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@SolWaveHouse Wants You to #Party In Their #Hotel Under the #Sun and Have #Fun

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  Site Where: Mallorca, Spain
August 12, 2013 at 4:30 PM | by | ()

It took a while but today, hotels have fully embraced social media--posting photos of their properties on Instagram, updating their events and promotions on Facebook, answering customer service issues on Twitter and even allowing reservations to be made right through their Facebook pages.

And we've seen hotels use social media to let guests engage with other guests like the The Pod Hotel in New York which we dubbed The Facebook Hotel back in 2008 for its social networking ways via their Pod Community forum.

But today, there's news about a hotel that is actively facilitating Twitter meet-ups in special Twitter-themed suites.

The Sol Wave House in Mallorca from Melia Hotels is billing itself as the first "Twitter Experience Hotel" (we wonder what Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams think about that.) The hotel boasts of a special Twitter-themed suite, known by its hashtag #partysuite. Here a bunch of friends can party down at the #TweetPoolParty, get 20 percent off drinks, lounge on VIP sunbeds and have the services of a dedicated Twitter concierge, who will answer to requests via Twitter hashtags. If you look at their Twitter stream, the tweets are littered with hashtags.

But it goes both ways. If you look at the @replies to @SolWaveHouse you will see guests tweeting for service requests using hashtags. This might be our new favorite hashtag:

Needless to say, you need a Twitter account to enjoy the fun.

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How the Andaz 5th Avenue is All 'Up in Arms'

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  Site Where: 485 5th Avenue [map], New York, NY, United States
October 9, 2012 at 3:00 PM | by | ()

Right now, a prediction: there will come a time when hotels begin to supplement their exterior signs with their social media presence. It's already happening in a way at the Andaz 5th Avenue, where their side door—a showplace for mural artist collaborations—includes a plaque with the Twitter account (@Andaz5th) and a hashtag for any tweeting or instagramming about the artwork (#tbdart).

Still, for now we just want to draw your attention to this, the newest door mural. It's "Up in Arms" by Brooklyn artist Daniel St. George, and we're kind of in love with it.

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