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Outing World Cup Hotels: Where The Players are Staying

June 17, 2014 at 1:35 PM | by | ()

This is home for the Dutch national team in Brazil.

Every time the World Cup comes around, we get another chance to stalk check out the cool hotels around the host country where the various football teams are staying. (Check out this oldie post from 2006!)

This year, however, the booking site Trivago has beaten us to the punch and has already documented where some of the teams are staying. Who knew Trivago liked thinking about football players laying shirtless in hotel beds more than we do? But we're not here to poke fun. Trivago has done the Lord's work in compiling this list. Here are the highlights:

Wayne Rooney will be laying his newly full head of hair down at the Royal Tulip Hotel in Rio de Janeiro. The hotel is located on São Conrado beach and can host up to 3,000 people in its 418 apartment-like hotel suites. But the team might be distracted by this naked lady.

Team Germany and their hottie coach are spending the hot nights after games relaxing on the coast of Bahia at a property called Campo Bahia. The grounds are completely private so stalkers like us will have to do with hoping to catch a glimpse of Joachim when he heads into the neighboring Toko Village. In the meantime, we'll obsessively refresh the Campo Bahia Twitter feed.

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