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Do You and Nine Friends Need a Place to Stay for Super Bowl? Consider This Option

January 30, 2015 at 4:11 PM | by | ()

The total economic impact of the Super Bowl on the greater Phoenix area is estimated to be about $500 million, no doubt in part to soaring hotel rates. But private rentals are also doing their fair share to contribute. At first, we thought home owners were trying to take advantage of incoming sports fans, but as it turns out, vacation rentals are reasonably priced in certain situations.

Take, for example, this story about a Scottsdale resident who had grand plans to rent out his house over Super Bowl week. The Old Town Scottsdale home features space for ten people, a swank pool, and a 12-head shower that the owner likens to a "car wash." The asking price? $30,000 for a ten-night stay.

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Where to Get Super Bowl XLIX Hotel Rooms in Phoenix

January 21, 2015 at 2:28 PM | by | ()

If January in NYC is the most wonderful time of the year due to low season low room rates, then Super Bowl, happening on February 1, is the most heinous time of the year, a time when down and out, dirty, disgusting hotels can charge triple their usual depressed rates as a way to gouge the super fans.

We saw it happen in New Jersey last year when a Best Western charged a $1,000 a night, as well as in New Orleans the year before when the average daily rate jumped nearly 130 percent to about $290 a night. The 2012 Super Bowl in Indianapolis may have actually been the worst as the expensive hotel options consisted almost entirely of low-budget brands. #theworst

Now, the rates are rising in Phoenix where the game will kick off at University of Phoenix Stadium. Like all other Super Bowls before, unless you are attending the Big Game as a guest of a big corporate sponsor, the options in Phoenix and neighboring Scottsdale are limited and expensive.

But we're choosing to remain positive here by rounding up the most reasonable options across the internet for the dates of January 30 to February 2.

Got a hotel room in Phoenix we should kno about? Send it to us!

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Amazingly, This Hotel Across from the Super Bowl Still Has Rooms Open on Sunday

Go To The Hotel's Web 
  Site Where: 2 Meadowlands Plaza [map], East Rutherford, NJ, United States, 07073
January 27, 2014 at 12:51 PM | by | ()

So if you're set on freezing your a** off cheering your team on at the Super Bowl XLVIIIthis weekend, there are still plenty of hotel options available in NYC. Like, the most amount of hotel rooms open that we've ever seen for a Super Bowl.

But considering the game is actually in New Jersey, we thought we'd check the hotel options there.

Crazily enough, the Hilton Meadowlands, formerly the Sheraton and practically overlooking the MetLife stadium, has rooms open from January 31-February 2 or February 3 for just $499 on Expedia. Plus free shuttle transportation to the stadium!

Ummm, BOOK IT. You can split the cost with a friend or a stranger. Who cares? That's a good deal right there. Especially since most of the other options in NJ are budget brands like a Red Roof Inn for $170 a night, although we did see a Hyatt Place Secaucus/Meadowlands for $399 a night. Not too terrible. You could also hit up one of New Jersey's B&Bs, most of which are located near NJ Transit stops. Even though getting to the game will still be a hassle of epic proportions.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the scoop on NJ Hotel Super Bowl Parties. In the meantime, check the NYC Hotel Super Bowl Parties here.

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Where to Get Hotel Rooms for Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans

January 15, 2013 at 10:09 AM | by | ()

Know of a hotel room open for Super Bowl? Tell us where right here.

After a nail-biting weekend of football--it was especially gut-wrenching for Seattle and Denver fans--the teams now vying for a Super Bowl ring are the Patriots, the Ravens, the 49ers and the Falcons. Update: Make that the 49ers and either the Patriots or the Ravens. Update #2: The 49ers and the Ravens will meet in New Orleans for SUper Bowl XLVII!

Are you rooting for one of these teams? Then we're know you aren't going to jinx their chances of making it to the Big Game by booking a hotel room.

BUT just in case you are confident in your team's success and have been devotedly practicing voodoo against the other teams, we've compiled a list of available hotel rooms in New Orleans.

We will be constantly updating this list as we learn of new openings. We expect a bunch more to open up after the NFC and AFC Championships so bookmark this page if you want to go to the Super Bowl. If you know of a place with openings, or better yet, you are a hotel with openings, tell us how to book in comments below! (PS. If you still need a flight to Nola, Jaunted's got the scoop on that. Again, break open your wallet.)

Added Jan. 20, 10:58pm EST
· ST. CHARLES INN: This Best Western in the Garden District let us know they have rooms available for Super Bowl Weekend. We found a non-smoking king room open from January 31-Februay 4 for $850 a night. If you got the cash, hurry up and book now. We don't think it will last long.

Added Jan. 21, 1:03pm EST
· TOP TIER TRAVEL: This brother-sister travel agency has locked up several hotels in New Orleans for Super Bowl like the Four Points by Sheraton on Bourbon Street and the Holiday Inn French Quarter. Those are going for well over a $1,000 a night but the Hampton Inn and Suites Elmwood near the airport is "just" $450 a night. Peruse their options here.

· As we pointed out last week in our 5 Tips for Booking a Hotel Room for Super Bowl, all the good spots are sold-out (usually snapped up by the Big Game's corporate sponsors years in advance.) And the budget places are asking for outrageous rates for the weekend. Case in point, the Holiday Inn Metairie New Orleans Airport is open for $699 a night. But even this low-budget supply is dwindling with only 10 spots available as of January 14.

· FanExperiences.com is the official booking portal recommended by the NFL. The site is only showing nine hotels open for the weekend (Friday-Monday.) Again, these are mostly budget spots and except for the Motel 6 at $399 a night, all of them are outside of New Orleans-- in Baton Rouge or Houma.

Read on for more options

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Luxury Hotels Are Sold-Out for Super Bowl But Plenty Other Rooms Remain

January 11, 2011 at 9:27 AM | by | ()

Know of a hotel room open for Super Bowl? Tell us where right here.

After this past weekend's wildcard games, with shocking wins by the Seahawks and the Jets, the race to Dallas for Super Bowl XV has now officially begun. And so has the race for hotel rooms.

We've been keeping tabs on Dallas-area hotels with availability here and surprisingly, several legit hotels still have rooms open.

The first is the Admiral Hotel which is just two miles from Cowboy Stadium. The hotel tells us they have free WiFi and and onsite Sports Bar and Grille and Club. For rates for Super Bowl weekend call 817-640-7712.

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