel in the city center. In that sense, we support new and unique ideas of construction that create niche markets.

But something weird is happening with the shipping container hotel in China, the Xiang Xiang Pray House. It's made of shipping containers, and it claims to be a five-star hotel, and expects guests to pay five-star prices for views of... other shipping containers? Really? The high rates associated with ice hotels make sense to us for their hand-crafted beauty, but we're not sure the same applies to container properties.

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This Resort Wins for Best Customer Service (Either That, Or They Are Just Internet Savvy)

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  Site Where: 2301 North Millbend Drive [map], The Woodlands, TX, United States, 77380
July 18, 2013 at 11:37 AM | by | ()

The Woodlands Resort & Conference Center is typically known for being just that--a resort and conference center thirty minutes away from Houston in The Woodlands of Texas. Yet after a recent customer service story went viral, the hotel is now known for accommodating the strangest of guest requests.

Here's how it all began. A dude booked his room online and when he came across the service requests box, instead of typing in "Hypoallergenic pillows" or "A room away from elevator" or "A room with a view" or any other usual hotel room request, he wrote this:

Three red M&Ms on the counter. Not packages, just three single M&Ms. One for me, one for my girlfriend and one to split if we get hungry late at night. And a picture of bacon set on the bed. I love pics of bacon.

According to the dude, he totally forgot about writing this request. So when he checked into the hotel a month later, he was confused by the red M&Ms on the counter. But it "clicked" when he saw the picture of bacon on the bed.

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Kate Middleton's Tiara and Engagement Ring Now Available To Eat

April 27, 2011 at 1:12 PM | by | ()

With only two days left until the big day the Royal Wedding hotel events are getting sillier. Yesterday we brought you the Premier Inn's package which offers guests the chance to sleep with the couple and today it's the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin hotel who have announced the sweetest package yet.

The two-time world champion pastry chef Laurent Branlard has created exact replicas of some of the Royal Jewelery, only made from sugar. The pieces include Princess Diana’s royal tiara and the sapphire engagement ring Wills gave to Kate. We're not sure what the tiara is resting on but that yellow face looks kind of freaky!

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Watch Where You Sit at This Hotel or You Could Get Pregnant

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  Site Where: Aspley Guise Village, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
April 4, 2011 at 8:46 AM | by | ()

This might just be the hardest-working hotel, um, chair in the business. Seven women claim that the receptionist's chair at the Best Western Moore Place Hotel in Milton Keynes, England got them pregnant over 18 months.

Not "got them pregnant" in a bizarro errant sperm-on-the-seat sort of way but rather, with its mysterious fertile powers." The Daily Mail reports:

Elaine Ledster, Kim Gidley, Laura Burchill and Gina Ripley were the first to fall pregnant while working as receptionists at the Best Western Moore Place Hotel.

They were swiftly followed by the three remaining receptionists, Alyce Grisley, Claire Fitchett and Seran Daines.

General manager Giles Shaw said: 'The chair is just a typical office swivel chair, but we now have staff refusing to sit on it.'

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What A Load Of Garbage: The Rubbish Hotel

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  Site Where: Madrid, Spain
January 25, 2011 at 3:06 PM | by | ()

We’ve stayed in some gross hotels before but nothing quite as trashy as this one.

Corona’s Save The Beach Hotel is made out of 12 tons of rubbish gathered from beaches around the world. The idea behind the hotel is to raise awareness of the campaign to keep beaches litter free and stop people using the ocean as a garbage dump. However, like yesterday's trash, this hotel has already been hauled off to the junk yard.

The 'boutique' hotel was only open for four days in Madrid on January 19th but the five double rooms were fully booked for the whole time. A rubbish hotel that sells out--impressive!

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Someone Forgot to Pay the Electricity Bill at the World's Luxest Luxury Hotel

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  Site Where: Kundu Koyu Oteller Mevkii, Antalya, Turkey
December 23, 2010 at 12:34 PM | by | ()

We're gonna need more candles!

Here's another example of why those hotel star ratings and hotel awards sometimes don't mean all that much.

The Mardan Palace in Turkey, which is a seven-star hotel that beat out the Burj Al Arab and the Dorchester for the title of "leading luxury hotel" from the World Travel Awards, has had the power cut off because of unpaid bills.

The hotel is currently using generators to power up its 546 rooms and has only three weeks to pay off nearly $2.6 million in debts. However, the general manager has assured the press that the hotel will clear up the power snafu:

Aksam [newspaper] quoted the hotel's manager, Cumhur Ozen, as saying the issue stemmed from an end of year budgeting problem and promised to pay the debt.

"We are a large company. We invested 1.2 billion dollars. We won't be worn out by small debts," Ozen said. "We will pay the debt."

In the meantime, all the hotel employees have been asked to go on their annual leaves at this time. And we're guessing this hotel doesn't have any robots to take their place.

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Hotel's Snowflake Decoration Breaks the Fall of Hotel Trespasser

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  Site Where: 2 Boland Way [map], Springfield, MA, United States, 01115
December 20, 2010 at 8:55 AM | by | ()

We've been covering the wonderful, wild and weird hotel decorations going up this season but this is the first time we've heard of a hotel decoration saving someone's life, even if they were trying to break into the hotel.

Last night near Boston, a man was attempting to break into the penthouse suite of the Marriott Springfield on the 10th floor. But he ended up falling more than 70 feet, yet still survived the plunge. The Republican Newspaper has the detes on what exactly happened:

Hotel employees originally reported at about 9 p.m. that a trespasser was on the roof, police said.

The man plummeted 70 feet from the 16th floor to a ledge on the sixth floor after attempting to climb on one of the Christmas decorations.

He was not a guest at the hotel and broke a window to gain access to the roof, said Fire Department spokesman Dennis Leger.

The man climbed down onto a decoration and was clinging to it and knocking on windows asking people to let him in, but the windows on the high floors do not open.

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