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Saint Lucia's Hotel Chocolat: Not Made of Chocolate, but Surrounded by It

March 3, 2011 at 5:24 PM | by | ()

We have a confession to make. Just over a year ago, while on a visit to the Fond Deux Cocoa Plantation Hotel on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia (see those awesome pics here), we inadvertently trespassed on the edge of a new hotel property. Don't worry—a guard stopped us after emerging from a gingerbread-looking guardhouse. Where the heck were we? As it turns out, it was the Hotel Chocolat, which just opened February 28.

The Hotel Chocolat isn't so named because it sounds pretty; the place is high up on the island, within the actual chocolate-producing, 18th-century Rabot cocoa estate. The hotel was constructed here because its British owners are themselves crazy for the stuff, and manufacture a brand of chocolate already named Hotel Chocolat. This then is the embodiment of their dream, and guests are of course invited to learn from and participate in various chocolatier activities.

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