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The Spice Girls Reunite (Sort Of) Inside London's St. Pancras Renaissance

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  Site Where: St Pancras Chambers, London, United Kingdom
June 27, 2012 at 9:07 AM | by | ()

Yesterday, London's St. Pancras Renaissance played host to yet another momentous Spice Girls occasion (the first being in 1996, when the hotel was featured in their debut music video, Wannabe).

Posing together for photos on the same iconic staircase, the group announced a new Spice Girls-themed musical. Ooooh!

Just like the Spice Girls themselves, the St. Pancras has gone through plenty of changes over the years; the most major being its renovation and subsequent re-branding by Marriott in 2010. After being re-introduced to the world as a Renaissance, the hotel has received mixed reviews but never quite failed to stay out of the limelight—between the Spice Girls, a rave review by Elle, and a Kardashian appearance, St Pancras is still a London hotel people really, really wanna see.

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