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8 Of Our Favorite Rooms Inside Berlin's Propeller Island City Lodge

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  Site Where: Albrecht-Achilles-Strasse 58, Berlin, Germany, 10709
April 20, 2012 at 10:26 AM | by | ()

No, this isn't the first time HotelChatter has taken a look at Berlin's art-tastic Propeller Island City Lodge, a collection of 34 rooms individually designed and crafted by German artist Lars Stroschen. But to end the week on a more positive note, we thought we'd re-visit one of our favorite odd hotels.

The themes at PICL, which range from "Prison Cell" and "Grandma's Room" to "The Upside Down Room" (above) and "Coffin Room," mostly draw on places where you'd never, ever want to sleep, but then again we've stayed at far more sensible (read: boring) hotels that charge way more per night.

Interestingly, rates here vary among the different rooms, so a night inside the Prison Cell will only set you back 79 EUR, while a night in the "Two Lions" suite, which, yes, comes with a cage, goes for 190 EUR. We browsed through the hotel's collection of photos and have picked out the ones that appeal most to us. And just for kicks, we put them into a gallery for you to look at.

Click below to take a peek at the odd, odder, and oddest rooms!

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Is That A Light-Up Bathtub Inside The May Fair? Why Yes, It Is

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  Site Where: Stratton Street , London, United Kingdom, W1A 2AN
April 3, 2012 at 9:19 AM | by | ()

It's no wonder that The May Fair continues to stay on our most-loved London hotels list. Between lost sheep drama, hotel-branded cigarette jeans and the yellow-tastic Amarillo Suite, there's just a lot to love.

Right now, we're big-time crushing on their new Ebony Suite, whose bathroom has, yes, an illuminated tub. The bathroom was fitted out by Japanese toilet manufacturer Toto (the same company that built a toilet trike, and actually had someone ride it around Tokyo) and features other nifty details like color-changing sinks, remote control toilet, and a horizontal-stream shower.

Click through for more photos of the Ebony Suite!

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