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How Much To Tip The Concierge

August 18, 2011 at 10:40 AM | by | ()

He's known as @ConciergeCorner on Twitter who's not afraid to dish on all the crazy things that guests ask concierges. But he also might be the concierge fielding your requests during your next hotel stay and he's got a few tips on how to get the most out of your concierge contact. This week, here are his thoughts on How Much To Tip the Concierge. (And no, that's neither @ConciergeCorner or his hotel in the photo above.)

To tip, or not to tip: an age old question in the hospitality industry.  In an industry where at times over 50% of one’s pay is derived from gratuities, tipping is always appreciated. That said, my HR department pays each (hourly) position differently depending on what they feel we likely receive in gratuities.  Sadly, their gratuity estimates are quite high and unrealistic.  

Yelp ain't got nothing on us.

In the past, boarding passes, dinner reservations and transportation arrangements would be some of the most common concierge requests, but the emergence of sites like Trip Advisor, OpenTable and Yelp has changed this.  Today, many guests will skip the concierge, opting instead to utilize websites.  There are still some who will utilize our services, especially in the luxury segment.  You can imitate the human touch, but you can't duplicate it.  When it comes to a last minute dinner reservation at a popular restaurant or a sold out performance, I'm far more likely to be able to secure them for a guest than a website is.  Given that this is something that only I, the concierge, may be able to accomplish; common gratuity is $5 or $10. For me at, I'd say the most common gratuity left is $5.  

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