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J-Lo's Womb Makes the 'Desired Ilk List' at The Gramercy Park Hotel

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January 22, 2008 at 12:32 PM | by | ()

Jennifer Lopez's twins aren't due until February but they already got VIP access to the elitist bars of Gramercy Park Hotel.

Last Saturday, Lopez and her hubby Marc Anthony were the guests of honor at a pink and blue themed baby shower on the hotel's rooftop terrace.

Jennifer arrived in a chic black overcoat and stylish highheels. The mother-to-be "looked very pretty - and very pregnant," according to an eyewitness.

Of course, the Lopez-Anthony offspring will probably have to prove their worth as they get older but it's safe to say that Schrager and his minions will probably grant them (at least once) access to the Rose Bar upon turning 21.

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HotelChatter Reader Deals: Getting Into Rose Bar on New Year's Eve

November 29, 2007 at 1:14 PM | by | ()

In which, HotelChatter readers are treated to exclusive hotel deals dug up by us. All deals have a limited amount of rooms attached to them and may sell out quickly.

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12.28.07 - 01.01.08
$Locanda Palazzone for $1,108/4 night package
Spend New Year's Eve on a hilltop deep in the Umbrian countryside, has more than its fair share . 4 Night Jazz Winter Pkg: Dec 28 - Jan 1.
12.06.07 - 12.08.07 *Art Basel Availibility*
$$305/night for Art Basel
From a HotelChatter reviewer:

Loews Miami is just about as upscale as it gets. Almost every one of the numerous chaise lounges were occupied at the pool and it seemed like there was at least one hotel employee designated to each guest.

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Another Day, Another Drama at the Rose Bar Inside GPH

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November 13, 2007 at 10:19 AM | by | ()

The Rose Bar inside the Gramercy Park Hotel was the scene of another fight, this time involving Miramax honcho Harvey Weinstein and the bar's resident DJ, Marcos Udagawa aka Gringo Scarr.

The NY Post reports:

MOVIE mogul Harvey Weinstein had to defend a lady's honor Saturday night when a tipsy deejay landed in the lap of a woman at his table at the Gramercy Park Hotel's Rose Bar and groped her, sources said.

Then apparently the DJ took a swing at Harvey who promptly hauled the guy outta there. But there's been no hard feelings as Marcos sent Harvey an email apologizing for his actions. Even Rose Bar's "creative director" Nur Khan said things were blown out of proportion.

Not that the Rose Bar hasn't had its share of scandal. There were some fisticuffs last April when a club promoter brawled with Nur Khan. And we all know that old men like to squire PYTs here.

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Old Men Like to Take Their PYTs To Gramercy Park's Rose Bar

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November 5, 2007 at 2:37 PM | by | ()

PYT: Pretty Young Thing. Shame on you if you didn't know this.

Since it opened, The Rose Bar at Gramercy Park Hotel has been an exclusive celebrity hang-out. This we know from way back when Ian Schrager had his minions ban Paris Hilton and "her ilk".

That said, plenty of other young blonde celebs are allowed to hang there, like the Olsen twins who are practically VIPs.

And we're noticing a strange new trend of older men making out with such PYTs at the Rose Bar. For instance, last week Ashley Olsen was seen making out with Lance Armstrong. Now, this week there are reports of Owen Wilson "getting cozy" with Jessica Simpson over the weekend.

Ok so Lance and Owen aren't really old men (Lance just finished the NYC marathon in under 3 hours yesterday) but still, these guys were licensed drivers in the 1980s while Ashley and Jessica weren't even potty-trained. Who's next? Leonardo Di Caprio and Hilary Duff?

We say grizzled Liza Minelli should turn this trend around and bring Zac Efron in there for a make-out session.

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'Top Chef's' Padma Lakshmi Also Allowed into Gramercy Park

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June 29, 2007 at 12:29 PM | by | ()

The scene at Rose Bar at Ian Schrager's Gramercy Park Hotel has caused us to scratch our heads many a time-- Paris Hilton is not welcome there, yet Mary Kate Olsen is. Anne Heche was spotted there flirting with chicks in the middle of all her divorce stuff, and Lil' Kim's been kicking around that place too.

So the latest in this random assortment of celebs on the GPH rooftop is Padma Lakshmi, the host of Bravo's Top Chef (who is somehow qualified to judge contestants' culinary skills since she's a model that wrote a cookbook.) She's supposedly still married to author Salman Rushdie, who was off last week being knighted by the Queen of England while Miss Padma was at Rose Bar.

Page Six reports:

"Lakshmi was spotted hanging out into the wee hours...with a well-known chef who was there without his spouse. 'They seemed to be quite interested in what each other had to say,' said a witness. 'They were oblivious to the people around them.'"

Omg, please let us find out the "well-known chef" was Mario Batali. Not because of the scandal so much, but because we just want to know whether Schrager would ever let someone into the GPH wearing orange Crocs. We certainly wouldn't.

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Tom Brady 'Allowed' At Gramercy Park Hotel

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May 8, 2007 at 1:55 PM | by | ()

In town last night for the Costume Institute ball, Patriots QB Tom Brady traded in his Yankees hat for a killer suit but still hung onto his camoflauge sports bag as he left the Gramercy Park Hotel. Also, a minion carried flowers, presumably for supermodel Gisele Bundchen, to the awaiting limo.

We're assuming Brady had no problem getting into Ian Schrager's exclusive Rose Bar or Rooftop Garden Club. But in case you were curious here's a list of who's allowed and who is not, not that we are keeping track or anything.


Christina Ricci, Wynona Ryder, Sean Penn, Lil' Kim, Marisa Tomei, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Rachel Zoe, Kate Bosworth, Posh Spice, Marc Jacobs, Liv Tyler, Rolling Stones, Jack White, Mario Batali, Steve Bing, Kate Hudson and HotelChatter (ok, technically it was the Jade Bar.)


Paris Hilton, Alan Yau who was supposed to open Park Chinois restaurant at the hotel, and some club promoter who started a fight there last month.

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Christina Ricci: Ian Schrager's Desired Hotel 'Ilk'?

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April 2, 2007 at 1:45 PM | by | ()

We can't believe we never thought of this before, but the girl who best played Wednesday Adams is the perfect guest for Ian Scharger's gothic hotel, Gramercy Park which is notorious about the type of people they let in.

Ricci was there to promote something we assume, unless she just likes to check into hotels dressed in funky finery like this.

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Who Ian Schrager Does Allow to Enter Gramercy Park Hotel

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September 13, 2006 at 11:57 AM | by | ()

Yesterday we learned that Paris Hilton was rejected from the Rose Bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel thanks to a decree handed down by  hotelier Ian Schrager to his bouncers that said Ms. Hilton and her "ilk" were not welcome there.

Today, thanks to the Fug Girls and their New York magazine Fashion Week blog, we learn just who is allowed at the GPH bar. And apparently it includes other people who have had brushes with the law like Ian himself.

They are ex-con Lil' Kim, famous shoplifter Winona Ryder, notorious underage drinker Mischa Barton, suspected anoerexic Kate Bosworth and the woman who ruined breast implants for several women thinking about getting them, Victoria Beckham (her fakeys should be punishable by law, but sadly aren't.)

All of these folk were on hand for the Marc Jacobs after-show party which was reportedly jam-packed. Per the Fug Girls:

Successfully spotting familiar faces through the mob was an uphill battle; we didn't even get a drink -- sacrilege! -- because the crush of high-heeled humanity at the bar dwarfed our patience.

As you can tell, letting in a DUI-offender like Paris Hilton, would surely overload the hotel capacity for law-breakers.

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Breaking News: Ian Schrager Bans Paris Hilton from Gramercy Park Hotel

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September 12, 2006 at 10:03 AM | by | ()

Perhaps the most game-changing thing that Ian Schrager will ever introduce at his new Gramercy Park Hotel is his decree that Paris Hilton and her friends are not welcome there.

Page Six reports:

Friday night, after partying at Marquee and drinking "lots" of vodka and pineapple juice, Hilton tried to join Orlando Bloom, Winona Ryder and Josh Lucas in the hotel's Rose Bar, but bouncer Damien stopped her due to Schrager's decree that "the likes of Paris Hilton and her ilk are not welcome here."

Hilton later tried her luck at model Milla Jovovich's townhouse the next day but showed up after the party was over. With these new developments added to Bungalow 8 rejecting Paris after the VMAs, it looks like the velvet-rope people are finally getting the right idea.

To Schrager and your little minion, Damien, we salute you.

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