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P Diddy Crashed His Car Outside the Beverly Hills Hotel

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October 25, 2012 at 9:47 AM | by | ()

Another month, another celebrity car accident outside a hotel. This time, x17online reports that P Diddy and his chauffeur were cruising near the entrance to the Beverly Hills Hotel yesterday afternoon when another driver swerved in front of him, causing Diddy's SUV to slam into the other vehicle.

Unsurprisingly, several photographers were on the scene lickety split, and caught shots of Diddy looking slightly dazed and confused, laying down on the Bev Hills' lawn.

The front of his Cadillac Escalade was pretty smashed up, and as of now it is unconfirmed whether Diddy, his driver, or the other party, sustained any injuries. (Though for the sake of future hotel bathtub music video hilarity, we hope he's ok!)

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More Celebs Make Out In a Hotel, This Time At The Dream Downtown

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December 13, 2011 at 9:30 AM | by | ()

If we had to make a list of places to go and make out with Sean "P Diddy" Combs, the Dream Downtown would probably make the cut. Apparently, Cameron Diaz had the exact same idea.

On Saturday, the 39-year-old actress had dinner with friends at Marble Lane, the hotel's lobby restaurant, and then headed up to the rooftop bar, PH-D, where, according to Page Six, she and Diddy started getting "affectionate" in a VIP booth around 1am. Up until now, their reps have claimed their relationship was strictly professional, as they are supposedly "collaborating" on a new movie project. Yeah, sure. And the only drinks they ordered were ginger ale and cranberry juice...

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Diddy Plus Naked Model Plus Open Flame Equals Hotel Fire Incident

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December 16, 2010 at 12:00 PM | by | ()

Warning: some NSFW language

So you've probably already heard all about how, during Diddy's "Last Train to Paris" album listening party and livecast last night, a naked model caught her hair on fire, LIVE. But have you heard where it all went down? Apparently Diddy invited 20 of his friends (and sexy ladyfriends) up to the Penthouse Suite of the The London NYC, but some 200 people showed and this hair-on-fire accident happened and now Diddy is no longer welcome at the hotel.

Among the guests were Usher, Chris Brown, Miss USA Rima Fakih and Swizz Beatz. It was Fabolus and Trey Songz, however, who witnessed the flaming hair as they were hosting live from the suite's bathroom, where the model was sitting pretty in the tub but just a little too close to some candles. Luckily she thought fast and dunked her hair out in the bathtub water, but somehow the Fire Department got called and Diddy got a talking to.

Bad Diddy. Don't you know that NYC hotels and open flames (especially in the vicinity of weaves) don't play nicely together?

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P.Diddy's Penguin Gate At The Vic Continues

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February 25, 2005 at 4:50 PM | by | ()

The plot thickens...

According to the New York Post, while six scared penguins were snout taped for display purposes at the Hotel Victor opening party, P.Diddy was busy cashing in. Appears the hotel shelled out nearly $100G for Diddy to host the party and crash at their new pad last weekend. However, despite a deal with the Victor not to go to any other hotels that weekend, Diddy broke the exclusivity clause when he dined with Demi Moore Kutcher at the Delano. Yup, that's right, the topless hotel pool touting Delano. Can't nobody hold him down, oh no.

Oh, and it appears Diddy ranks ahead of at least one sorry party girl. Mz. Tara Reid was invited to the Vic opening party but offered nothing more than a free room and the use of some sort of Hotel Victor house car. Apparently, Tara felt stiffed with her booty. Seems giving a known lush unfettered use of a Coup in the midst of a giant party where the free drinks flowed should be filed under "bad idea", don't you think? Hotel Victor is lucky she didn't wrap that jalopnik around a telephone pole.

Doesn't it seem like just a matter of time before a hacked Sidekick, or some sort of celebrity porn video, surfaces at Hotel Victor? Feels that way to us.

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