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Hot Hotelier News: Who's Behind Desires?

November 6, 2007 at 1:45 PM | by | ()

Desires Hotels is the boutique hotels division of Tecton Hospitality which has 12 hotels, open and pending, in the U.S., mostly in Miami Beach. For instance, this is the company that now manages the Sagamore Hotel (once a Thompson Hotel) and that manages the Hotel Mela in New York.

Upcoming hotels include the Cassa Hotel & Residences in Midtown Manhattan, an all-suite luxury hotel, set to open in the winter of 2009. Another is the Betsy Hotel (formerly the Besty Ross) in Miami Beach which is undergoing renovations and will re-open in Winter 2008. There are other hotels in Milwaukee, Atlanta and Puerto Rico.

Overall Desires Hotels seek out guests that are "tech-savvy, enjoy trendy restaurants and seek personal recognition, comfort and attention." What these means for you hotel guests is that Desires Hotels are stylish places that offers a different experience from the "cookie-cutter" hotel chains. Which sounds decent enough.

So who are the people behind such Desires? Why that would be Richard Millard, chairman and CEO and Raul Leal, president and partner.

Richard Millard (in the chair) mainly oversees the company's business development efforts. His hotel background is extensive having managed over 150 hotels before becoming president of Tecton Hospitality in 1995.

His partner Raul Leal (in the tub) oversees all the day to day operations of Tecton Hospitality. In fact, he co-developed the Desires Hotel boutique division within Tecton. And he obviously marches to a different beat. Most hoteliers like to jump on the bed in their professional photos but Raul stood in a tub! A stylish tub at that.

Unlike many hoteliers we cover here, these two seem to have a low-profile. Hence, no celebrity girlfriends or Google image results where they are surrounded by models. But we are sure the titles of Chairman of Desires and President of Desires must come in handy at many social gatherings.