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Now at Towneplace Suites There's No Excuse For Living Out of Your Suitcase

May 9, 2014 at 9:09 AM | by | ()

We're all guilty of it: rolling into our hotel room; throwing the suitcase on the floor and leaving it there, still packed, for the duration of our stay. Maybe if the hotel room closet had some features more enticing than a single bar and a couple of flimsy hangers, we'd be more compelled to put away our clothes nicely.

TownePlace Suites by Marriott have now partnered with The Container Store to install the store's famous elfa closet system into all newly built and renovated hotels. Guests will find multiple closet rods, ventilated drawers and shelves for shoes. The closet offers two levels of hanging space to accommodate everything from dresses to pants, and shelves and a gliding drawer for suitcases, briefcases, t-shirts, sweaters and other folded items.

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Towneplace Suites Is Offering $1,000 (and 10 Free Hotel Nights) For Your Best Travel Photo

June 20, 2013 at 3:00 PM | by | ()

Here's the latest hotel contest all you wanderlust-ers need to know about: TownePlace Suites is asking folks to submit one travel photo that best captures a 'turning point' in your life.

The contest is appropriately titled "My Travel Turning Point," and entries so far have encompassed a wide range of experiences—from a road trip in South Dakota (as pictured above) to scuba diving in Hawaii to stumbling upon Brussels' Old Market Place, strewn with 1 million begonias.

As with any of these types of contests, the real opportunity here is to brag about all the cool places you've been, while doing your best to make the trip seem somehow meaningful. (As travel addicts ourselves, we know that most of the time, we just travel to travel—any life lessons learned along the way we just count as a bonus.)

And speaking of bonus, we bet you're wondering about the prize, right?

TownePlace Suites is offering five grand prize packages of $1,000 and 10 free hotel nights. Kinda worth it, if you ask us. How else do you plan on financing that camel trekking expedition in the Sahara? Or whatever other trip you have coming up, you crazy jetsetter, you…

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Love It or Hate It? :: TownePlace Suites' New Video Featuring David Elsewhere

May 15, 2008 at 5:26 PM | by | ()

OMG. Marriott just tipped us off to this crazy video for their TownePlace Suites brand featuring the insane dancer David Elsewhere ("known for his illusionary and gravity-defying dance moves") doing his act in a TownePlace Suites hotel.

The video is nearly 3 minutes long and it features two David Elsewheres. One is a boring business traveler type in a shirt and tie who needs to go to bed early and get up early to file TPS reports and such. The other wears a bright red t-shirt that says "Hello" and dances throughout every imaginable aspect of a TownePlace hotel.

All works out in the end as "both" Davids get jiggy in the windows of the TownePlace at the end. So we have to ask: Love it or Hate it? We love David Elsewhere and this is a genius way of showing all the amenities of a TownePlace but we think the music has just burned a hole in our heads.

Also, what is up with Marriott and dancing? Springhill Suites and Courtyard by Marriott unveiled an online dancing game last year. Residence Inns feature Cirque du Soleil-ish dancers and now this. Marriott brands love dancing almost as much as Bill Marriott loves to blog!