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The Darndest Things Happen to Hotels When Celebrities are Staying There

January 6, 2012 at 2:52 PM | by | ()

It's been a wild and wacky first week of 2012 for celebrities staying at hotels. While we've chronicled some of the outlandish escapades, there's still a ton more we think you would enjoy reading about. Happy Friday!

· The Shelborne South Beach Lets Lebron James Eat Cake, Whatever Cake He Likes: Apparently, a Boca Raton baker's $3,000 cake that she whipped up for Miami Heat player, Lebron James, for his New Year's Eve party at the Shelborne Hotel was just not good enough. Even though the hotel, which just unveiled pretty new rooms, promised the baker publicity in exchange for free cake, once Lebron got a look at the thing, he demanded a different one. Sigh. Is there a hastag for Rich People Party Problems?

· Sofia Vergara Brings Lusty Nurse Fantasties to Life at The Bellagio: The Modern Family stunner was leaving the new Hyde Club at The Bellagio in Las Vegas at 3am when a young woman collapsed near her. Sofia ran to the woman, checked her pulse and remained by her side until real paramedics came. We wouldn't be surprised if people started passing out near Sofia more often.

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