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No Cubans in Norway Please

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  Site Where: St Olavs Plass 1, Oslo, Norway, 0130
January 8, 2007 at 12:28 PM | by | ()

Uh-oh. Scandal has hit the Hilton-owned Scandic Edderkoppen in Norway's capital, Oslo. A bunch of Cubans planning to visit Oslo for a travel fair this month have been turned away from the hotel they've previously stayed in five times.

No, they didn't get blacklisted after holding a wild party in their room, nothing as scandalous as that. In fact, it wasn't their fault at all, apart from holding Cuban passports. Since the Edderkoppen hotel had been taken over by the American Hilton chain since their last visit, our not-at-fault delegates were refused a booking because of the US embargo on trade with Cuba. Oops. Norwegian trade unions and social rights groups are up in arms about the booking refusal but so far the Cubans still have to look for somewhere else to stay.

[Photo: Nasduik]

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Angelina Jolie's Kinky Sex Hotel Offers Free Parking

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  Site Where: 9291 Burton Way [map], Beverly Hills, CA, United States, 90210
December 20, 2006 at 12:11 PM | by | ()

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Yesterday, our baby bro Jaunted unveiled the first-ever Jaunted Parking Guide, picking Los Angeles to be the inaugural city. Well, not long after it went up, a parking tip came rolling in about how park-friendly the Raffles L'Ermitage in Beverly Hills is.

In case you need some background on the Raffles, Angelina likes to stash her kinky toys and clothes here and before her and Poppa Pitt went all around the world saving and having children, she would always bring her new lovers here for a quickie. Also, the Raffles is where Angelina's mom lives. (Go figure.)

Anyways, here's the parking scoop:

Meeting for drinks at a fancy hotel is a very LA thing to do.  Most hit you hard with valet or take a few bucks off the tab. Little known secret:  the top hotel in Beverly Hills (we're talking five star/five diamond) with a stellar crowd does not charge at all for folks drinking at their bar or dining in their restaurant. Plus you'll get points from your guests for taking them to a classy place with no tourists. Where: Raffles L'Ermitage on Burton Way in Beverly Hills. Their Writers Bar and Living Room have lots of seating areas and you can actually have a conversation without shouting.  

The Writer's Bar is exactly what the name conveys except in this town "writer" means screenplay writer and the walls of the bar are adorned with scripts and the names of those who wrote them.

Our tipster also reveals that smokers have a little outside area and that frozen maragaritas are out of the question since the bars don't have blenders as a way to keep down the noise.

Whatta classy place. No blenders, outside area for smokers and best of all, free parking.

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Judith Regan Is This Close to Throwing a Phone at Sunset Tower Hotel Staff

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December 19, 2006 at 5:19 PM | by | ()

Judith Regan, the embattled publisher of Harper Collins' Regan Books, and the woman responsible for signing OJ Simpson's infamous "confession" book was ousted the other day from her own imprint. The word around town is that Reagan was fired for making anti-semitic slurs to her co-workers.

So what's a woman scorned supposed to do? Head to a Hollywood hotel. Radar Online reports that Regan and her kids have been holed up at the Sunset Tower since last Friday. But when one of their reporters tried to get a hold of Regan, they had no luck:

When Radar called the hotel's switchboard and asked for Regan's room, the call was duly transferred. A woman who identified herself as Mary answered, but insisted, "You've got the wrong room." Upon a second call to the switchboard, the operator claimed--whoops--Regan actually checked out this morning. (And if she didn't, it's a fair bet the operator received a profanity-laced lesson in call-screening.)

Radar goes on to mention that Truman Capote once said of the Sunset Tower that every major scandal has happened there. Glad to see Judith Regan is helping this hotel out with its Hollywood Scandal rating. Perhaps she should invite OJ up for drinks?

Have you been fired from your own book publishing imprint and are thinking of seeking solace in Los Angeles somewhere? Be sure to check out The Jaunted Parking Guide: Los Angeles, unveiled today with tips on where to park in Hell-A, what to avoid and what the nasty meter maids are wearing.

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