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Looks Like Another Budget Hotel Is Coming To Tribeca

Where: 99 Washington St. [map], New York, NY, United States, 10006
February 21, 2011 at 10:33 AM | by | ()

New York budget hotel mastermind Sam Chang is back to work on his stalled Tribeca property at 99 Washington Street, the last rumors of which we heard in 2007. Seems work on the 44-story project will finally recommence, at least according to a tipster who sent us a report in The Tribeca Trib, which says that Chang and his partners will present the latest plans at a March 2 community board meeting. The report also says it's slated to become a Holiday Inn.

According to previously disclosed details, the hotel is meant to have 350 rooms. Gene Kaufman Architects, of the Tri-Pack Hotel and Hotel 373 among others, will handle the design. (They're aiming for 400 rooms in the $50 million project.) Along with ground-floor retail, there will be an eight-floor "street wall" before the tower footprint shrinks as it rises, which would open up a potential outdoor terrace. This would all compliment Chang's development nearby at 50 Trinity Place, slated to be a 35-story hotel—but also currently stalled.

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It's Official: The Tri-Pack is Open

July 20, 2009 at 10:13 AM | by | ()

Ohhh wow. The Tri-Pack is open. Hooray!

We got The Real Deal in our inbox yesterday with some wonderful news: Sam Chang, the Manhattan budget-hotel guru himself, has finally lined up a buyer for the Tri-Pack — something he'd been having a hard time doing, which (we assume) was partly to blame for the opening delay here.

Recall that the Tri-Pack (or so we've dubbed it) is a Hampton Inn, Candlewood Suites and a Holiday Inn Express on West 39th Street, near Times Square. The Hampton Inn actually opened on Tuesday of last week, followed by the Candlewood Suites on Friday. The Holiday Inn is opening its doors today.

Unfortunately, TRD says the Hampton Inn was at a 20% occupancy rate the day after it opened. A couple things are probably to blame for this, though: rates are around $179 (kinda meh since you can get the Thompsons and whatnot for around that price these days) and, um, nobody really knew the place was open.

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Element and Aloft Are Coming to Manhattan. Someday.

June 12, 2009 at 10:49 AM | by | ()

Not to bum you out on a Friday or anything, but we were hearing some sorta-sad whispers about a pack of budget hotels planned for Manhattan that are getting seriously delayed. Specifically, budget hotel guru Sam Chang — the dude behind many, many affordable hotel developments in the NYC area — and his McSam Hotel Group have delayed starting construction on five projects planned for Manhattan. We already knew McSam's Tri-Pack hotel was having some issues and delays, but some of the upcoming hotels are already facing major setbacks before any shovels have hit the dirt.

But what hotels are they? We took a lookie-look at the glorious HVS Hotel Market Overview this morning (which seems to have finally been updated) and noticed McSam has had quite a few irons in the fire, including a Hyatt Place, a Hilton Garden Inn and — no joke — an Element for Manhattan.

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Manhattan Will Get Its Very Own Hyatt Place in 2011

Where: 208-210 East 52nd St [map], New York, ny, United States, 10022
April 20, 2009 at 1:55 PM | by | ()

Having only just reported on the Hyatt Place coming to Downtown Brooklyn from New York super-developer Sam Chang, we're thrilled to hear from The Real Deal that plans for a Manhattan outpost are also well in the works.

Due to snuggle into Midtown East at 208-210 East 52nd Street and 3rd Avenue, the 225-room, 29-story hotel will be the first Hyatt Place in Manhattan, and boy do we need one. Why all the excitement, even though NYC already has a Grand Hyatt ten blocks south? You see, Hyatt Places are all about budget business travelers who have to haul around laptops and other gadgets and want the hotel resources to support these tech toys. In addition to the draws of free wifi and ergonomic work chairs, Hyatt Places have a heck of an outlet panel!

Too bad we've got to simmer down quick, as "[Chang] expects the hotel to open in 2011, but the date depends on the city's approval process." Don't they understand that we need it now? If they're thinking two years from now, they'd better be capable of installing touch-screen work surfaces and other fancy gadgets that we envision will blow up in hotels in the near future. Here's hoping, Hyatt Place. Here's hoping.

[Photo: The Real Deal NY]

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The Real Estate Downturn Won't Bother New York's Hotels

April 18, 2008 at 11:38 AM | by | ()

The three most important words in real estate: location, location, location. And with people from around the world rushing to visit New York, the Big Apple's hotel industry is sitting quite pretty.

From Grand Central Terminal to the Lincoln Center, Times Square to the Financial District, supply cannot meet the demand. Here in the city that never sleeps, even more hotels are being planned and are under construction. City figures early last year showed that 50 hotel developments were in planning stages all over the city, with more than 8,000 rooms in various states of construction.

Of course, whether they'll actually open is another story, say some of the experts who spoke to the New York Sun about the current investment crunch.

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The Man Behind Manhattan's Newest Hotels

February 18, 2008 at 1:35 PM | by | ()

If you haven't already heard, Manhattan is going hotel crazy. The Big Apple is going to add a much-needed 20,000 rooms by 2010 but those rooms aren't going to be found in the next Andre Balazs or Ian Schrager hotel.

Nope the big box chains are doing most of the adding here and they all have the same man doing their designs: architect Gene Kaufman.

In a profile with the NY Times, Kaufman points out his renderings for Sheraton, DoubleTree and a Marriott. In all, he is designing 36 new hotels in Manhattan.. To put in perspective:

On one block near Times Square -- 39th Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues -- Mr. Kaufman, 50, has five hotels under construction.

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Is Sam Chang Developing a Hotel in Queens?

September 5, 2007 at 4:27 PM | by | ()

Today we got a comment from an upset homeowner who is pretty pissed off with Sam Chang's latest development plan.

Said homeowner writes:

Homeowner's in East Elmhurst, Chang's plan to put a hotel in the middle of our block. We are outraged! He has destroyed a dozen of trees, two homes, yards. We will put up a fight to save our homes that will be worth zero along with our quality of life. How will we protect our castles?

First, we had to take a second and locate East Elmhurst on a map. After finding it in Queens, we wondered why the heck Sam Chang would put up a hotel in Queens. But then again, this man and his McSam hotel group is throwing up hotels all over Manhattan and the outer boroughs and there's never been any rhyme or reason to his development goals. He's also not doing anything more than putting in a Holiday Inn or Comfort Inn.

(For a great tutorial on Chang, head to Curbed. After you read that article, google "Sam Chang" on the site. He's crazy!)

Anyways, if what he's doing in East Elmhurst is true then quick! Somebody build these people a moat.

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Hotel Formerly Known As Loft Hotel Tribeca Drama Continues

Go To The Hotel's Web 
  Site Where: 130 Duane St. [map], New York City, ny, United States, 10013
December 7, 2006 at 10:57 AM | by | ()

The Loft Hotel Tribeca, which was scheduled to open back in April 2006, and is now scheduled to open in December 2006 as the Duane Street Hotel, according to what seems to be the official hotel website (and verified by a pre-recorded message at the pre-sales office) could be opening soon. At the very least we see the original renderings back on the official website.  We did some further investigation after our original tipster, who we quoted earlier this week when we received an email where the header read LOFT HOTEL TRIBECA asked us to correct the tip.

Please correct your header - the information that was sent to you (below underlined) is regarding another hotel by Sam Chang at 6 York Street, 1 block south of Canal St, on 6th Avenue-This is not about the Loft Hotel - This is entirely another project.

So what is going on here? Well, we do see that the Duane web site still claims "a unique refuge of timeless comfort and intimacy" is coming to Tribeca, so maybe all this was just a name/ownership change. Did Chang bail on the Loft Hotel Tribeca for this new York Street project?  Who knows, but we have also received a couple of tips this week questioning Mr. Chang's development tactics.  We aren't going to publish those emails, or try to sort all this out right now.  If someone from Luxe wants to weigh in on what is up with Loft Hotel Tribeca Duane Street Hotel, or if those of you emailing us about Sam Chang want to get your opinions out there--go for it in the comments section below.

Between Chang and DeNiro this whole Tribeca hotel scene is a mess--hey Pomeranc, get in here and don't take 5 years to do so--capiche?

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HotelChatter Tipster: Loft Hotel Tribeca Sleeps With The Fishes

Go To The Hotel's Web 
  Site Where: 130 Duane Street [map], New York, ny, United States, 10013
December 4, 2006 at 5:04 PM | by | ()

We just got an email tip about the ever changing status of Loft Hotel Tribeca.

If you are following along, Loft is/was Sam Chang's Tribeca hotel project that was suppose to open back in April of 2006, promising would be guests "to have a unique refuge of timeless comfort, service with unrivaled care, and courtesy that is not found elsewhere." Here we are in December, still waiting for timeless comfort in Tribeca.

The latest:

Sam Chang has sold the building to Robert Winston of Winston Hotels who is leasing it to Hilton Garden Inn to operate.

There have been many delays with the construction schedule, the hotel is now due to open Spring 07.

Meanwhile about 90% of the ground floor, equal to about 4,000SF, has been rented to a company called 6 York Street.
6 York Street is made up of restaurateurs Shaol Natan (Restaurant Thalia) and Jeremy Cassilli (Lobby & Accapella)
They plan to open a restaurant and cafe called CleaverHouse designed by a company called a.k.a. (Angel Kunnos Associates)

The chef will be Mathieu Palombino of BLT Fish and David Bouley.

a.k.a. is also currently working on a new hotel project in Chelsea, Manhattan, apparently all information is confidential.

So there you have it. New link, renderings (above), and web site seems to verify this news.

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