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Lonely Anthony Bourdain Tries Out A Love Hotel in São Paolo

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  Site Where: Rua Doutor Freire Cisneiro, 80, Jardim das Graças, Sao Paolo, Brazil, 02714-020
December 11, 2012 at 12:32 PM | by | ()

Anthony Bourdain is back for another season of “The Layover”, and we like it because he names the hotels in the cities where he'll be spending his precious time. So, for entertainment and a dose of travel value, we'll give you some deets on the properties he picks, just in case you find yourself looking for a place to stay in a city sanctioned by this travel personality/chef.

Layover Hotel Episode 4: Censiv Motel: "Is there anything more lonely and twisted than checking into a love hotel alone?" That's the question Bourdain asks about São Paolo's Censiv Motel, known as one of the city's most popular "love motels". You know the place--a no tell, motel where you stay for a night, or just a few hours.

Perfect for a layover of any sort, really.

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P. Diddy Has a Killer View From The Hotel Fasano; Killer Moves Not So Much

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  Site Where: Av. Viera Souto 80, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 22420-000
October 26, 2009 at 5:30 PM | by | ()

P. Diddy is definitely moving into "Old Man in the Club" territory but there is something charming about how desperate he is to cling onto his "Can't Nobody Hold Me Down" days. PopWrap has a photo of P. Diddy trying to break it down on his balcony at The Hotel Fasano in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil which is quite scary (click at your own caution) but P. Diddy also Twitpic'd the view from his hotel, which is something we are far more interested in.

We're guessing Diddy was shacked up in the hotel's deluxe suite which boats a king bed that is positioned to look out over the beach. While we wouldn't blame him for picking the best suite in the house, could he see all those beautiful bootys from way up there?

Since he tweeted this precious gem that is sure to be oft-quoted in high school yearbooks and listed in books of inspirational quotes for centuries to come, we know how important Brazilian bootys are to him:

BRAZIL!!!!! Ass! Ass! Ass! Phat round beautiful ASSES!!!!! Everywhere! Its a ASS suniami!!!!!!!! I think I like it here!!! Lol

Like we said, Old Guy in the Club.

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