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Funky Friday: Hotels That Keep The Spirit of Halloween Alive All Year Round

October 31, 2014 at 5:24 PM | by | ()

This photo, of the Vampire Room at Propeller Island Lodge in Berlin, leaves little to the imagination, and we cannot imagine why someone would want to pay to sleep in a coffin, at least sooner than they have to

Today is Halloween and of course that makes for a perfect Funky Friday edition. In this case rather than choosing a single photo - which is tough to do on Halloween - we created a photo gallery dedicated to hotels whose designs, for better or worse, suggest that the spirit of Halloween should be a year round offering.

For this photo roundup, and we expect to add to it over time, we stayed away from some of the more obvious haunted hotels, such as The Stanley (aka "heeerree's Johnny!") because we know you already know about these places. And their designs do not necessarily suggest anything out of the ordinary. These do, whether it be a lighthearted approach, so to speak, or plain drop dead creepy, so to speak.

So here's our first gallery of unusual accommodations created for guests who want to experience some fright night fun or fear any day of the year. Not necessarily in that order.

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The Most Terrifying Overnight Imaginable: Great Horror Campout

June 27, 2014 at 1:56 PM | by | ()

While your spouse cowers during the scary movie “The Shining,” are you most horrified by watching Jack Nicholson chop apart such a charming country inn? Does your idea of the perfect overnight have less to do with “heavenly beds” and more in common with “A Nightmare on Elm Street”?

Well, you’re weird. But we love you anyway. And we get it.

And that’s why we’re pumped to share one of the most frighteningly fantastic overnights we’ve encountered: the Great Horror Campout, an immersive experience that puts the guests in the middle of a “Friday the 13th” flick. The Campout’s “Summer Tour,” which runs from July 11-August 2, will bring it to wooded areas of San Francisco, Sacramento, Seattle and Portland, where gluttons for goose bumps will pitch a tent and be subjected to a 12-hour evening of interrupted sleep, creepy noises, and masked psychos crashing your marshmallow-roasting party. You know, all the stuff that would normally cause you to complain to the front desk in the morning, but is, when you sign up for it — really freaking (freaky) fun.

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