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HotelChatter's Must-Stay Hotels 2014: San, Jose Costa Rica

July 28, 2014 at 5:36 PM | by | ()

Hotel Finca Rosa Blanca

Introducing our newest hotel guide--HotelChatter's Must Stay Hotels--where we pick four hotels for four different types of travelers in a particular neighborhood of one major city. We started with New York, then switched it up to Maui and now we're doing the greater San Jose area of Costa Rica. This is also a seasonal guide so the options may change depending on when you're going. Got a question about where to stay and when? Email us.

Looking for a hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica? You can troll online review sites, crowdsource on Facebook and comb through endless “Best Hotels” lists but why do all that when we’ve done all the work for you already?

Here are four different hotels to try in the vicinity of San Jose, located in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, home to a majority of the country's population. Since most visit Costa Rica to explore the natural world and tend to bounce around, we're featuring hotels in a few different locations in the greater San Jose area, each serving a slightly different purpose in its approach.

Stay tuned this week as we'll be profiling these hotels below and more as we take a look at Costa Rica's sustainable approach to its hotel industry.

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Costa Rica's Best Kept Secret: Corteza Amarilla Art Lodge

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  Site Where: Prospero Fernández Highway, Santa Ana, Costa Rica
February 6, 2013 at 2:05 PM | by | ()

On the same trip that took us to Costa Rica's sexiest new sustainable hotel back in October, we ended up acquiring a nasty bout of food poisoning (no, not from said sexy hotel, mind you!) a couple days before our flight home. When we stumbled upon San Jose's Corteza Amarilla Art Lodge & Spa, we knew we'd found the perfect spot to recoup. Sure, maybe it was all the antibiotics and electrolytes the local farmacia prescribed. But seriously, one night in this place and it was a miracle. We were cured!

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