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Check In Via Skype At The Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire

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  Site Where: 9500 Wilshire Boulevard [map], Beverly Hills, CA, United States, 90212
October 9, 2012 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

What's your least favorite part about staying in a hotel? If you're anything like us, check-in is a particularly tedious process—that awful time when we're worn out and cranky, and don't feel like answering to anyone or making small talk: we just want to get straight to our room and close the door.

Luckily, some hotels are willing to speed guests right along and close the gap between first arrival and bed-flopping. Here's a new program being launched by the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire that ought to satisfy the digital nomad contingent who've got little time to spare, but plenty of devices at the ready: guests that are en route to the hotel, can now Skype the Front Desk and check in with them face to face.

(Sure, you still have to actually interact with a person, but hey, you're just sitting in a car, so what else have you got to do?

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Facebooking & Twittering :: The Peech Hotel in Jo'Burg

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  Site Where: 61 North Street, Johannesburg, South Africa
August 5, 2008 at 8:58 AM | by | ()

The Peech Hotel in Johannesburg seems to be going for all the angles. It's a boutique hotel, it's proudly eco-friendly, and it's a loud, proud member of all the biggest social networking sites. How much cooler could you get?

For a start, they've got their own Facebook page and for once, it doesn't look like the only fans are staff, because they've got (a few) fans from across the world. It's early days but they're doing all the normal Facebook stuff like adding photos and events; someone's started a discussion but we're hoping to see more.

The Peech also started Twittering a few weeks ago, giving a few updates on events and advertising links to special rates. And on top of all that, they offer a link on their website to call them by Skype rather than use actual money, so we like that too.

Of course, one day every hotel under the sun will be on Facebook and Twitter, but The Peech is one of the pioneers out there. Now we have to ask: Does this make you want to book a room there?

[Photo: The Peech Hotel on Facebook]