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Harry Benson's Photos of The Beatles to (Briefly) Return to The George V Hotel in Paris

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  Site Where: 31 Avenue George V, Paris, France, 75008
June 3, 2014 at 9:09 AM | by | ()

We've long known that the Four Seasons, George V Hotel in Paris has hosted many distinguished celebrities over the years (and some reality stars too) but did you know about their Beatles connection?

It turns out, The Beatles made the George V their home base when they were in Paris in 1964. A piano was actually installed in one of the suites and this is where John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote, "I Feel Fine." (This story we knew, the hotel we did not.) That moment was captured by photographer Harry Benson.

Benson also encouraged the lads to have a pillow fight in the room and his pictures of the Fab Four in 1964 are now iconic shots of the boys in their Beatlemania days. Another fun fact? The negatives of these photos were developed in the hotel's bathtub.

Now, the George V is planning to host a brief exhibit of Benson's Beatles photos in their lobby and in front of Le Bar from June 15-June 30. The exhibit will be run by hotel's in-house artistic director, Jeff Leatham.

And (very) lucky for us, Harry Benson himself has answered a few of our questions about his time at the hotel with The Beatles. (Excuse us, while we scream like a teenage girl again and again and again.)

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Should Seattle's Edgewater Hotel Bring Back Fishing From Room Windows?

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  Site Where: 2411 Alaskan Way [map], Seattle, Washington, United States, 98121
October 4, 2013 at 11:57 AM | by | ()

The Edgewater Hotel in Seattle gained much of its reputation from the fact that The Beatles infamously fished out the window during their stay, a unique experience that guests continued to enjoy for many years after.

But the fun's been over now for quite some time. It all started when Noble House purchased the hotel in 1987, and yesterday when we called the Edgewater to inquire about this once-lovable feature, the hotel informed us that fishing out the window is no longer allowed due to "liability first and foremost," but that other factors also led to the decision, such as the caught fish stinking up the room, new bedspreads, and the lines disturbing other guests.

Uh! While we understand on one hand -- especially the smelly fish part -- we're frustrated. This was such a novel aspect for a waterfront hotel to offer, and it seems like a shame for them to ditch it altogther instead of coming up with a creative way to keep the tradition alive. Something as simple as designating a few of the lower-level rooms as "fishing rooms" and charging an upgrade fee would have done the trick. And you could treat the fish smell the same way you treat cigarette smoke, putting trust in the guest that they'll play catch and release.

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The Hard Day's Night Hotel is 'Under the Sea' as Flood Forces Closure

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  Site Where: 41 North John Street, Liverpool, United Kingdom, L2 6RR
December 29, 2009 at 9:14 AM | by | ()

We hope the Hard Day's Night Hotel, The Beatles themed hotel in Liverpool, is keeping "warm below the storm" now that a flood has forced the hotel to close down for a few days. Er...maybe that should be "warm above the storm."

According to Click Liverpool, a leaking pipe burst in the basement yesterday, flooding the space where the hotel's power supply is located with hot water.

Guests had to be moved out of the luxury hotel but managements says they hope to reopen again on New Year's Eve. A message on their website apologized for the inconvenience and that guests with bookings for tonight and tomorrow should get in touch with the hotel, if they haven't been contacted already.

If you're looking to stay there on New Year's Eve however, you're out of luck as the hotel is sold-out.

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The Hard Day's Night Hotel Still Has Rooms Open on 9-9-09

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  Site Where: 41 North John Street, Liverpool, United Kingdom, L2 6RR
September 3, 2009 at 6:12 PM | by | ()

You may be asking yourself: Hey, HotelChatter have you gone all sixes and sevens? Why should we care that the Hard Days Night Hotel has rooms open on 9-9-09? Wot's that got to do with anything, guv'ner?

Ok, lame attempts at cockney slang aside, you might really be confused about rooms being open on this date but 9-9-09 is the day that the Beatles Rockband comes out as well as when the Beatles remastered albums will be released.

If you haven't been watching VH1 during bouts of insomnia like we have, then we can't fault you for not knowing that 9-9-09 is like an Apple Scruff's judgment day. But if you're looking to celebrate the Beatles in Liverpool, you're in luck.

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Imagine All The People Who Will Check Out the John Lennon Art Show at Hotel Indigo

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  Site Where: 399 Grove Street [map], Newton, MA, United States, 02462
June 23, 2008 at 12:08 PM | by | ()

Looks like the Hotel Indigo chain is making good on its promise to always have interesting art in its hotels.

The Boston Traveler reports that the Hotel Indigo in the Newton 'nabe will display some of John Lennon's artwork at the hotel this weekend as part of a two-day art exhibit called, "Power to the People."

Billed as "a look into John's life through his artwork," the event will feature the largest collection of Lennon's art on paper from the years 1968 to 1980, including limited-edition prints and song lyrics, that express Lennon's stance on peace, hope, and love.

The exhibit takes place June 28-29 from 11am to 6pm. The cost is just $2.00 at the door, which benefits the Boys and Girls Club of Boston.