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every Piccadilly Is the Start of every Hotels Being Everywhere

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  Site Where: Coventry Street, London, United Kingdom, W1D 6BZ
February 3, 2015 at 9:29 AM | by | ()

While on the luxury side Glh Hotels has been quiet to the point that its first opening, Clermont London, didn’t make the cut for this year’s list of new hotels to watch in the city, there’s been slightly more activity with its two other new brands: Amba Hotels and lowercase every Hotels.

We’ve seen the Amba flag outside the Charing Cross hotel, the first of four in the city that will do the same. For every, the former Thistle wedged in between Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus is now live on its new home as every Piccadilly. Above a shot of a Standard Room, which is… fine? It’s perfectly inoffensive, but also not quite what we had pictured for something as millennial-sounding as every. There are 82 rooms in total, split in three categories: Standard, Deluxe, and Junior Suite.

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You Can Now Choose Your Own Room At Thistle Hotels

November 18, 2014 at 8:40 AM | by | ()

You know the feeling. You’re checking into a hotel, maybe a little late. You get into the elevator a little wary. You emerge onto your floor, hoping that the room won’t be directly opposite the elevator door, or that it won’t be overlooking a rubbish dump, that it won’t be a disabled room if you don’t need it – hey, you might even be hoping for a particular layout or color scheme, we won’t judge.

Well, UK chain Thistle Hotels wants to quell your anxiety with its new “Choose Your Own Room” service, being trialed at its London Euston property. They reckon that 48% of British hotel guests have asked to change rooms before (this being Britain, we reckon that means at least another 48% have wanted to ask but felt too impolite to do so), and 40% feel some kind of anxiety about getting saddled with a dud pre check-in.

With Choose Your Own Room, you can, unsurprisingly, choose your own room, with 360-degree virtual tours of available rooms, so you can pick the one you want. According to the Telegraph, who gave it a whirl:

After booking a room at the Thistle Euston, guests are sent an email granting online access to the hotel floor plan. On a Wednesday night, I was given the option of picking between five different rooms available over two floors in my price category. There were also photos for each room, including a 360-degree interactive “tour”.

The photos included views and different color schemes, in order to pick the exact one you want. Which is almost more anxiety-inducing, in a way – what if you pick the wrong one?

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After Amba, every Hotels Is Arriving in London

September 25, 2014 at 11:02 AM | by | ()

Tommie, Moxy, Venu, Graduate, Virgin, Red, AC – so many new hotel brands created to court the elusive Millenial. A hotbed of hotel activity like London can’t stay behind on this big a trend, so later this year another very Millenial-sounding hotel brand will arrive in the city: every Hotels.

Lower-case every is a “limited feature, four star product, targeted at the global quality-conscious business professional and the savvy city explorer”, according to parent group Glh., which with every is now up to three new brands in the last year (there was Clermont and Amba before).

Three words are key for every: connect, explore, and relax. That means “the fastest free Wi-Fi in the hotel sector” (the signal even shows up in the logo), “up-to-date, intuitive technology”, “knowledgeable hosts”, and “outstanding locations”.

Just like sibling Amba, there will be four hotels to start with: every Piccadilly, every Hyde Park, every Leicester Square, and every Bloomsbury. All are former Thistle Hotels, but by the time it’s 2020, there should be up to 50 every Hotels around the world.

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Amba Hotels Kick Off With Four London Hotels

June 24, 2014 at 8:26 AM | by | ()

We’re slowly starting to see a tiny bit of what new hotel group Glh. will be up to over the next few years, specifically with its luxury brand Clermont Hotels in London and Singapore. The changes Glh. is introducing from its Guoman days don’t end there though, with a second new brand of “contemporary 4-star” hotels called Amba making its entry into the hotel world as well.

Aiming to have nearly 2100 rooms in Europe by 2015 and 30 cities within the UK alone to target, as well as international expansion in China and the US, Amba Hotels has big plans. They start with four London hotels: Marble Arch (previously a Thistle Hotel), Tower Bridge (previously Guoman - above), Charing Cross (previously Guoman) and Buckingham Palace Road (previously the Grosvenor Hotel). The four hotels have another £70 ($120) million in investment coming their way, with Amba Charing Cross (attached to the train station of the same name) opening first under the Amba flag in October.

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Glorious! Thistle Hotels Introduces 'Lazy Sundays' with a Check-Out of 6pm

October 21, 2010 at 3:25 PM | by | ()

There’s nothing like a lazy weekend away but it’s something of a downer when you finish breakfast and realize that check out was half an hour ago. UK chain Thistle Hotels feel your pain, though – they’ve just launched a Lazy Sundays package which lets you stay through till 6pm Sunday. [Insert your favorite line from Lazy Sunday here. Chronic-what-cles of Narnia!]

You’ll also get breakfast in bed until midday (another annoyance – wanting a lie in, and realizing breakfast ends at 10am) and a newspaper so you have something other than the obvious to occupy your time. Even better, you can swap breakfast for a full on Sunday lunch if you feel like leaving the boudoir.

And if you get too comfy in the room, you can even sleep over on the Sunday night for a reduced price, starting at £23.50.

The package starts at £70 per person (that’s for the Thistle Heathrow, although to be honest, you might not want to hang around there) and is valid throughout and next year - until 31 December 2011.

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Severe bug bites at Thistle Charing Cross London

March 3, 2007 at 3:07 PM | by | ()

Severe Bug Bites from Thistle Charing Cross London, they put me through hell and I paid full price for it.

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