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Honeymooners Have Discovered Panama's Islas Secas Private Island Resort

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  Site Where: Islas Secas, Chiriqui, Panama
February 7, 2013 at 12:04 PM | by | ()

It's no myth that backpackers are generally the ones who discover the most beautiful places in the world. Then the corporations get tipped off and hijack their sacred space. We're not siding with either group, but we can't help but think it's all about spreading the love. That should be the backpacker motto anyway, right?

At Islas Secas, an all-inclusive, private-island resort on the Atlantic Coast of Panama, it wasn't the satchel-on-a-stick variety that kept this resort an undiscovered haven...it was fishermen. It turns out the big draw in this region is big-game fishing, primarily with renown fisherman Carter Andrews.

Hardcore fishermen would take the flight to Panama City, a following regional flight then boat ride to arrive here. The commute is only a reflection of the resort's allure, and it only took time for honeymooners to catch this wave (and the resort to happily cater to them).

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The Killer Views Follow You Everywhere At Kamalame Cay In The Bahamas

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  Site Where: Kamalame Cay, Bahamas
October 25, 2010 at 4:53 PM | by | ()

The view from the patio of the Wild Dilly beach cottage.

Over three days and nights at Kamalame Cay in the Bahamas this weekend, we were charmed by many things: driving our 'sand chariots' (golf carts) around the property, the delivery of cookies to our doorstep each afternoon, and the laidback, barefoot vibe that comes with being on a private island resort. But the one thing that continued to steal our attention above all else: the killer views.

They were everywhere. Arriving on the short barge ride over from Andros, looking out from the Great House, and this--the view from our beach cottage suite. We couldn't walk past our windows without stopping to stare at the water for a few minutes, and often found ourselves losing half an hour to simply meditating on the view.

We tested it from the pink Adirondack chairs on our patio, from the beach chairs, and from the hammock--all stunning.

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