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'The Bachelor' is Getting Married in Santa Barbara at This Swanky Resort

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  Site Where: 1260 Channel Drive [map], Santa Barbara, CA , United States, 93108
January 22, 2014 at 4:08 PM | by | Comments (0)

While "The Bachelor's" current clown stud, Juan Pablo, is about to jet off to Seoul with his harem of women on the ridiculous reality dating show that you can't not watch, the last Bachelor, Sean Lowe is about to say "I Do" on live television to his scriptedtrue love, Catherine Giudici. Not surprisingly, the wedding will take place at a hotel--Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara

Here's what Catherine said about the planned nuptials:

"The beach is so pretty and the venue is just gorgeous!' said Catherine. 'It will be just the two of us, on the beach. Chilling out and having a great time."

Yes, just the two of you on the beach and MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WATCHING AT HOME.

That said, she is right about the hotel being a gorgeous venue as the hotel has five different, outdoor spots where folks can get married. While Sean and Catherine will get hitched on the beach, the resort also allows for weddings in various gardens and lawns, including the Monte Vista Lawn where the Santa Ynez mountains serve as a backdrop.

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'The Bachelor' Takes His Six Soulmates to the Buccaneer Resort in St. Croix

February 12, 2013 at 9:33 AM | by | Comments (0)

For reasons we can't fully explain, we've decided to tune into the completely staged reality dating show that is "The Bachelor" on ABC. And we're obsessed. From the first rose ceremony shenanigans to the tense two-on-one dates and awkward make-out sessions, we love it all. We'll even watch it live, with commercials. But the show also has another important element we love--hotels. The Bachelor, Sean, is taking his hot body and so-so personality around the world as he tries to find a wife. Each Tuesday, we'll be recapping the hotels Sean and the ladies stay at and the drama that ensues. We'll do our best not to make it all about Tierra.

After last week's four-hour, two-day "The Bachelor" viewing extravaganza, which took place at the Fairmont Lake Louise in Banff, Canada, we were so relieved to hear that Sean has finally decided that the six remaining ladies were the "six for him." But lest this turn into a show about sister wives, the producers Sean has decided to whisk the girls off to the island of St. Croix to further determine who is the one he is going to spend the rest of his life with. Or at least the next few months trying to score trashy tabloid covers.

After arriving on the island by seaplane, Sean takes his harem to The Buccaneer Resort, a beachfront pink palace that is one of the island's longest-running resorts.

Since a lot of the scenes were shot in the hotel rooms, we're pretty sure the girls we're shacked up in the Ficus and the Frigate suites. Those specialty rooms, which are way more modern than the basic room categories, start at around $1,100 a night. But even if you don't stay in these rooms, you can still live it up "Bachelor"-style during your trip as the resort has put together their own "Bachelor" package.

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Follow Jake and Vienna to the Exotic Hotels of 'The Bachelor' in Saint Lucia

Where: Saint Lucia
March 2, 2010 at 9:20 AM | by | Comments (0)

Last night, the 14th season of 'The Bachelor' came to an appropriately romantic end amongst the dreamlike, exotic environs of the island of Saint Lucia. Since St. Lucia is known as a seriously romantic destination, we weren't too surprised that the crew hauled Jake the pilot and his final three girls down there, but we were shocked at how much they got around the island's many luxurious hotels. Let's break them down, shall we?

· Jade Mountain
This is without a doubt the most important hotel of them all, so we're starting with it. It's where Jake stayed, and it's where the pivotal decision moment happened at the end of the season. Jade Mountain is an architectural, organic masterpieces, and it's consistently ranked as the top Caribbean resort, with room rates (starting from $1,200 a night) to reflect its pedigree. Infinity pools, open-air sanctuary suites and ridiculously awesome views complete the package. It was up on it's Celestial Terrace that Jake chose his final girl.

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Smooch Like 'The Bachelor' In St. Lucia With a 'Wings of Love' Package

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  Site Where: Jalousie Beach, Soufriere, Saint Lucia
March 1, 2010 at 9:29 AM | by | Comments (0)

We don't know about you, but the ABC Show "The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love" has us falling more in love with the romantic island of St. Lucia more than the hunky pilot who stars, and his three potential mates with whom he's traveled to this tropical place. Jake Pavelka, a pilot for Atlantic Southeast Airlines, is nearing the end of his reality television search for his love, and the cast and crew of the show have flown down to St. Lucia, known as a honeymoon paradise, for the final couple episodes

Amongst all the bikinis and sunset smooching, we get glimpses of Jake's fabulous "Fantasy Suite" at Jade Mountain Resort, which we visited ourselves recently. But on tonight's episode, Jake has his last-chance with Tenley at Jalousie Plantation, and the hotel has pulled out all the stops to recreate the romantic experience for you with a "Wings of Love" package.

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The Dudes From 'The Bachelorette' Take Over the Fairmont Vancouver

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June 8, 2009 at 9:41 AM | by | Comments (0)

We sort of prefer The Bachelor to The Bachelorette — what? Doesn't everyone? — but when it comes down to it, we'll watch it if we've got nothin' else happening on a rainy summer night. And then we get addicted to it and yada yada; you know the rest.

We suppose we'll now have a valid excuse to switch it on, though: tonight's episode is hotel geek-esque. The Bachelorette, Jillian, actually surprises the thirteen suitors "with a romantic trip to her hometown of Vancouver."

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Chicago's Talbott Hotel Will Hold Try-Outs for 'The Bachelor'

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March 9, 2009 at 4:35 PM | by | Comments (0)

Since the controversial ending of this season's The Bachelor — a wonderful TV trainwreck where The Bachelor chose one girl on the show and then decided he'd rather be with the girl he didn't choose by the time the finale aired — the show has been the focus of many a Happy Hour conversation.

And due to the audience's largely negative reaction to this last Bachelor's choices, it's difficult to believe any man would ever willingly step up to be next after this dude suffered such widespread scrutiny. But apparently a new Bachelor has been selected — and now it's time to cast the women who will be competing to win his affections.

Make a note, ladies: ABC is holding an open casting call for The Bachelor's next season at The Talbott Hotel in Chicago on Thursday, April 23rd from 5pm – 8pm.

Scared of getting dumped on national TV like this season's Melissa did? Here's something to comfort you: The Talbott will give a rose to every woman that checks-in to the hotel on that day. Rates for the night of the casting (and for the rest of April) start at $179 per night, with free WiFi and breakfast for two included.

And, um, men: think about how many pretty, single women will be in the Talbott that day. Seriously. Don't say we never did anything for you.

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The Bachelor's Jason Mesnick Lunches at Hotel Monaco

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January 30, 2009 at 9:30 AM | by | Comments (0)

Jason Mesnick, the star of the thirteenth season of ABC's bafflingly-successful hit The Bachelor, must be having a rough time right now.

See, he told People magazine back in December that he had found love on this season of the show — which is still airing — and is, in fact, engaged. While that part isn't rough — especially considering he endured the rejection of the century by the Bachelorette's Deanna, which landed him this gig as the new Bachelor in the first place — imagine what it must be like to have a fiancee with whom you can't be seen in public anywhere until the season finale of your show airs. Ugh. Rough.

Accordingly, when the Seattle-based Bachelor hunk was spotted offscreen this weekend, he was spotted with another dude. From People:

Jason Mesnick found time off-camera for a lunch at Sazerac restaurant in Seattle's Hotel Monaco. And don't worry ladies: "He was dining with another guy," an observer says. Despite being recognized, Mesnick kept his focus on business. "They were talking pretty intently the whole time," the observer tells us.

Making wedding plans over a little bit of Saz's gumbo, perhaps? Discussing colors with the florist? Or maybe just chillin with a dude after enduring the grueling Bachelor filming process surrounded by catty women?

Probably that last one.

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Host Your Own "Bachelor" Viewing Party at The Heathman Kirkwood

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December 18, 2008 at 9:32 AM | by | Comments (0)

Somebody's proud of their hometown boy: Kirkland, Washington's own Jason Mesnick is ABC's next Bachelor, and his season looking for love will reach the nation's living rooms beginning in January. While filming as a contestant on The Bachelorette last year, Jason stopped in at Kirkland's luxe Heathman Hotel and they're still reeling from the brush with a Z-list celebrity.

Every Monday, beginning from the first episode of The Bachelor on January 5th, the Heathman Hotel will offer a $1,200 Bachelor viewing party and overnight stay package for you and eleven of your closest, most gossipy friends. Included in the deal are a variety of tidbits to make you feel cozy and loved in the hometown of the man looking for love on national TV. Yes, the hotel is that crazy.

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Sock Stuffing Bachelors Roaming Around Loews Santa Monica

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February 15, 2007 at 4:40 PM | by | Comments (0)

We admit we're not the world's biggest fans of The Bachelor, but we have been looking forward to seeing the upcoming season ever since Tuesday. See, that's when we found out that the crew--including the latest eligible stud--were recently seen cavorting around the pool at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel:

They're filming the next season of 'The Bachelor' at the pool here. All the contestants were running around doing some kind of a triathlon...When he was all done, and the cameras were off, he pulled a sock out of his swimsuit.

Yikes. You don't need to go that far just to hit up the hotel's pool, which is at the center of the property, overlooking the Pacific. It may not be regulation size for our triathlete, but, then again, he's apparently not into standard equipment.

In his defense, it is always so cold at that pool.

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'The Bachelor' Ruined the Lodge at Rancho Mirage, Now Ritz-Carlton to Save the Day

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January 26, 2007 at 3:19 PM | by | Comment (1)

Ritz-Carlton is taking over the legendary Lodge at Rancho Mirage in California's Coachella Valley, with hopes that the first phase of the massive construction project be completed by December 2007.

According to the official press release, Ritz will sink about $500 million into gutting and renovating the place into a 244-room resort with an internationally-branded spa and of course, 154 luxury residential units.

While the press release dished out all the sordid construction and design details (sample line: "The hotel's façade will be transformed through the integrated use of multi-hued stone and rich, highly-saturated colors that mirror the inherent beauty of the area's desert surroundings."), a tipster emailed us the real dirt:

It appears they have demolished the entire former Lodge, which after a few years of neglect and awful reviews had just started to pour money into refurbishing the place. Apparently being the wedding locale for that Bachelorette show didn't bring them what they hoped for. Having stayed there last time when it was a RockResort, I'm sure the Ritz can only improve things.

What hasn't the toxic reality TV shows like "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" ruined? Hotels, you may wanna rethink your guest stint on "Flava Flav's Search for a Woman, Cycle 61".

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A Hotel Concierge on 'The Bachelor' But Not For Long

October 5, 2006 at 9:00 AM | by | Comments (0)

It was bound to happen. A hotel concierge as a contestant on a reality TV show. And not even a good one to boot.

Nope, Andrea from Cincinnati is on The Bachelor Rome starring a pretty much fake Italian prince who grew up in NJ/NYC and the 27 women competing for his love and affection and six months of coverage in the tabloids.

Fortunately for us (namely so we wouldn't have to watch this awful show each week)but not for her, Andrea was kicked out after the first episode.

So we can only assume she's back at her old concierge job in Cincinnati. And which hotel could that be? Well it could be either the Hilton, Hyatt Regency, Westin or the Cincinattian Hotel.

If you know, then let us know.

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