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Meet Snoozebox, The Break-Out Star Of The Glastonbury Festival

July 2, 2014 at 9:50 AM | by | ()

There was one breakout star from this year’s Glastonbury Festival. Debbie Harry? Dolly Parton? No: David Coulthard, the former Formula 1 driver-turned hotel investor, whose latest venture, pop-up hotel Snoozebox, made its Glastonbury debut.

Coulthard describes Snoozebox as “a ‘turnkey’ hotel, delivered to an event and fully operational in 48 hours”. Launched in 2012, they’ve already covered events such as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the London Olympics and more Formula 1 events than you can shake a stick at; this year, following Glastonbury, they’ll be at the Edinburgh Festival in August and the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

The rooms basically look like Yotel pods – they’re made from recycled shipping containers. Each houses a double bed and a single bunk, a wet room with shower, basin and toilet, and artwork geared to the event. There are even LCD TVs, free WiFi and air con. Like a hotel, they’re serviced daily, and for Glastonbury, guests were shuttled in a BMW to the festival site, 10 minutes away.

We’ve heard of mobile hotels of course, like Scandic to Go and the AKA Mobile Suite, but the genius of Snoozebox is that it’s geared specifically towards events that usually have accommodation problems. Which is presumably how they can justify the surge pricing: £1995 ($3428) for five nights at Glastonbury, though rates for the Edinburgh Festival start from a reasonable £99 ($170).

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Contain Yourself: There’s a New Brand of Pop-Up Hotels in the UK

May 24, 2012 at 9:24 AM | by | ()

In the ever-expanding world of pop-up buildings – hotels, restaurants, museums – there’s a newcomer in the UK, Snoozebox, who is ushering in a new era of stylish pop-up hotels.

These hotels are aesthetically-chic and can pop-up in 48 hours at festivals and sporting events, with the added advantage of being right in the heart of the action. Right now, one can only find them in the UK but the capability is there to expand worldwide.

And here’s why. These hotels are decked out shipping containers, with a double bed and single bunk, full bathroom, air-con, flat-screen TV and free wireless (yes, you heard that right) in every room. Granted, the rooms are on the smallish size, but no expense has been spared in the amenities of these tidy, stylish portable hotels.

Plus they can go wherever the world needs additional fashionable accommodations. In other words you call them in when necessary, sort of like a superhero, really. We know that we start to panic when a nice hotel cannot be found at an event we’re attending.

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